You may be in the camp of people who do not want summer to end, but you may also be in the camp of people who look forward to some things about fall. Since the weather is changing, it is time to put away your denim cutoffs and switch from bright colors to darker, warmer ones. This change should also be reflected in your manicure, which should have deeper, warmer colors.

We don't think that minimalist trends like Hailey Bieber's glazed-doughnut nails or the supermodel manicure inspired by the 1990s will go away any time soon. But we are ready to move on to more earthy colors, and the latest trend, the "dirty martini nail trend," is the perfect way to do it. 

The nail fad has been interpreted in a wide variety of ways throughout social media, including the application of miniature olive nail art decals and even designs that are meant to resemble an actual martini glass. Olive green dirty martini nail polish, on the other hand, seems to be the approach to this trend that requires the least amount of effort so far from what we've seen.

The manicure is famous as a "dirty martini nail trend" and features an olive-green tone, and it has lately been spotted being worn by celebrities like Selena Gomez. This color is an excellent complement to the chunky knit sweaters and dark denim jeans that are popular this fall. 

This past year, the color green has unquestionably had its moment in the spotlight. After seeing shades of green such as neon green, sage green, and even "Bottega Veneta" green have their moment in the spotlight, it is now time for the yellow-green shade that is inspired by dirty martinis to take its place at the forefront of the fashion world. Keep reading to learn more about Selena Gomez's dirty Martini Nail Trend.

Selena's Dirty Martini Nail Polish 

But let's get back to the manicure Selena Gomez's dirty martini nail trend. Olive green is in perfect harmony with the nail trends of the upcoming season, which, in reality, will continue the natural tones: from beige to light brown, from mustard yellow to green Forest. The natural tones will resume their prominence. 

The point is that, after a wave of vitamin and fluo colors that revolutionized our makeup routines and that served to recover positivity after a difficult period, there is now a renewed need to have warm tones and soft atmospheres, nuances that remind us of contact with nature and the rhythm of the seasons. This comes after a wave of vitamin and fluo colors that revolutionized our makeup routines, and that served to recover positivity after a difficult period. It is official—Forest Green, Olive Green, or Dirty Martini—these are the colors that are trending right now. Keep reading to learn more about the dirty Martini Nail Trend.

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Dirty Martini Nail Trend Ideas 

1. Glass Details 

The only thing other than the olive that is more vital to a martini than the glass in which it is served is the martini glass. This nail art design uses a milk-bath manicure as its foundation and plays on all of the essentials.

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2. Green Martini 

For effortless and understated martini nails, simply paint on a classic olive-green shade; bonus points if the polish has a sparkly sheen to play up the sense of a cocktail. 

3. Martini French Manicure 

Additionally, the olive-green shade of the dirty martini nail art works wonderfully as a suitable replacement for the white tips in a traditional french manicure.

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4. Tiny Olives 

It is all in the details: make sure that your natural nails are free of any polish, and then use a nail art brush with a very fine tip to paint on teeny, shimmering olives at different spots at the base of your nails. The finished product is a straightforward martini manicure that features a negative space effect. 

5. Red Pits 

You really like the olive-green nail color, but you'd like your manicure to have a little something more, right? Draw a round olive "pit" onto each nail using a detail brush and red nail paint detail. 

6. Lush Greens 

There are times when something uncomplicated tastes good. The finishing touches to your style can be as simple as applying a few brushstrokes if you choose the proper hue. If you really must have one or two designs for personalization, Javelle recommends including some amusing stickers or three-dimensional textures.

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Affordable Brands That Sell Dirty Martini Nail Color 

1. Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty
Swiss Beauty

Swiss beauty is one of the most affordable brands for nail colors. It has one of the best colors, and a dirty martini is one of them. Go get this right away. 

2. Igel Beauty

Igel Beauty
Igel Beauty


Igel Beauty is also one of the best brands that sell dirty martini nail colors. It is affordable and long-lasting. If you need good dirty martini nail paint, you can definitely invest in this one.  

3. MyGlamm


MyGlamm is one of the best and new emerging brands that is gaining popularity for its quality. No wonder they have some amazing nail paints, and dirty martini nail color is among them. 

4. Lakme


Looking for a good dirty martini nail paint? Here's the best one for you. Lakme is one of the best brands available in the market today. If you want long-lasting nail paint, go get this one.

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Summing Up 

If you want to go all out and ask for olive green at your next salon visit, the dirty martini nail trend has something for everyone. On the other hand, if you want to keep it simple with an all-over color in the ideal green shade, the dirty martini nail art has something for you as well. No wonder the dirty martini nail trend is here to stay.

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