Every morning while we open our closet to choose our outfit of the day, we are pissed seeing those 4-5 pieces of clothing that remain on top and we repeat them each day. We tend to ignore the hundreds of clothes we have due to the mess that we have created in the closet. Each weekend passes by and we don’t clean it. We do write cleaning the closet in our to-do list but are never able to achieve the goal.

Tricks to Declutter Your Closet

We have got some great ideas for you that will solve your closet clutter problem for once and all. Follow these simple organizing ideas to crack the deal:

1. Filtration

The first very important and golden rule for cleaning your wardrobe is filtration. Have the balls to throw away or donate the stuff that you no longer use. Old shirts, torn trousers, torn socks, and whatever that is just taking space and not serving you anymore. Take out all the stuff and see throw off all the stuff that you haven’t used for more than a year. Collect all the stuff in two different boxes one for donation in which the usable stuff will go and the other one garbage that was just taking up space.

2. Separation

Once all of your stuff is out from the wardrobe, separate them into categories and assign each category a separate shelf. Your wardrobe must be having different shelves and drawers. Assign each of your stuff a separate space according to the volume. For instance, your upper wear will be more in numbers than your bottom wears so give them space accordingly. Secondly, keep your accessories in drawers so you don’t lose them. Take a separate drawer for your undergarments. A medium-sized shelf for your handbags. Separate each item according to the space it demands in your closet. If your closet doesn’t have separate shelves, buy shelf dividers.

3. Make things visible

Half of your belongings go unnoticed because they are hidden somewhere. Make sure each of your stuff is nicely visible when you open the closet. Do not throw anything at the back because then it will be forgotten. Instead of buying single hangers for each shirt or top buy utility hangers that are used to hang 5-6 clothes in one and also are visible. Instead of creating a clutter of your accessories, buy a jewelry organizing box to keep your rings, bracelets, neckpieces, and watches separately. That way nothing will go out of sight.

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4. Create a holiday box

Our holiday wear is different from our regular wear. Take a big box and put all your holiday wear in it and keep it in a storeroom. All your dresses, kaftans, sandals, and scarves that you only pick for the summer holidays should be excluded from your regular closet. It will also give a sense of excitement every time you reach for that box while packing for a vacation.

5. Keep occasional wear separately

Don’t let your everyday essentials get blocked by your marriage and function wear. Make a separate closet for your occasional wear. Keep your suits, lehengas, sarees, and gowns in a separate closet that you now have to reach while going for an event. Also, keep these heavy and expensive clothes in garment bags or plastic bags to secure them from dust and getting dull.


5. Keep up the clean work

How many of you create the mess in the closet? I do. You mess up your wardrobe and then regret it later. Adopt the policy of ‘one item in and one item out. Choose and carefully pick out the stuff you are using for the day. Take an oath that you will not create a mess in your wardrobe and hence you will not have to clean it again and again. Put all the dirty stuff in the laundry room. A well-organized closet will help you showcase it as well.

It is not at all difficult to maintain a clean and tidy wardrobe. You just have to be dedicated. So get up and clean your closet once and for all. And maintain.

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