Okay, so this time, it is about you wanting to be pregnant. Oh no, it is about you wanting to know if you are going to be pregnant. Gosh!!! I get it you are perplexed here. To sort your mind, this article is all about when you are going to have your symptoms for pregnancy. Dear dear, if it is you who want to know the answer to the above then grab some time and binge here. It is worth knowing the result because you will be in a better position to proceed with care and caution in case you are on your way to getting a baby.

Your body starts to convey some signals that you would expect shortly after conception. But the difficult part here is to identify if these signals are for your periods or pregnancy because the signals for both are very much similar to each other. The signs of early pregnancy might most likely be around your missed periods, so this creates confusion.  

Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy Symptoms

Things You Should Know About Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

It is advised to have a pregnancy test if you are expecting something of a baby sort of thing, because the symptoms may bewilder you with indications of PMS or periods. Hence to remain on the safer side it is always better to go through the test. 

Next thing is that you should not devalue the fact that every woman is different. The extent to which you feel the symptoms may differ. Some may get the symptoms that can be notified easily, whereas some may have such mild effects that they may not even notice that they had something, yet with these variances, both the types are proceeding to be a mother.

When Will You Start Getting Symptoms

You will feel some of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy within 6 days after conception. Your body will start preparing for the pregnancy from the moment your egg fertilizes, so these preparations or changes that your body carries out lead to physical symptoms. The increasing hormone levels in the body are often the reason for the symptoms you feel. 

These may not be very immense in the initial days to be identified but for women to get the idea of being pregnant, the symptoms will start to show more after four weeks post conceiving. 

If you are someone who is expecting to get pregnant and you are in your fifth week, then there is nothing to worry about. Four weeks is just an estimated time frame, and it may not apply to every woman. Every individual has different immune systems and so different ways of reacting to things. You may take time, whereas some others may not.     

What Should You Expect In Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

You may be curious to know what you should be expecting during the first few weeks after conception. Many women notice that they confront some changes but the disturbing factor is whether it is a period thing or a pregnancy thing. Chances are that you will address these changes to your PMS until and unless you feel that this is something different from the monthly feeling that you go through.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy Symptoms

The below-mentioned changes to your body indicate that you are pregnant:

  • Spotting and cramping that is caused because of implantation bleeding some days of about six to 12 days after conception.
  • One to two-week post-conception, you may feel breast soreness, tenderness, swelling or tingling, or any other such changes.
  • A week after conception, having fatigue can indicate that you are on your pregnancy route.
  • Approximately two weeks after conception, if you suffer from nausea and food aversion then you can get yourself some soft toys.

Some other prominent symptoms include:

  • Missed period
  • Frequent need to respond to natures call than normal
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Mood swings
  • Dizziness
  • headaches

If you are hankering towards being pregnant then we would suggest you please go through some important pregnancy articles that will be very helpful to you. Moreover, only knowing when you will start to get the symptoms will not help if you do not have any idea about what the symptoms are in-depth.

After confirming from your side about being pregnant, you should approach your provider and let the doctor do the necessities. So make your best efforts so that you stay on the right route with the precautions that you need to take. 

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