Detox Foot Pads: Is It A Fad Or, Does It Really Works?

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Detox Foot Pads

What is detox foot pads?

Detoxifying foot pads or detox foot pads are adhesive foot pads or patches that claim to dramatically improve your health if stuck under your feet while you are asleep. It is said to remove all toxins from the body through its distilled bamboo vinegar adhesive patch. By morning, the originally white pad should darken to signify that the pads have leached out all toxins from the body overnight. 

Popular in the 2000s, the manufacturers claim that more you use these detox foot patches, the lesser it darkens over time, signifying the reduction of toxins in your body. Some detox foot patch companies even claim that it helps in treating a host of other health issues, including regulation of blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, parasites, diabetes, weight loss, arthritis, cellulite and even depression.

How to use Detox Foot Pads?

The detox foot patches are adhesive stickers that need to be stuck on the soles or heels of your feet before bedtime. You need to remove the cellophane attached to the detox foot patches and stick a patch each on clean and dry feet before you hop on to the bed. 

Remove the patches when you wake up the next morning and repeat it every night. 

Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

The erudite NMS Labs, a national laboratory that performs toxicology testing, studied no evidence of toxins or heavy metals or like on the used footpads. The darkening of the adhesive patches was found to be caused by oxidation and wetness of the feet while asleep. The footpads also darkened equally when placed in steam.

Joshua Zeichner, an NYC based dermatologist states, “To my knowledge, there is no scientific data showing that detox foot masks have any true effect on the body.” He further explains, “The only detoxifying organs . . . are the liver and the kidneys, which both filter the blood . . .While the skin does release sweat, it is not truly a detoxifying organ in the same way.”

Gervaise Gerstner, another prominent dermatologist remarks, “The idea is the foot pads can help detox the body— removing chemicals, toxins, or wastes. There is no scientific data to back this up.”

The Federal Trade Commission had previously ordered a federal judge to ban the manufacturers of the Kinoki Foot Pads (a Japanese brand of detox foot pads) for falsely marketing that the foot pads removed toxic wastes from the body.

Detox Foot Pads: Benefits and Effects

Though there is no evidence that the detoxification foot patches or pads work in the way the brands advertise, certain ingredients in these adhesive patches can benefit in some ways. 

Some brands sell foot pads that contain ginger. Ginger is a great ingredient to detoxify the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties and can ease out symptoms of osteoarthritis. A recent study has also claimed that the application of ginger helps in relaxing and warming the skin. It also reduces the pain of chronic osteoarthritis. 

Detox Foot Pads

The detox foot pads containing the lavender essential oil is found to help people with self-reported sleep difficulties and promotes good sleep hygiene. The lavender patches reduce the fatigue of the day’s hard work and improve quality sleep. 

Tourmaline, another common ingredient in detox foot patches, emits far-infrared radiation (FIR) through the adhesive patches. Tourmaline, when in a fine powdered form, helps in reducing pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients and instances of dysmenorrhea or, menstrual cramps. 

Detox Foot Pads: Risks and Side Effects

Most detox foot pads contain wood or bamboo vinegar. An active ingredient of wood vinegar is pyroligneous acid. This acid, when it comes in contact with the skin can cause irritation and burns. The vapours from the pyroligneous acid may also lead to dizziness.

The detox foot pads are mostly harmless and ineffective. So, there isn’t any risk in trying out these adhesive patches. Dr Zeichner says, “So long as you do not develop an allergy from applying the foot pads and they do not cause too much damage to your pocketbook . . .there is little downside to trying one if you are interested.”

Can Detox Foot Pads be made at home?

The idea of detox foot pads originated in Japan. Its idea was to force blood circulation and lymph in the torso. Due to our sedentary lifestyles, the blood circulation often gets stuck around the ankles, lower legs and feet. 

Detox Foot Pads

For homemade detoxification sole pads, you will require:

  • A piece of onion
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • Water
  • An ordinary or adhesive gauze
  • A patch to fix 
  • Cotton Socks


Step 1: Finely chop the garlic and onions. 

Step 2: Boil a pot of water along with garlic and onions for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Remove the mixture and cool it down for about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Pour a little amount of liquid on the gauze, just enough to soak it. 

Step 5: Place the pad in the middle of the sole.

Step 6: Put on your socks so that the pad does not fall off. 

Step 7: Remove the pad, gauze and the socks the next morning. 

Are there any alternatives to Detox Foot Pads?

To correct your health, it is important to regulate your diet, eliminate stress and improve your sleeping patterns. Identifying the root cause of pains and stresses are always a better alternative than resorting to detox foot pads. Intermittent fasting also helps in relieving pains, stresses and excess body weight. 

The detox foot pads are mere overnight foot masks without any scientifically proven health benefits. If you are looking for better alternatives, you might try soaking your sore feet in Epsom salt or magnesium bath salts. Exfoliating dry heels with foot pumice and glycolic creams also does wonders to your feet. 

What are the best Detox Foot Pads available in India?

Since detox foot pads are harmless, there is no harm in trying out and experiencing what these patches offer. Here are our top suggestions:

1. Amazeheal Foot Pads for Stress Relief Sleep

This product is made from organic bamboo extract, minerals, and anion. It claims to be a cure to a lot of our regular maladies. You can buy it here.

2. BuyerGuts Pain Relief Cleansing Detox Foot Pads for men and women

Made of ginger powder and other 100% natural ingredients, this product might be what you have been looking over.

You can buy it here.

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