Contraceptive methods in a country like India where the population graph is climbing higher and higher are imperative for family planning. As recorded in the 20th century, when the masses were not well aware of contraceptives, there was a high number of births. When this was finally considered as a problem that needed an immediate solution, the government started a number of programs to control the increasing population. 

At one time when contraceptives (like condoms, pills, diaphragms, etc.) were not known to many,  it has become a dire need of every couple in order to enjoy safe sex. The need of the hour calls for not just awareness about the contraceptive methods, but also awareness about the pack of side effects each of the contraceptive methods carries with it. It is also important to be well aware of each of the methods before adopting one. On one hand, when it is important to adopt birth control options in your sexual life, it is also important to be knowledgeable about each of its pros and cons. 

5 Most Effective Types Of Contraceptive Methods

Here are the best most effective methods of contraceptive:

1. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

These are known as the ‘fit and forget’ birth control method. They last for one or more years. But along with providing a long duration of safe sex, it may cause disturbing side-effects to any person. Emotional liability, weight gain, headaches or acnes are some of the problems that come with it. There may also be slight changes and irregularities in the menstrual bleeding patterns.

2. Hormonal Contraceptives

These include the pills and Depo Provera Injections. these are oral pills and provide 99% protection from pregnancy. These may be effective but can bring changes in one’s sexual desires. Sore-breasts, nausea, or headaches are also some of the problems that come with it.

But in the majority of cases, these side effects tend to fade away within 2-3 months of the beginning of the course. A long-duration use of oral pills may lead to cancer in rare of rarest cases. There are several different types of birth control pills available in the market, consult your gynecologist before taking them.

3. Barrier Methods

This method bar the sperms from entering the vagina. The popular method of ‘condoms’ lies in this category. This method may be common and handy but still carries a number of drawbacks. This birth control method is directly linked to compliance, inconsistency, and incorrect use. Lack of any of it may lead to an accident in this case. It may also tear-off or slip off if not used properly. In some cases, the latex may cause irritation to the female partner. Lubes used on condoms may also be irritating at times.

4. Emergency Contraception

These are to be consumed within three days after having unprotected sex. It includes emergency contraceptive pills or copper IUD. This treatment is reserved for an emergency situation and is not a regular birth control method. Consuming emergency pills may result in nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and mood swings.

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5. Permanent Contraception

This is adopted when you wish to terminate all your chances of having a baby. It is commonly known as sterilization. Vasectomy or tubal ligation is such an irreversible contraceptive method. Short-term discomforts may follow these procedures. These may cause hormonal imbalance, dizziness and irregular periods. Being a permanent birth control method, some people sometimes regret getting it done later in life due to its irreversible character.

Permanent Contraception
Permanent Contraception

The very latest which is in trend right now is the new upcoming birth control methods that are much talked about around the globe. A new invention by the Indian scientist is now trending. The Injectible Male Contraceptive method is the new way that is to be adopted by the male partners for enjoying risk-free sex. With the long list of side-effects that women are to bear in adopting the above-mentioned birth control measures, its time for men to take responsibility. It can turn out to be a boon for women in the long run. Stay tuned with us for more updates. 

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