Did you know that a man’s penis not just releases semen at the time of ejaculation but there is also pre-ejaculation or pre-cum? The semen that gets released during sexual stimulation is known as precum. It can only be observed in having unprotected sex. Precum prepares the urethra for ejaculation but it too carries sperms. This lubrication helps them get out more easily. It can easily be observed on the tip of the penis but most people tend to ignore it. 

Why Precum?

This fluid is produced by a pair of pea-sized glands located near the urethra known as the Cowper’s gland. Precum prepares the urethra for ejaculation and neutralizes any acidity left by urine in the urethra and protects the sperms that flow through. Precum is the body’s way of cleansing the path for sperms to get across. Its amount may differ from a few drops to a tablespoon but the amount doesn’t matter.

How many times does Precum occur?

Precum is a body fluid that is excreted by the penis before ejaculation. It is not something you can control like saliva or mucus. Precum will be there naturally at the time of intercourse and it does carry a few sperms that can get you pregnant. Hence, the pull-out method for avoiding pregnancy will not work because some sperms are surely going to get inside with the precum. So no man controls the precum, it is just the way a man’s body functions. 

Presence of Sperms in Precum

Precum usually doesn’t carry sperms but sometimes sperms do get released in this liquid.  Precum is just a liquid produced and released through the urethra before ejaculation. Semen lingers in the urethra after ejaculation and gets mixed with precum while it’s on the way out. Sperm presence in the precum cannot be resisted but if a man pees before having sex the sperm count in the precum will reduce. 


Pregnancy due to Precum

Can you get pregnant due to precum? The answer is yes yes and yes. You certainly can get pregnant due to precum. Your precum may carry live sperm that can get you pregnant. It is not just the ejaculated semen that is responsible for pregnancy but also the precum. That is the reason why the pull-out method to resist pregnancy is not at all a good precautionary measure. So it is a myth that precum can not get you pregnant and it must not be believed. 

Pregnancy due to Precum even if you are not ovulating

Sperms can live inside a female’s body for 5days. So even if you are not ovulating, the sperms released in the body from precum can too make a woman pregnant. Even if you are not ovulating during sexual intercourse, the sperms are capable to mate for the next five days if they are your ovulation days. Hence you can get pregnant when your fertile window is active with precum too and not just the ejaculated sperms. 

Precum and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or Chlamydia can be transmitted through precum. Not just the precum released during sexual stimulation but STDs can also get transmitted through oral sex. If a person gets in contact with precum during oral sex, there are chances of STDs getting transferred if either of the two parties is infected. 

  • Have Safe Sex

It is also advisable to use condoms to prevent pregnancy or STDs. Condoms are one of the most effective contraception to save a female from getting pregnant due to precum. If a couple follows the pull-out method, they must know about the pregnancy due to precum. The pull-out followers must keep emergency oral contraceptives handy to play safe. 

  • Emergency options to call it off

There are several contraception like Copper T that works well for emergencies. Your doctor can insert copper T up to 5days after unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.  Another way to take is contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy. These two are very effective methods to save yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

How often Can Precum Cause Pregnancy?

As made clear earlier, precum does carry a few numbers of sperms hence, it can cause pregnancy. The withdrawal method only works for like 70-73 percent of the time. There is still quite a positive chance for you to get pregnant because of precum. It is always advisable to use condoms to not let precum get you pregnant.

precum cause pregnancy
Precum Cause Pregnancy

There are several notions people have been living in when it’s about precum. People live in a bubble that precum is a mere fluid that doesn’t have any sperms which is so not true. Be well aware of precum and take necessary measures if you are not planning a pregnancy any time soon. 

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