A sagacious man knows how much a lady loves her makeup. Every lady saves a ton of money only to spend it on expensive makeup products later. This sheer love and loyalty of ladies for makeup have made Kylie Jenner a billionaire. So here is a piece of unsolicited advice to never come in way of a lady and her most prized possessions like makeup.

Experimenting with all the different colors of every new eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, and lipsticks is a lot of fun. It boasts a lot of confidence in a woman. But what if one of the eyeshadow palettes break with the slightest act of clumsiness? The pain would be unbearable and would make you feel like a bereaved. 

Well, we can help you to ease your pain a little. The crushed eyeshadow can be recycled and reused to be one of your favorite things- Nail paint! The only time a lady feels helpless is when her nail polish is drying.

No worries! You can turn the ball into your court now. The broken eyeshadow can be used to make DIY nail polish at home. This tragedy can now be turned into a comedy, basically a lot of fun. Although, sorry for your loss, our deepest condolences. But your broken eyeshadow palette surely cannot be just let to rest in peace in a trash can.

Opportunity To mix and match

Every eyeshadow palette has an amazing variety of shades in it. But if you are in a mood to experiment a little, these shades can be mixed and matched. You can try out a lot of new shades just by mixing two or three different colors and get your own customized shade. This customized shade can be your brand new DIY nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish
DIY Nail Polish

Mind the manicure

A self-pampering day’s schedule’s things-to-do list should always include manicure. They are the only thing which can get into shape without any exercise. Although everyone uses their hands the most, the pair of hands should get all the credit and deserves to be rewarded with a manicure.

So first of all, get a manicure done. Secondly, coat those beautiful nails of yours with the perfectly customized DIY nail polish. Voila! The perfect end to a self-pampering day. 

DIY Nail Polish
DIY Nail Polish

How to Make Nail Polish At Home?

A very simple and quick way to get a perfect DIY nail polish is by turning eyeshadow into nail polish. Often times, eyeshadow palettes expire or break. This is a horror story every girl feels dreadful about.

But this nightmare can be turned into a fairytale in a few simple steps.

1. Select and sort color

Pick the color or shade out of the eyeshadow palette you want your new DIY nail polish to be. As already mentioned above, more than one shades can be selected, however, you wish, it is completely your choice.

2. Crush it to death and dust

With a heavy heart and shaky hand, you have to do it. You need to crush the already broken eyeshadow palette cake into smaller pieces. Crush all the selected shades you picked. Keep crushing it until it becomes dusty or powdery in texture.

DIY Nail Polish
DIY Nail Polish

3. Merge and mingle

Once crushed to dust, take a new palette, merge all the dusted colors you picked. Keep blending and experimenting all of them together until you achieve the desired shade.

4. The fundamental part: Transparent Nail Polish

After getting the customized shade you want your new DIY nail polish to be, get transparent nail polish. This clear nail polish is the key ingredient of this DIY nail polish recipe. 

Therefore, make sure you use one from a good brand that does not compromise on its quality.

5. Make and shake

Now, after getting through with all the above steps, comes the climax of the movie. The main scene where the whole of fate will be decided. Now is when we mix the custom dusted-cake shade into the nail polish.

Pour the dusted pigments into the bottle and close it safely. Then, shake the bottle quickly and firmly. The pigments would get merged with nail paint.

Remember that the opaqueness or sheerness of the shade completely depends upon the ratio of the dusted-pigments and that of the nail polish. 

Hence, mix them accordingly.

Ready to rock!

Once you are done with all these things, your DIY nail polish is ready to use. Apply it and go brag about your new custom made DIY nail polish!

You can make multiple different DIY nail polishes at home with this easy nail hack with eyeshadow. Every different shade is a different mood anyway. And no lady ever said that she has enough makeup. So add many different and new shades to your collection with this DIY nail polish hack. 

Anyhow, life is too short to have boring nails.

DIY Nail Polish
DIY Nail Polish

Consider this DIY nail polish as an act of redemption and save yourself from some guilt and sorrow. This way not only you save money from buying new nail paints, but you also become eco-friendly. This DIY nail polish is your new eco-friendly makeup made out of reusing and recycling your broken eyeshadow.

This way you can also get saved from some guilt. After all, most of us are clumsy and guilty of it.

Tried and tested by celebrities

Many celebrity makeup artists are also guilty of the same and have used this DIY nail polish hack themselves. Even Jenna Hipp, a celebrity nail artist, posted about the same on her Instagram account. She shared in a post about how unexpectedly great it actually turned out to be.

She tipped to sprinkle some contrasting glitter color of eyeshadow as a final coating on top to make it look extra quirky. Just like this, you can get your salon like manicure at home.

This DIY nail polish hack can be used for a few eyeshadow shades from the palette you never really use. These eyeshadow palettes anyway usually expire after two years. This way you can even put those eyeshadow palettes to use which you bought during high school. 

You can’t change the world, but you surely can change your nails. It is all in your hands!

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