Every woman has some ambitions throughout her life. In this age when the World has become increasingly familiar and small, we know that nothing is impossible! There have been many strong women in the past who did something brilliantly unconventional. We are proud of them!! Each one of us is unique and wonderfully gifted. We see a film actress in movies living her perfect life, having a beloved husband, living in a lavish house. We feel that we will never be able to reach where she is and find happiness. It is not true. We can have our own unique bucket list ideas for the bucket list for women.

Why Should We Have A Bucket List For Women?

Bucket lists will always keep you motivated. It will make sure that you work hard to achieve all your dreams mentioned in your bucket list. Once you fulfill a task written in your bucket list; you can scratch it off. This will fill you with a feeling of accomplishment. Bucket lists are fun to have. You can even have a family bucket list or a couple’s bucket list. These bucket lists are shared among the family members or your partner respectively. Let’s look at some of the most common items on the bucket list for women.

1. Career

Most women today are career-oriented. The very first thing they aspire to do is to have a stable career. This is the first item in every woman’s list. We have got to be independent. We have to earn money for ourselves. Today, women are seen in every sector. They are acting, managing, directing, operating and nurturing a family as well.

2. Falling In Love

Some of the unique ideas for the bucket list for women revolve around love. Many women want to fall in love. Somewhere we all wait for our fabled Prince Charming. Almost all women want to experience this wonderful feeling. Many women anticipate a fairytale romance. Some want a beautiful destination wedding. These are all pieces of the dreams that we put in our bucket list.

3. Travelling The World

Among the many simple bucket list ideas is travelling. This is the most common item in an independent woman’s bucket list. All of us want to travel around the world. We all have wanderlust. Women have this ambition throughout their lives. It is one of the most important items in your bucket list.

4. Bike Trips

Many Indian girls have this particular activity in their bucket list. They want to travel to Ladakh or some other places on their bikes.

Bike Trips
Bike Trips

Many girl gangs have done this and many others are planning to. This is a constant wish on every independent woman’s bucket list.

5. Tattoo

Among the many crazy and unique bucket list ideas, Tattoo is a constant. A tattoo is a fashion statement. It has gained popularity in recent decades. We get a tattoo to show our passion or love for someone. Many women have this as one of their wishes on the bucket list. Getting a tattoo is slightly painful. But if you want to get a tattoo then nobody can stop you.

6. Buy A House

Most career-driven women want to buy their own house- one which is not owned by her father or husband. Their dream house is big with a large bed and fluffy pillows. A beautiful garden with a hammock. This wish is present on every independent woman’s bucket list.

7. Overcome Your Fear

Among the many amazing and simple bucket list ideas, this one is for the daredevils. Many of us are afraid of certain things in our lives. Bucket lists are also meant to help us in getting rid of the fear. If a woman has a fear of height; she might add sky diving in her bucket list. This will help her to get rid of the fear.

8. Do Charity

Many women wish to do charity. The bucket list for single women can have this item. Many women have this wish to donate money for the welfare of poor or orphan children or widows. Many get involved with some of the NGO. It is important to have such philantrophic and selfless wishes on the bucket list.

9. College Of Dreams

With the encouragement of higher studies and education. Many women are now pursuing higher studies. They have a dream college or university where they want to enroll. This keeps them motivated. Once you have been admitted to that college of dreams; your life will not be the same.

10. Adventure Sports

Many simple bucket list ideas have sports and thrilling adventures. Many women have an adrenaline rush. They want to do some exciting adventure. They want to do bungee jumping, skydiving, hot air balloon ride, rafting, etc. Many women participate in these activities. It is thrilling. Nowadays, more and more women are showing their wild and adventurous side.

11. Online Dating

A very important wish on the bucket list for single women is to induge in online dating. Online dating has received a mixture of reactions from the people. But many women have not tried online dating apps. They have this on their bucket list. They want to have fun on these dating apps. Meeting random people, socializing and who knows you might find someone special here!

12. Star Gazing

It is a common activity. But the rush life has taken us far from Nature. Many women want to sleep under the sky and gaze at the stars. It is aesthetically pleasing. They want to have a bonfire and sleep in a tent. You might even watch a shooting star. Some of us want to watch a comet which is very rare.

Star Gazing
Star Gazing

These were a few activities that we think all women should have in their bucket list. The Bucket list for single women is unique and fun. You can add more activities to your bucket list like taking your parents on a world tour. Or maybe attending a rock concert. Some have a desire to witness snowfall. Some women want to adopt a child. This space is yours. You can give meaning to all sorts of crazy ideas on this bucket list. You don’t need any approval. This bucket list is meant for you. It is for your soul. The beauty of this bucket list for women lies in its randomness. Not every woman will agree to this bucket list. It is an individual’s choice. But these were the most common ones. You can add unlimited items to your bucket list. Be creative. You must take this bucket list of yours seriously. Work hard to achieve these dreams. Be happy and enjoy your life!!!

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