There is a common saying, “simple living and high thinking”. It simply means to live a simple life with less glamor with positive and happy thoughts for oneself and others. The concept of minimalist life is somewhat similar to this. 

Leading a minimalist is beneficial. It is all about spending less on luxuries and giving more importance to being happy and content. However, the adoption of this concept varies from person to person.

For instance, for some being minimalist may mean spending less on clothes and having only the required. For some, it may mean staying in a simplified home. So, if you are new to this, you can start from a section of your home like your wardrobe. 

How to Begin With A Minimalist Lifestyle?

Here are some easy steps to guide you towards leading a minimalist lifestyle. 

1. Write down the goal that you want to achieve

Writing down what you want to do is like a heads-up for yourself. Shifting to a minimal life is not an easy choice to make. Keep a note of everything that you want to dispose of and stuff which you need. Writing it down will lift a huge pressure off your chest, you’ll see!!

2. Your road to minimal life

We all own something which we hardly wear or use, and think to ourselves, it will be of use someday. To live a minimal life, you have to sacrifice this thought and say your goodbyes to all those things. Such things just eat up space in your house. 

To help you cope better with this lifestyle, you can ask yourself, “Do I need this”. Anyone who has watched Confessions of a Shopaholic will get this! Remember, how the character of Isla Fisher had to cut down on her shopping to stabilize her finances. Even if you are not a shopaholic, minimizing your expenses will be a profit for your savings.

3. Take public transport

If you are already using public transport for traveling, that’s great news. For those who use their vehicle or use cab services, you have to give up those eventually. Go for the cheaper mode of travel or you can always walk if your destination is walkable. It will be hard in the initial days, but gradually you will get adjusted. I know this is hard, there is no doubt about it, you have to overcome the hurdle to simplify your life. 

4. Cut down on junk food 

Reducing junk food is good both for your health and for your finances. Plan your week and fix a day or two to satisfy your needs for junk food. Less is better. While paying for junk food, you may think, this is just a few bucks. The thing is, just like this you may have already spent a lot of money on food to tantalize your taste buds. Cook at home and eat homely food. Trust me on this, you will save loads. 

5. Shop only in case of emergencies

Some of us love to shop and it gives us immense pleasure, doesn’t it? If you are thinking about a minimalist lifestyle, you will have to forget about such cravings and start buying things that you need and have immediate use.

6. Organize your home

This is a vital step to achieving a minimalist lifestyle. Organizing and decluttering your home part by part you will give a clear head on the stuff that you need. It will be of help if you note down the count of every item in every section of the house. This way you can identify any similar item that you possess. If it is not required, you may donate it to someone who is more in need. 

 Minimalist Lifestyle
 Minimalist Lifestyle

7. Don’t get stressed out trying to cope with minimal living

It would be wrong to take up a minimalist lifestyle as a competition and stress yourself out. Take things slowly but keep yourself on track. Switching to a different lifestyle is complicated. So, my advice is don’t be too hard on yourself. The whole point of adopting a minimal lifestyle is to lower the stress in your life, have a safe financial backup, and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Leading a minimal life requires a lot of planning and determination. It is more of a commitment that you make with your lifestyle. Research a bit more and decide which section of your house needs decluttering more. It doesn’t have to be everything all at once. Slow and steady wins the race. So do not rush into it. Act slowly and achieve this minimalist lifestyle. 

Take care♥

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