The fashion weeks of the GREAT 2020 are really digging in on the colour blue and the various shades of blue. Even, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is the classic blue, the shade that reminds you of the sky at dusk. Blue seems to be everywhere nowadays, from doors of the restrooms in the cafeteria to billboards around you.

We don’t know if you are having that major FOMO (Fear of missing out) on the trend, but we definitely are and what better ways to jump on the bandwagon than to experiment with manicures? 

And over that, in spite of being a cool shade, blue can actually look hot on anybody. If you are a fan of blue, check out the nail arts we have covered for you.

Amazing Nail Arts in Blue

Below are some of the amazing nail arts in blue:

1. The Blue-Pink Metallic Nails

What goes better with blue than pink? The different shades of blue on a base of pink adds depth to your nails. To give a 3D effect, add an artistic touch of golden strokes. To achieve this look, paint all the nails with pink and choose any two fingers to execute the blue nail ideas. The shades of two kinds of blue, pink and golden definitely is a magnificent choice. 

2. The 50 Shades of Blue

Choose any three contrasting shades of blue (preferably one on the lighter shade, the other on the darker tone and the third one in a shade that is between the lighter and the darker shade.) Paint three alternative fingers with the shade which is neither too light nor too dark and the other two fingers with the two other shades respectively. 

This blue manicure idea is simple and goes with every look, be it formal office wear or a Saturday night at the club.

3. The Stripes

If navy blue and golden were people, then their match was definitely made in heaven. Nobody compliments a navy blue better than sparkling dust of golden. For this blue nail designs, you will require enamel paints in navy blue, metallic golden and sparkling golden. 

Nail Arts In Blue
Nail Arts In Blue

Paint all your fingernails (except the ring finger) with a base of metallic gold and let it dry. Once dry, add thin strips of tape on your fingers and paint it with blue. Once the coat of blue is dry, remove the strips carefully. Repeat the same process with sparkling golden and blue for the ring finger.

4. The flannel

The flannel printed blue nails brings back memories of the December cold and the comfort of the flannel sweatpants. Moreover, the flannel prints are bold and strong, unconventional and pretty. To get the flannel designs on your nails, you will require matte shades of light blue, gray and nay blue. Also cut thin and thinner strips of tapes for the check prints.

Paint all your fingers with a base coat of light blue. Once dry, place the strips of tape horizontally and vertically and put on a second coat of gray or nay blue. Once dry, pull off the tapes carefully for the statement flannel magic.

5. The marbled floor 

One of the most popular blue manicure ideas, the marbled nails are a favourite amongst tweens. While you might think it is difficult to pull it off all by yourself without any professional help, we are happy to share with you that this nail art can be achieved by yourself and it’s pretty easy TBH. 

All you would require is a shade of white nail paint, and two different shades of dark blue AND most importantly, a tape and a scissor. Begin with painting four of your fingernails with a coat of white and your middle finger with a shade of blue. Once the paint is dry, cut out thick pieces of tape and make waves in between to incorporate the second shade. 

Stick the tapes on your fingers and colour the wavy gaps in between with blue. Remove the tapes once the paint is dry and there you have it. 

6. The three-in-one

This nail art on blue is classy, simple, minimal and to be very honest, you will never look back and regret it. All you would require to pull off this design are enamel paints in beige, navy and white. Oh, and you will again require lots of tapes and a scissor. Paint the two extreme nails in blue and your second finger in beige and the rest in white. 

Nail Arts In Blue
Nail Arts In Blue

Once the paint has dried, stick tapes on one-half of either nail and coat it with a different shade. Once you have dried the second coat, strategically place another strip and use the third shade to do the magic.

7. The minimal hearts

Another variation of the navy glue and metallic gold union, this is one of the classiest and prettiest nail designs you will ever come across. Furthermore, it is suitable for all sorts of festive occasions. Be it your own wedding or your best mate’s, Christmas or Diwali, this one is hard to fail. 

For this, you will require nail enamel paints in metallic navy blue, navy blue in matte and metallic gold and again, thick strips of tape. This time, carve out a tiny heart, mini dots and a thin line on one side of the tape (preferably vertical.) Paint three of your fingers in metallic blue and the two others with matte navy blue. 

Once the nail paint dries, stick on the carved tapes on the matte polished nails and paint it with metallic gold. Once the paint dries, pull off the tape very carefully and there you have it. 

Note: Carve the designs on a single vertical line.

8. The Polka Dots

This shade of pastel is a must for the summers. It adds a breath of freshness to your costume even after a sweaty day. The polka dots are a vintage and goes really well for Sunday brunches and vacations and goes ridiculously well with bright and breezy summer dresses. For this nail art design, you will require a pastel blue and white nail paints. 

Coat your nails with a base of blue and let in dry. Repeat the shade of blue for a second and brighter coat and once it is dry, use a tooth pick to add the white dots and you are done. 

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