Apart from the medicinal remedies to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse, there are certain natural birth control tools. These do not involve the employment of medicines or devices but instead, are based on studies and observations that have been done, on the human body and its functioning. Menstruation plays a major role in these methods. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about ways to prevent an unexpected pregnancy with clinical, natural as well as homemade methods. Scientifically speaking, the clinical alternatives are the safest. However, the other techniques aren’t insignificant either. Want to know more? Read along! 

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5 Clinical Remedies To Prevent Pregnancy After Unprotected Intercourse

Here are the 5 best clinical remedies to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse:

1. Condoms

Using a condom or other barrier methods is the most common contraception technique. It protects one against STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infections, as well as the pregnancy scare. Condoms don’t guarantee 100% protection and they may tear off in the middle of the intercourse, but in most cases, they work. If you’ve not used a condom, you can opt for the following clinical options. 


2. Pills

Oral contraceptive pills prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse but do not protect against STIs. The good part is, they maintain sexual spontaneity since there’s no hassle of having to wear a condom. However, it’s important to have the pill on time for it to work. 

3. Injection

If you want a comparatively longer-lasting solution, go for contraceptive injections to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. Once you take it, you can have unprotected sex for up to three months. 

4. Contraceptive Ring

This is yet another hassle-free method to prevent you from conceiving. You just have to insert the ring in your vagina and it would keep releasing the estrogen and progesterone hormone for three weeks. 

5. Sterilization

This refers to surgery in both males and females.  Occlusion or tubal ligation is done in females and vasectomy is done in males. These are permanent methods to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. 

Natural Birth Control Methods

1. Rhythm Method

The rhythm method doesn’t always work and isn’t reliable. It involves restraining or abstaining from having intercourse during your ovulation period, that is, the most fertile days. This way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex can be carried out when no other alternative is available. It’s usually advised against. 

2. Withdrawal

This method, also known as the pull-out technique refers to the removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation occurs. This is known to work but not always. Don’t frequently rely on this method, owing to the uncertainty associated with it.

Remedies To Prevent Pregnancy After Unprotected Intercourse

3. Breastfeeding

Women who’ve recently delivered a child, say about 6 months ago, usually have low chances of pregnancy. This happens due to lactational Infertility that’s caused by frequent breastfeeding. Such women may even skip their periods since the time they’ve embraced motherhood. 

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4. Body Temperature 

Women usually undergo a slight fall in body temperature when they are on their most fertile days, that is when the egg is released by the ovary. If you record a 1°F fall in the temperature, it would refer to this period. It is advisable to resist having sex before the completion of 48-72 hours since the temperature anomaly. 

5 Home Remedies To Prevent Pregnancy After Unprotected Intercourse 

Some people believe in the efficiency of natural, homemade methods more than the synthetic or chemical options. The herbs mentioned below cannot be considered 100% effective but you can surely try them out yourself to confirm the same. 

  • Thistle

This is a herb that’s known to cause infertility and helps to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. A hot tea drink using thistle was used to be consumed by Native American tribes like Quinalt, due to the same. 

  • Ginger Root
Ginger Root
Ginger Root

Ginger aids prevention of pregnancy by leading to periods. Drink ginger tea for five days, four times daily to achieve results. You can even add powdered ginger to boiling water and consume it. 

  • Wild Carrot Seed:

When it comes to homemade remedies to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse in India, wild carrot seed is a must. Some women consume wild carrot seed just after they have sex, to curb the chances of pregnancy or to aid abortion. However, it has to be continued every day for a week, to work. 

  • Stoneseed Root:

The consumption of stoneseed is associated with sterilization or permanent infertility. Its smoke is inhaled and a cold infusion is drunk by certain Native Americans such as Shoshone and Dakotas. We can’t guarantee permanent results but it’s too interesting to not give a shot. 

  • Smartweed:

Consisting of substances that prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse, smartweed leaves are found all over the world and are widely utilized. The substances include gallic acid, rutin, and quercetin. 

Homemade Remedies: Risk factors 

  • Don’t just consume herbal contraceptive products without consulting an expert. Be sure about the doses and timings for the best results.
  • Most of the homemade remedies mentioned above are solely for preventing pregnancy. However, they may not be safe once you become pregnant. Some of them may have harmful impacts on the fetus. Be careful and talk to your doctor about the same.
  • If you’ve conceived and had been consuming the herbs before, you should tell your doctor before surgery. These herbs may exhibit side effects or have an impact on anesthesia while you get operated on, for delivery.
  • Homemade remedies or any other form of remedy to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse are meant for adults. Their impacts are not studied, concerning children and elderly people. Thus, these herbs should be kept away from their reach.


While most of the aforementioned ways usually work, you should avoid unprotected sex under all circumstances. Pregnancy involves a great deal of planning and an unexpected one is the worst that can happen to you. Don’t risk it unless you’re ready to go through all the changes that pregnancy leads to. In case of unavoidable situations, try out the homemade methods to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse and find out which one works the best for you and your body. 

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