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Solo sex or female masturbation is all about self-love and the taboo surrounding it is a hoax that should be broken free from. Because, at the end of the day, you rule your life and your body and let nobody tell you that you are being disgraceful if you indulge in performing a little bit of sexual stimulation on yourself.

And the health benefits that solo sex offers are tremendous, like boosting your emotional and physical health and improve your sex life. 

You do you, woman, and, you are proud of it, as you should be!

What is solo sex?

Firstly, solo sex is not the same thing as solo sexuality. By solo sex, one can refer to masturbating by oneself, that is just one of the many aspects of it. However, solo sex also refers to the internal experience of your sexuality and your chosen external expression of that internal experience.

These expressions may include romantic, sensual, erotic, sexual fantasies, the erogenous zones of your body, your turn-ons and turn-offs, and how you relate to them, your kinks and fetishes. 

Like partnered sex, solo sex should also be meant for fun and to release the build-up of libido, more than anything else. Solo sex also helps in exploring your relationship with sex and lets you discover your sexuality in the process, as well.

Solo sexuality is your first and primary relationship and solo sex helps you discover it. Are you still wondering what’s the sole purpose of solo sex is? Then, you should read on to know why is it so important to women, as much it is for men. 

What’s the Point of Solo Sex?

Did you know if you masturbate while your abdomen is cramping up during menstruation, it can ease your discomfort and reduce the pain drastically? The point of solo sex is to be independent and to explore one’s own sexuality on their own. In fact, just like boys, studies show that girls start to masturbate even before their teens unknowingly. 

Masturbation is, in fact, seen as a biological and psychological development of a girl as she explores her sexuality and gets to know her preferences thoroughly in her teens. 

Moreover, not all women are in a relationship or want to be in a solely sexual relationship with a person. Does that mean her sexual life or libido should also take a break? No, that’s not necessarily true because masturbation can be equally pleasant, if not better than sexual intercourse. 

In the case of masturbation, you get to have complete control of your body and navigate through your erogenous zones at your own pace. With sex toys like dildos and vibrators, masturbation has become even more pleasurable for women over the years, and although a bit expensive, investing in a good one is totally worth the pleasure.

Is Female Masturbation Better Than Partnered Sex?

Many women find masturbation more comfortable than partnered sex for various reasons. Throughout history, as women explored themselves out of the confined shadow of their masculine counterparts, we have been taught duty and decorum to conduct ourselves with grace and gratitude. 

While men jerking off (colloquial slang for male masturbation) is seen as a sign of manhood and many a punchline for male comedians, women are shamed for doing the same. 

One of the reasons why women prefer masturbation to partnered sexual intercourse is because they can experiment with their vagina’s content without anybody noticing them.

Benefits of solo sex
Benefits of solo sex

Another valid reason is that most women do not climax during partnered sex and often fake it till they make it. However, in the case of masturbation, they can guide their body to an actual orgasm without faking it. And, did we tell you that doing it in the shower is way easier and less clumsy? 

Another important reason for masturbation is that most women fear pregnancy even after safe sex and masturbation gives you the same pleasure without the anxiety of unwanted pregnancy. 

Why Should you Masturbate?

While the Indian media tries to depict female masturbation as stubbornness or light-headedness, this is not true at all. Masturbation can be seen as something that one does to love themselves and it helps one to know themselves better.

However, you should masturbate because:

  • Female masturbation helps in focusing on necessary orgasms that can further help in relieving stress from your mind.
  • Climaxing during masturbation releases endorphin, which releases hormones like serotonin and instantly puts you in a lighter mood.
  • Masturbation prepares your body for future partnered sexual intercourses.
  • The body feels tired after a good orgasm and can potentially help you fall asleep faster.
  • Masturbation increases libido and enhances your sexual performances.
  • Masturbating is a good exercise for women, and trying out different positions can give your heart a bit of a workout.

Solo Sex Tips that will Enhance your Experience

The primary tip to enhance your masturbation experience is to know that it is completely normal to release your libido by yourself and there is nothing shameful about it.

Benefits of solo sex
Benefits of solo sex
  • Dry humping: The clitoris is a sensitive organ and rubbing it against a pillow, mattress or, blanket can stimulate the clitoris and provide pleasure.
  • A vibrator: A vibrator is almost like an essential for women with or without an active sex life AND it can guarantee you an orgasm.
  • Choosing the correct sex toy: It is important to get a toy that you find comfort playing with.
  • A remote-control vibrator: A remote-controlled vibrator works in wondrous ways. It helps you focus on the other erogenous zones of your body, like the nipples, the clitoris, etc.
  • Try it differently: Try different positions, different toys of different shapes and sizes for added pleasure.
  • Warm yourself up: Put on a pair of socks, light a couple of scented candles, put on your favorite soundtrack to get down and dirty. Basically, make yourself at home as you pleasure yourself.

Health Benefits of Solo Sex

Research has shown plenty of positive results on the effect of masturbation on human health. Masturbation can:

  • Release sexual tension
  • Reduce and relieve stress
  • Improve self-esteem and body-positivity
  • Treat vaginismus
  • Relieve muscle tension and menstrual cramps
  • Strengthen muscle tone in the areas around the pelvis and anal region

Go solo, go wild!

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