The times have really changed when it comes to the acceptance of your body type. The current scenario is all about accepting and loving your body irrespective of its size and shape. Then why is it that many of us are still unhappy with the way our body looks? It is a good thing that the cruel and unnecessary beauty standards for women are finally facing criticism. Although the progress in this regard is rather slow, we are finally able to live our lives on our terms in all aspects.

Well, it is tough to toss out such beauty standards from our minds that have been around for ages. The first step towards acceptance of your body shape is all about fashion. Yes, you read it right, fashion! Wearing the right clothes for body type and footwear can totally change the way you look. So, keep on reading this article and discover your body type and a few fashion tricks that will make your body look better than ever.

Find Out Your Body Type

Body Type
Body Type

One of the most fundamental points of wearing the right clothes is the identification of your body shape to enhance the body shape. Knowing the shape of your body will help you select your dresses for body type. For instance, a piece of clothing specifically made to fit a particular type of body shape will not fit different body shapes.

Invest in a Good Bra Suitable for your Body Shape

Wearing the right type of bra has a lot of impact on how our body looks visually. 

Here is a guide that will give you ladies the information regarding which type of bra is suitable for your body type.

  • Ladies who have the hourglass body shape should wear full cup bras, half cup bras, balconette bras, plunge bras to compliment the beauty of the large busts. Padded bras are a big no for those who have hourglass body shape; it will only give you a bulky look.
  • Ladies with the pear-shaped or triangular body shape having small breasts should go for balconettes, push up bras, and padded bras to enhance the busts.
  • For those who have apple-shaped body shape with large breasts should opt for a full cup bra and a minimizer bra if necessary. Padded bras, pushup bras, strapless bras are a big no-no in this case.

Choosing the perfect neckline for your outfit

We ladies barely pay some attention to the importance of necklines when we choose our outfits. 

  • The neckline designs that go best with pear-shaped body shape are boat neck, collared neck, off the shoulder.
  • Ladies who have large breasts in comparison to their hips should opt for tops with wrap style, V-neck, collars with buttoned style.
  • For those who have a rectangular body shape where, the measurements of bust, waist, and hips are the same, or almost the same should go for scoop necks, choose clothing that fits around the waist, to enhance the body shape, and wrap style tops.
  • Ladies with the hourglass body shape are somehow the luckiest, at least, that is how I feel as they can choose almost any type of neckline to wear.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Jeans for your Body Type

Body Type
Body Type

Scrolling through my social media feed often raises a question in my mind, how do some girls with heavier bodies look amazing when it comes to fashion. Upon researching and after careful observations, I came to a conclusion, they carefully choose what to wear. 

For instance, wearing low waist jeans is not recommended in case you have lower belly fat that is pretty significant. Opt for mid-waist or high waist in this case that will look much better. Moreover, always choose jeans with dark colors, preferably black, that further hide unwanted fat. 

One of the most commonly known tricks to look slimmer with jeans for the ladies who have heavy thighs is to wear boot cut jeans or flared jeans. For those who have a small waist with big butts should opt for a low waist and boot cut jeans to make your body look better. If you have a rectangular body shape or banana-shaped body, opt for skinny jeans and boxy boyfriend jeans to enhance your body shape. 

Choosing the Prints of your Outfits 

Girls who have heavy bodies should wear medium to large size prints, and small prints are a big no for you. Moreover, if you have a love for stripes, choose those with vertical patterns and avoid the horizontal ones. Slimmer girls should opt to wear small to medium-sized prints. 

Picking the Colors of your Outfits

Have you ever felt that wearing outfits of a particular color makes you look fat, but you are not? The fact is wearing the right clothes with the right colors can either make you look slimmer or complement your natural body shape. 

Point to remember: 

Thin or slim body – wearing black and dark colors will make you look more slimmer, so go for lighter shades of colors. 

Girls with heavy bodies – should go for dark-colored clothing and avoid lighter shades such as beige, nude, whites.

Picking the Right Footwear as well matters a lot for your Body Type

Body Type
Body Type

When it comes to picking shoes, we ladies mostly follow our hearts. What we do is, we match our footwear with our outfit, which is indeed an important thing to do. But, when we choose the correct footwear as per our body type, wearing it will only make us look much better. 

  • If you have a rectangular-shaped body type or banana-shaped body type, wearing rounded ballerinas, strappy sandals, t-strap heels will do the magic.
  • Ladies who have a curvy body with heavy thighs (hourglass body) can opt for wedge heels, peep-toe heels, or rounded shoes as well.
  • For those with apple-shaped bodies can wear long boots, platform or wedge sandals as well.
  • For the ladies who have pear-shaped bodies, open-toe wedges and high thigh boots are your best bet.

So, these are a few dress styles for body types that will help you surely to look better than you are already. We ladies often give a lot of thought to how to dress to look good, don’t we? Some of these may not match with your tastes, but you can try them out and see if it works out. 

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Regardless of this, my take on accepting your natural body type is a good thing unless and until it possesses a threat to your health. Although the notion of body positivity is necessary, at the same time, the importance of keeping our body fit and healthy as much as possible is equally important. So, along with slowly accepting the way your body looks, adopting a healthier lifestyle is necessary.

Take care♥