We all have our erotic points when it's about foreplay. Some are turned on by hair fragrance while some are turned on by a good sense of humor. One more turn on point is feet. That erotic attraction toward someone’s feet is known as a foot fetish. Feet touching, licking, or just looking is arousing for many people and that is completely normal. 

Since the feet and genitals occupy adjacent areas of the brain’s somatosensory context, there is a connection between the two. That is the reason why people are aroused by their feet. In research, men talk about being turned by a lady’s high heels, pedicure colors, or just beautiful bare feet. 

Causes of Foot Fetishes

Foot fetishes are just a part of a person’s being. It is usually natural. Feet have a long history of the romantic or erotic association. There have been some theoretical causes for foot fetishes:

  1. The first encounter- Foot fetish depends on your early erotic experience with feet. If you are aroused by someone’s feet in your teenage then you may develop a lasting association with it.
  2. Desire to be submissive- For men with foot fetishes worshiping their partner’s feet is the way they are aroused. Men with foot fetishes say that they wish to be submissive to their partner’s feet. They want to touch, smell and lick their lady’s feet
  3. Disgust means arousal- Another theory says that some people’s arousal is directly linked to disgust. As the arousal level increases, disgust instincts become less sharp. This theory makes a person aroused by the same thing that used to disgust the earlier.

Role of Foot Fetish and How it Happens

Let's discuss the role of foot fetish and how it happens. 

1. A good massage

For a foot worshiper, foot massages are their favorite. Their foreplay in bed begins with an erotic foot massage. Using an alluring oil or lotion, they like to massage their partner’s feet. It turns them on. Ad if you know that your partner is a foot fetish, give them a nice foot massage and they will give you a nice treat in bed.

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2. Tickle play

The surface of the feet is ticklish for some people it is the ending of all the nerves of the body. People with foot fetishes like to tickle their partner’s feet that they adore. It is their favorite act of arousal. They like to play with their partner’s feet in bed.

3. Feet play plays a major role in their BDSM

Foot worshipers like to have their partner’s feet in their way. They like to lick, suck, feather, or flog their partner’s feet and like to watch their response to it. Even tying up their partner’s feet just blows them up in bed.

4. Kick with sneakers 

Some foot fetish like the smell of their partner’s worn sneakers and that just takes them to another level of arousal. Putting their nose in their partner’s sneakers is what they love before lovemaking. Weird but true!

5. Teasing with toes 

Teasing your partner with toes on their face, chest or genitals is quite a turn-on for some. They wish to lick the toes like candy which makes them crazy. Foot fetish makes a person lick their partner’s feet or making lick theirs.

6. High heels turn them on

The Internet is full of porn videos, with so make videos having women wearing high heels while having sex. Foot worshipers also like to wear or see their partner wearing high-heeled shoes, glossy heels or glittery heel that gets them turned on.

Foot Fetishes
Foot Fetishes

7. Anal plays with toys

People with foot fetishes like to be penetrated with toes using lube or oil. It is their special act in bed. But before attempting this, make sure the nails are properly cut and filed till the skin as it can hurt your partner. One taking anal toeing must instruct their partner in the right way as it is quite different from fingering.

8. Get on your knees to worship

Foot worship is a foot lover’s favorite act. They just wish to be on their knees and look at their parters’ feet, lick it or just wish to swallow it all. They just want to play with their partner’s feet and enjoy their love time in bed.

How to talk to your partner About Foot Fetishes

Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes. Some people may find it weird but it’s not. Some people are hesitant to talk about it. But it is important to talk to your partner about your desire for their feet in bed. Be straight and honest with your partner.

It is not a thing to be embarrassed about. Talking to your partner about it will ensure his/her bedroom satisfaction and will eventually strengthen your relationship. Be patient, and in time, your sex life is sure to include plenty of fun foot play that will keep both you and your foot fetish desires satisfied. 

Foot fetishism must be discussed with your partner as he/she should know that their partner’s interests in bed fall out of the mainstream. Foot fetish is a different kind of foreplay before lovemaking and experimental. Couples do all sorts of weird stuff in bed, always speak to your partner about what you want in bed shamelessly.

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