Clutter free home, a concept that we all are getting to hear now and then. Lifestyle trends tend to change every few years. Along with this, we also love to learn and adopt new trends. One of the most popular lifestyle trends that have been making a buzz around the globe is living the minimalist lifestyle. Everyone is in love with minimal living and is practicing it. The best part about this lifestyle is that your house will have more space. 

We all organize our cupboards and wardrobes every few months as they get messy. Otherwise, we never seem to find a particular item that we need it the most. So, today we are here with a guide that includes a few unnecessary items that you can toss out, thereby creating a clutter-free home for yourself.

Building a Clutter Free Home

When we get something for us or buy home decor, furnishings, with time, we get attached to our items. It is in our nature that we are never fully satisfied with the things we have in our lives. This applies to all aspects of our lives. 

As a result, we end up living in a house with many things and very little free space, cupboards and wardrobes stacked with clothes and our other things. But the question here is, do you need all of those things?

Many will say yes, given the reason, we will have to use some of our stuff someday and what is the harm in keeping extras, right? If not, many also keep souvenirs and items with emotional attachment.

Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you toss out those items!

Unused Items and Make a Clutter Free Home

We have curated a special list for you to toss them out ASAP. Let's get started. 

Old Curtains

Clutter Free Home
Clutter Free Home

Curtains are like the clothes that we get for our windows and doors to look pretty. We all change our curtains at least once or twice a year. Since the home decor department updates its designs from time to time, and at the same time, we get bored watching the same curtains, we indulge in some curtain shopping. 

This is normal and fine! The common mistake that you may be doing is storing old curtains, thinking it might be of use someday. You may ask, what about keeping extras? Well, a commonly known rule for keeping extras is having a backup of 2 extra sets of every item.

If you have more than this amount of curtains, then it is high time that you decide on how to toss them away. A clutter free home comes with some tough sacrifices!!

Old water bottles

Making an economic decision is wise and necessary. After all, the world runs on money.

We all try to reduce our expenses in our own way. Many people like to reuse the bottles that come with juices, cold drinks, wine, beer, etc. However, before you know it, you end up with too many such bottles in your storage cupboard. 

Toss the bottles that you have never used, and of course, you can keep a few extras.

Old and unused Handbags

We ladies do love our bags and we like to have some variations – be it our wallet or handbag. Normally, we like to keep one or two wallets. But in the case of handbags, we sometimes go a bit overboard. Buying a handbag that goes with our dress is something that we all have done. 

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But the problem arises when you have too many handbags. So, all you can do is say your bye-byes to those bags you have stopped using entirely.

It is harsh, we get it! But if you have been searching for ideas to organize your house or room, then the excess items need to go out.

Old Bedsheets

Bedsheets are another item that you need to have in a limited number. You can have a maximum of five extra bed sheets for each bed in your house.

Unused kitchen supplies

Have you been wondering how to create space in your home? Start from the kitchen to get a clutter free home.

We love to keep and use pretty crockeries, and we tend to keep extra and fancy kitchen supplies. However, too many of such items only eat up all the extra space in your cupboard. Decide, and choose wisely on how many sets of these do you need.  The more extras you have, the less space you will have in your cupboards.

Excess storage containers

Staying organized is essential if you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. The best way to stay organized is by storing your items in containers and labelling them. If you haven’t tried doing this, we suggest you go for it. 

But, too many storage containers, not a good idea. Firstly, declutter your house, room wise, then you can buy storage containers. 

Old power cables and cell phones

Our world has become increasingly digital and electronic. Everything runs on electricity and batteries. One thing that commonly gets stored away is old power cables of phones and laptops that we stopped using. Along with this, we seldom dispose of our old mobile phones. So, if you have any such items stored away, you can give them away to someone who recycles.

Old magazines

Clutter Free Home
Clutter Free Home

Although we can now read everything online, some of us love to read hard copies of magazines. Storing old magazines is of no use. So, you can dispose of them as well.

Old, unused sunglasses and powered glasses

Glasses are another thing that we often change along with the frames. But we rarely throw away the old frames. If you find any old and unused glasses, then you need to toss them away as well.

The organizing style matters a lot if you want to have a clutter free home

Less is good, but the way you store your things – be it your clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, or fashion accessories plays an important role if you are trying to make a clutter-free home. Want to learn and try the best way to organize your space for a clutter free home? If yes, you’ve got to try the Marie Kondo style.

Switching to lead a minimalist life or creating a clutter free home can be challenging. So, it is okay to slowly adopt this lifestyle. It is not necessary and not possible to abruptly toss away your stuff. Take your time but be determined.

Take care♥

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