We all are aware of the fact that a lot of people lose their lives because of cardiac arrest and heart attacks. But have you guys ever imagined about what could be heart attack causes?

There are certain things a person should pay attention to because your heart is capable of snatching you away from your life. Keep your ticker healthy and strictly avoid things that harm your heart. With this article, you will come across some habits that are not good for your heart and hence should stop adopting them.

Surprisingly Unexpected Heart Attack Causes

Here the some of the major causes of heart attack

Dental problems, you don’t floss

If you find excuses not to brush and floss every day, then darling, we are here to provide you the kick that will last forever and you will never miss a day to floss or brush. Alarming news for you is that people with gum diseases have more odds of having heart disease. 

The direct relation between them is studied by the researchers (as said by Dr. Jane Heath of Columbia University School of Medicine), and they have come up with the finding that the germs from your mouth may move into the bloodstream which is capable of leading to inflammation of other blood vessels and heart related issues. Therefore, it is very necessary to brush and floss every day in order to maintain hygiene. It is also advised to have a dental checkup every 6 months.

Not getting enough of good sleep

If you are the person who stays up late at night and is okay with some 4-5 hours of sleep then we would say that this much sleep is going to ruin you. Sleeping less than 6 hours increases the chances of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

You will get obsessed and a diabetic, both of which can damage your heart. Hearing this, do not switch to sleeping the whole day. Sleeping more than 9 hours does the same as sleeping less than 6 hours. That means you should sleep for about 7-9 hours peacefully. 

Too much of potato couch

Time for you to stop staring at the tube and get up, do some movements. Dr. Tamara Horowitz, director of the cardiac rehabilitation department at the UCLA Medical Center in the United States, says that sitting in front of the TV is the “new smoking” in terms of the damage it does to our heart.

Sitting in front of the TV routinely increases your chances of heart disease by 20%. The main culprit here is sitting which is linked to high blood pressure. Hence, it is advisable to replace watching television with some productive activities.

You don’t wash your hands

Since childhood parents and teachers used to teach about how important it is to wash hands before consuming food or after you use the washroom, but seldom people follow them. People are reluctant to do the necessities until and unless they suffer. The germs that get accumulated on your hands go directly to your mouth when you consume food without washing your hands. These germs then eventually spread all over your body and heart. Not washing hands is one of the bad habits that are likely to hurt your heart.

Can Stress cause a heart attack?

When we are stressed and depressed, our body secretes certain hormones namely cortisol and epinephrine, the combination of which increases the blood pressure and sugar in our bodies and ultimately threatens our heart. When a person is stressed or depressed, he or she is likely to stop eating, suffer to have continuous sleep, etc. All these are harmful things for your heart. 

Heart Attack Causes
Heart Attack Causes

You don’t drink enough tea

Drinking black tea twice a day is said to reduce the chances of any heart disease by 25%. Tea leaves are rich in flavonoid antioxidants because of which they are well known to throw away cholesterol from your body, fight blood clots, and maintain cardiovascular system health. So now, even in summers, make tea your everyday beverage.

You hold it when you have nature’s call

Many a time, we resist from getting up at the wee hours to go to the toilet because we feel too sleepy and lazy. Some other times we do not want to go to the washroom because either we are too lazy to get up and go from our place or else we are too shy to go in front of the other person.

Girls, grow up and get going. Do not stop yourself from going to washrooms when there is an urgency. Pressure on the bladder increases heart rate by 9 beats per minute and limits blood flow.

Can high blood pressure cause a heart attack?

If you are on the verge of high blood pressure then you should maintain enmity with salt. They are capable of holding water under your body, which sometimes can be near your heart. This can cause edema. Limit your salt consumption. You can go for substitutes of salt while cooking. Switch to alternatives for things that harm your heart. 

Heart Attack Causes
Heart Attack Causes

Do you avoid coffee?

Indeed the consumption of caffeine has certain drawbacks to our health but it has certain other benefits too. A limited quantity of caffeine is capable of preserving the heart from any disease. Although the proper finding of the relationship between heart and caffeine is still undergoing it is widely said that 2-3 cups of coffee a day can keep your heart in a safer zone.

Snoring, need to learn ways to get rid

Snoring is not just an issue to feel shy about. It is more of a thing to pay concern because snoring is the result of certain issues in your respiratory system. Sometimes snoring can be a sign of a more serious problem such as obstructive sleep apnea. This leads to a lack of oxygen in your blood which shoots your blood pressure high.

Can smoking cause heart attack?

We all are aware of the fact that cigarettes are at the top of things that harm your heart. But know this also that, passive smokers are more affected than the active ones. 

You miss warning signs

There are people who stay extra active and energetic that they miss some warning signals given by their bodies. Many people with cholesterol don’t actually know that they have cholesterol! Try to spend calm moments and observe how your body is doing.

To everyone reading this, we would like to say that there are many alternatives to heart attack causes, so better go for the alternatives.

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