Migraine attack headaches are really annoying and come unannounced that is why you must be prepared for it and in that case, a migraine relief kit is a lifesaver. Only a person who experiences migraine attacks from time to time can understand the level of discomfort and pain at that moment. Common symptoms that occur during migraine headaches are sensitivity to light or sound or smell, feeling of nausea, vomiting, throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head.  

Migraine can appear in individuals of any age and is a condition that runs in the family history in most cases. A number of external factors are known to trigger migraine attacks. 

With the onset of migraine headaches, it is necessary that the person receives the required treatment, otherwise, it gets worse. So, to stay on the safe side, always carry a migraine relief kit. This migraine crisis kit will be your lifesaver in times of emergency if you are someone with migraine problems. 

But what are the essentials that you must always carry in your migraine relief kit? 

Contents of Migraine Relief Kit

Migraine is something that sometimes can come unannounced at any time, anyplace. So, it is best you stay prepared with a special first aid kit. Well, keep on reading to find out about these essentials!

Container to make a migraine bag for relief kit

Choose a compact container or bag that you can carry around easily. Always use this container or pouch as your first aid kit, nothing else.

Knowing your triggers and treatment

Before building your migraine relief kit, you must be able to identify which medications and natural remedies work best for you. Consult with your doctor regarding the essentials that you regularly use to help with migraine headaches.

Moreover, if you are new to migraine attacks, then we advise you to keep a track of the triggers that cause your migraine attacks. Stay vigilant and check – Which smell triggers my migraine? Am I sensitive to lights when I experience migraine headaches? Do I get migraine pain when I am too stressed out? Ask yourself these questions and observe yourself.


For those who experience sensitivity to light during such situations, keeping a pair of sunglasses handy is a must. Also, irrespective of that, if you suffered from migraine attacks previously, always keep the sunglasses ready in your migraine relief kit. You may need it even if you stay somewhere outside or inside, as well.


Earplugs are another essential item that you must carry in your migraine relief kit. This will be of great help when there is no noise-free area nearby.

Pain relief meds and other meds

Always keep a strip of painkiller medications that suits you. Many people with migraine problems say taking painkillers on experiencing the headache, stops the pain from getting worse. You may need it, especially if you are outside and alone. 

Many also carry medications to reduce and treat symptoms of nausea and vomiting. To stay organized, you can take a medicine box with compartments for the different pills.


Staying hydrated is simply a preventive measure to keep those migraine headaches at bay. Moreover, in the initial stages of your migraine, drinking plenty of fluids can also reduce the intensity of the pain. 

You can either carry a bottle of normal water or even flavored water for your taste buds. The choice is yours. It is not necessary to keep it inside your first aid kit, you can carry it inside your handbag as well.

Home remedies 

We all know the harsh side effects of over the counter medications on our health. Health experts commonly advise taking such medications only in the case of emergencies. So, for this purpose, you should keep a few natural remedies to minimize migraine problems. 

Ginger in the forms of tablets or dried ginger

It is seen that consuming ginger helps reduce the further progress of migraine headaches, and also helps if you feel nauseated. 

Essential oils

Essentials oil offers a great range of benefits for us in several aspects- skincare, haircare, and even acts as migraine relief. You can keep any of the essential oils such as peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil, etc. in your migraine relief kit. 

It is also important to note that the choice of essential oils varies from person to person. Always take a test drive before deciding to use it as a relief measure. Essential oil rollers are available in the market that you can easily apply on your forehead for soothing effects. 


For some people, caffeine also seems to work as relief from migraine headaches. You can keep coffee or tea bags ready in your first aid kit. Sounds too many things to carry around, doesn’t it? Well, it is only for your benefit, right?

Sickness bag

Another essential item for your migraine relief kit is a sickness bag. There will be some days when your medications or the natural remedies for migraine problems may not work. In such scenarios, a sickness bag will come handy and save you from an embarrassing moment. 

Ice packs 

Applying ice over your head also can help reduce your migraine attacks. You can get one of those reusable ice packs, ice hats, or even ice rollers as per your convenience.

An emergency contact number list or card

Keeping an emergency contact list in your first aid kit is a MUST. Nowadays, we all have a password on our phones and in a worst-case scenario, if you pass out or not in a good condition to ask for help, the people nearby you will be able to call your emergency contact person.

Migraine Relief Kit
Migraine Relief Kit

Bottom Line

Migraine headaches or the initial stages of the attack can be scary and full of distress, especially when you are at the workplace or somewhere public. 

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Yoga sounds boring, we get it! All we can say is if you want to stay away from the horrors of migraine then, give it a try. Until then, you can carry these essential items in your migraine relief kit.

Take care♥