Why Is First Aid Training Important?

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first aid training
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Medical emergencies are unpredictable. You might need to give CPR to a friend who was about to get drowned in the pool. You might have a friend in front of you choking. You will have to give him a Heimlich maneuver. As a woman, it is important to know the ABC of first aids and how to give them.

First aid is the first assistance given to a patient before an ambulance or a doctor arrives. You don’t have to be a doctor to do so. First aid training should be given at the school level to the children. The first aid kit list includes medicines and techniques that you should be aware of in case of emergency. 

Here we will provide you with all the necessary first aid training that you should be aware of. In case of an emergency always call an ambulance. It is important to note that one should never give or take any medicine. 

An oral drug or injection should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. A person might have an allergy or a medical condition that you might not be aware of. In such situations wait for the ambulance to arrive. Try to remain calm and provide comfort to the patient.

Basic first aid training everyone should know

The ABC Of First Aid

Following are some basic things to know about first aid.

Bruises And Cuts

The important first aid in case of bruise and cut is to clean and cover it. You need to stop the bleeding. Clean the wound using cotton and a Dettol. You can wash the wound using water as well. Once the wound is clean. You can apply a cotton bandage or cloth in the infected area.

Mouth To Mouth

Mouth to mouth breathing or CPR is when a person is not able to breathe. If a person was drowning in the pool, they might have water filled in their lungs. As a result, they don’t have enough air to breathe. You need to perform CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.  

You need to blow air into their mouth and press on their chest. The water is then expelled out of the body. Keep their nose closed.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a first aid training method that can be done in case of a heart attack. You have to place both the hands on the chest. Followed by chest compressions. This might revive the heart, which is in the state of a cardiac arrest.

In Case Of Fire

This is perhaps the most important first aid. In case of a fire, the first aid for burns is to get help. Call for the fire brigade as soon as possible. If a person has caught fire try to wrap them in a blanket. 

Woollen clothes are insulators, it will make sure that the oxygen supply is cut off. Always have a fire extinguisher. You can also throw buckets of sand to stop the fire. 

Body Signs

Always pay close attention to the medical emergency. Sometimes you might not be able to understand what is happening to the person.

first aid training

In case of a cardiac arrest, there could be a pain in the left arm. This is one of the early symptoms. In case of a stroke, there may be a distortion in a person’s vision. Or their body posture might change. They might have a slurred speech. Look for these signs.

Heimlich Maneuver

A person might be choking in front of you. You can give a Heimlich maneuver. It is an important first aid. Stand behind the person. Put your arms around them from behind, and give them abdominal thrusts. Do it until the choked item is out.


In case of an arm fracture, try to tie a cloth around the neck through the arm. This would provide support to the broken limb. Do not move the fractured part too much. Take the patient to the hospital.

First Aid For Burns

Your first aid kit list should have some ointments for burns. In case of a burn, wash it with cold water. Apply an ointment like Burnol. Use a non-stick dressing or bandage to cover the burned area.

To Stop The Bleeding

Apply pressure on the area of bleeding. Use a clean cloth to put pressure on the wound. Keep the wounded area in an elevated position.


In case of nosebleed close the nostrils of the person for a while. This will close the ruptured veins. You can ask the person to raise their head or lie down.

Cold Bite

If a person is shivering because of a cold. Take off their damp clothes. Wrap a warm blanket around them. Take them into a warm room. Give them a hot drink which does not have caffeine in it.

Black Eye

In case of a black eye, put an ice bag or a cold cloth to soothe the swelling.


In the case of muscle sprain, use a relief spray. You can also tie a crepe bandage around the affected area.


In case of an allergy reaction ask the person if they have any anti-allergen with them. Rush them to the hospital.


Diarrhea can make you tired. A person loses a lot of water in case of diarrhea. Give them a solution of ORS. It will prevent loose motions.


The acid in the stomach maintains the stomach pH. If we eat spicy or oily food the balance gets disturbed and the amount of acid production increases. This could lead to acidity. A solution of ENO or baking soda in water can be given to the patient. It will neutralize the acid in the stomach.


First aid training doesn’t mean you can give medicine to anyone. But you can always have medicine like Pudin Hara for stomach ache. You can have some medicines in your first aid kit list. You can have Paracetamol or Calpol in case of fever. Aspirin for headache and fever. But it is always advised to have medicine only after consulting with a doctor.


In case of food poisoning, try to put your finger in your mouth and vomit. It is possible that the food with the poison will be vomited out.

first aid training

These are a few basic things to know about first aid methods. You can be of help to someone. Remember that the first help provided in case of any medical emergency tends to be very important.

If a person has lost severe blood before the doctor has arrived it might be fatal to the patient. Try to remember these first aids. You might save somebody’s life. You might be able to save your own life with these aids.

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