Did you know that even though women make up 94 % of the buying power of home goods, the crafting and woodworking industry is primarily male-dominated? It’s time to put our money where our mouth is, and support women designers. 

Whether it is glass-blown lighting or unique and modern home decor pieces, famous women designers are changing the face of interior design. Women have been putting their stamp on home decor pieces for a long time, but the world has failed to recognize it. 

As we said, crafting, manufacturing, and woodworking, and predominantly male industries, but a new generation of top women designers are proving that they are equally capable of conceptualizing designs to build a home. On that note, here are some latest trends in home decor by top women designers. 

Latest Trends in Home Decor

First things first, what are some of the latest trends in home decor? 2021 is all about being sustainable and minimalistic. The world is learning and acknowledging the importance of sustainability and celebrating uniqueness. If you go on a deep-dive of Pinterest, you will see that the latest trends in home decor are minimal and individualistic. Gone are the days of chandeliers and hefty ottomans, this year we are embracing simple yet sophisticated designs. 

For those who like bold colors, mixing patterns and textures across a scheme is a good choice. Taking inspiration from Bloomsbury artists, a maximalist design could only work if done right. Get creative and paint your walls. You can also mix large-scale wall decor with small-scale decorative details to create harmony. Primary palettes have made a huge comeback this season. This trend gives a certain artistic edge by setting two primary colors against a muted palette. 

Another significant home decor trend this year is murals. Tropical wall coverings, dreamy painted scenes, and lively patterns may be a big leap, but they can balance depth and texture. One of our favorite murals is the ‘La Passion De Diego’ mural by Elitis which features Frida Kahlo. 

Top Women Home Decor Designers

Here are some top women designers to look out for:

  • Lina Bo Bardi

Italian-born Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi was a pioneer in interior designing. Her famous Bowl chair is an iconic piece of Brazilian design which is one of the world’s most loved unique and modern home decor pieces. Although considered a mid-century piece, her designs are timeless and artisanal. 

  • Trine Anderson
Women Home Decor Designers
Women Home Decor Designers

Ferm Living’s founder Trine Anderson is an inspiring trailblazer of modern Scandinavian home decor. Her pond mirror collection is Instagram-worthy and belongs in the house of powerful millennial women. The ponds come in organic shapes that can bring out light and space into any room. If you are a fan of mirrors, you need to get your hands on this one!

  • Zaha Hadid

British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid is a legend. Her name is forever etched on the woman pantheon of designers. Her deconstructivist and futurist architectural style has laid the foundation for several unique home decor pieces. One of the favorites from her catalog is her vases. Her vases are forceful and futuristic. If you want to incorporate bold styles in your home decor, Zaha Hadid is the one! 

  • Paola Navone

Milan-based architect-designer Paola Navone has some incredibly bold pieces that fit right into a modern home. She is known to mix bold colors to create soothing ombre patterns that add a pop of color to any living room. If you are looking for a unique centerpiece to bring attention to your room, pick up Paola Navone’s Sfumati Vase. 

  • Simone Arora

If you are looking for luxury home decor pieces, check out Mumbai-based Simone Arora’s collection. Her collection displays a range of globally sourced pieces including accent furniture, decorative accessories and artifacts, and fine fabrics. 

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Unique and Modern Home Decor Pieces

Here are the best modern home decor pieces you can try out

1. Nesting Coffee Tables

Nesting Coffee Tables
Nesting Coffee Tables

There is nothing new about coffee tables until you meet nesting coffee tables. These two coffee tables make a nice addition to an apartment living room. They have a mid-century feel and look super chic! You can use them as a sidepiece for your couch. Anything can go on these coffee tables. You will just have to be creative with it. 

2. Multi-Tiered Hinged Stand 

If you are a plant mom, you need a multi-tiered hinged stand. Not only does this hinged stand look dapper in the living room, but it is also a practical piece of furniture. These stands are sturdy and because they are hinged, you can arrange the tiers to different positions. 

3. Wall-Mount Corner Shelves

Let’s be real. Modern-day apartments are cramped with space. If you want to make the best out of your living space, get creative and install wall-mount corner shelves. You can store your little trinkets while giving your room edge and styling. 

4. Standing Mirror that Doubles as an Armoire

As we said, apartments these days are tiny. Instead of stashing your jewelry pieces and accessories in random drawers, invest in this mirror-cum-armoire. A mirror is always a great addition to the house. And, this piece of furniture will be incredible for staying organized. 

Standing Mirror
Standing Mirror

5. Futons

Futons are one of the most practical and useful pieces of furniture. Futons can double up as a bed if you have overnight guests. When picking a futon, make sure you choose a color that blends into the scheme of the room. If your room is bright and bold, go for a simple neutral-colored futon. If your room is a little basic and minimalistic, pick a bright futon that will add color. 

These were some of the most unique and modern home decor pieces. 

Budget of Home Decor Design

Home decor is an investment. However, if money’s a little tight and you need to renovate, it is important to plan and prioritize. Repurpose what you already have and start cheap. Affordable furniture can be found on sites like Etsy and Amazon. You can also go to a flea market. 

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