Having a long-distance relationship sucks and what’s worse is long-distance relationship fights. Fighting is a characteristic trait for humans, we fight when we get angry over things and sometimes we get angry over some random or things that don’t matter. Relationship fights are common and it’s normal to have them but not when they miserably affect your mental health. 

Sometimes we get over things and forget what happened but some things scar our heart and our mind which cannot be forgotten and fights are the most common way to induce yourself to say something which shouldn’t be said and being in a long-distance relationship makes it even worse when you know it’s not easy to console them over the phone. Well, we can’t stop fighting forever but we can try to fix it and move on. 

Read on to find out how to fix long-distance relationship fights! 

Is it Normal to Fight a Lot in a Relationship? 

There must be a question running around your head if you fight with your long-distance partner a lot, whether it is normal to fight a lot in a relationship? Well, to some extent fighting is okay and healthy. Arguing is very common in every relationship and it’s not so fun but fighting in a long-distance relationship is quite depressing and bleak. When you two are apart from each other,  whatever might be the reason, it becomes harder to read the expression and feelings over the phone. Misreading and misinterpreting is a common reason why most long-distance relationship fights happen. 

long distance fights
Ways To Cope With Long Distance Relationship Fights

Calmly communicating is a good way to handle these situations but if still doesn’t work and you feel it’s messing up with your or your partner’s health maybe it’s not quite normal. If you feel that you and your long-distance partner fight a lot and you can’t figure out how to fix it, you can try some of the ways here below! 

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How to Fix Long-Distance Relationship Fights?

Fighting is normal but if they happen every day without any proper reason, you might want to fix it because you may not want to lose your partner. Trying is better than leaving! So here are some effective ways you and your partner can try to revive the spark in your long-distance relationship: 

1. Give you and your Partner some Space 

Giving space doesn’t mean just breaking off the vibes you both have but giving yourself some time to cool yourself down. Long-distance relationship fights are exhausting and can affect your mental and physical health in many ways, it’s important to give you and your partner some time alone and see if that helps. Come back with an open heart. 

Think of some lovely moments you’ve spent together or go on for walks and listen to a song that reminds you of them. This way you can get off some negativity and help yourself get back to your ‘normal relationship’. 

2. Be Open and Direct While Communicating 

It’s important to be transparent and open about your thoughts and feelings while you are communicating. Fighting in a long-distance relationship can lead to serious problems if you do not communicate properly and be open about how you feel. 

Misinterpretation and unhealthy communication can in turn ruin the relationship making you feel isolated and depressed. So, you must mention what you want and how you feel. Also, listen to your partner as much as you express. It will help you and them to calm down. 

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3. Try Communicating Through the Camera 

One good advantage of having technology in our hands is seeing our loved ones anywhere around the world. Sometimes we get frustrated and irritated. We can’t see someone we love so much because of the distance, fighting in a long-distance relationship becomes even worse because we can’t see each other. So, what should be done? Well, communicate through video call, if that can’t happen try voice calling. 

long distance fights
Try communicating through the camera

Seeing each other’s faces may help you feel a little bit relaxed and calm. Try this, maybe it happens to be your fight solver. 

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4. Figure out the Cause of the Fight 

Most long-distance relationship fights happen because of the small stuff which doesn’t matter. Sometimes, frustration due to some other reasons may induce fights. If the fight is because you feel bad or miserable about something they did, it’s important to talk it out to your partner. 

Talk to them about what is the purpose of this fight? What started this fight? Is this fight going to come to any conclusion? Be practical and calm yourself down. Find out the reason or problem which urged you two to fight. 

5. Do not Mention Previous Fights or Arguments that Do not Matter Now 

The worst thing you can do while fighting in a long-distance relationship is mention something that can induce some other fight. Control yourself and do not mention something extremely insignificant to the current fight. It may make the arguments even worse and the fight will end up being more miserable. 

Previous fights and arguments are done and shouldn’t be brought up again and again. Make sure you are being practical and understanding and expect your partner to be the same. 

6. Stop the Blame Game 

The best thing you can do to stop long-distance relationship fights is to quit blaming your partner alone. Blaming can be dangerous, even worse when you blame them for something you are not sure they did. We are humans and humans aren’t perfect. We make mistakes and we should learn to accept the mistakes. 

Blaming your partner without any reason is childish and can ruin a good relationship. So, think a little before sending that text. 

This was all about how you can fix long-distance relationship fights. Make sure you are listening to your partner as much as you are explaining yourself. It’s important to be practical and a little careful with the words you are going to use while you are fighting in a long-distance relationship. 

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