Pregnancy Announcement? Pregnancy is a big deal. You’re going to bring a new life into the world, and it’s a lot of responsibility. You may have to sign up for prenatal classes, renovate your house and build a nursery, buy furniture and cute baby outfits, buy toys and new maternity wear, and the list goes on and on. But a big part of the initial phase of pregnancy is sharing the good news with all your loved ones. 

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Of course, how you choose to break the news is up to you; you might settle for a Facebook post, or send around some emails. But here are some unique Pregnancy Announcement ideas. 

1. Have T-shirts made up

Everyone likes a T-shirt, and it’ll make people involved! You can pose for a nice photo wearing T-shirts you designed, maybe with a joke on them or a nod to something you’re both interested in. Post the pictures on social media or send them around on emails, and have a bunch of T-shirts made so you can send them to your immediate family, friends, and whoever else needs to know. People love to be included in big things like this, and especially for family, it’ll be very exciting to show off the fact that there’s going to be a new member of the family.

2. Get your pets involved

A baby is pretty cute, and a dog holding a picture of a sonogram makes it even cuter. Recruit your furry family! Have your dog or cat pose with a sonogram, or with some tiny socks, or even a couple of toy building blocks spelling out ‘baby’. Dress them up in a fun bowtie or a silly hat to make it even more memorable. You can’t go wrong with such a cute announcement!  

3. Get your other children involved

If you’ve got another child or children, include them in the photo or email announcement. Maybe have them wear T-shirts saying they’re going to be a big sister or brother, or show them posing with a book on siblings. It’ll make them feel like they’re part of it, too, since older children sometimes react with jealousy to the prospect of a new baby, or they don’t understand what’s happening.

4. Write letters

Go the old-fashioned route! Pick up a pen and paper and write out some letters. Maybe include a photo of the sonogram or a similarly posed announcement photo. Get creative with the stamps; you can even include cards to congratulate your parents on becoming grandparents! You can mail them and then wait in anticipation. Imagine all the happy phone calls you get when the mail arrives!

5. Use balloons

They’re not just for parties! Balloons have all kinds of creative uses. You can buy some helium balloons spelling out ‘baby’, or blow up some balloons and write ‘popping on…’ with a date. Anything involving decorations makes for a lovely photo!

6. Do a holiday theme

If you’re breaking the news around the time of a big holiday, and you feel like your news won’t be as big as the holiday, embrace it! If Christmas is coming up, dress up in some red and green clothes and take a nice, Christmassy photo, maybe decorating a tree with baby toys and ornaments. If it’s Halloween, carve a pumpkin in a baby-related shape, or break out some markers and write your delivery date on them. If it’s Easter, imagine all the fun you can have with multi-colored eggs which can be a Unique Pregnancy Announcement.  

Pregnancy Announcement
Pregnancy Announcement

7. Use tiny objects

What’s cute about babies is how small everything is. Get out all the tiny things: safety pins, shoes, onesies, and put them next to bigger sizes of the same and take some nice photos. You can click photos of huge mugs and tiny mugs and write the words ‘mom’, ‘dad’, and ‘baby’ on them. Or take out some shoes and put the baby’s shoes in the middle on the welcome mat. 

8. Do a nice photoshoot

Yes, pregnancy shoots are usually done later, but there’s no strict rule saying you can’t do them earlier! Pick a nice spot that you love, like the beach or the park, or maybe even a nice room in your house. Get all dressed up and hold the signs and the sonogram, or whatever you like, and have a professional take the photos! You can use them to tell everyone the good news, and you don’t have to pay for a photoshoot again a few months later! It’s a win-win. 

Hopefully, this has given you a lot of good ideas. Go ahead and tell everyone you’re expecting, they’ll be thrilled!

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