The bedroom is the most obvious place for sex when it comes to privacy. However, there are many other places where you can take the hotness to and explore them with the act!

Places You Should Try Sex In

Here are some of the places where you should try having sex next. 

1. Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is an excellent love-making place, often portrayed in movies with starting of foreplay in the kitchen and ending in the bed. You can be different by going all the way in the act on the kitchen table itself! The kitchen table is a brilliant cinematic set for sex, and you can improvise it by doing it of role-play and dirty talk.

2. Couch

You two are on the couch, watching Netflix on the couch, and get the mood for sex. Why don’t you do it on the couch itself? The living room couch is a comfortable place to snuggle to make love to your partner. The cushiony comfort also gives you space to try different angles and positions and is way more interesting than any mattress.

3. Stairway

Hot sex in the stairwell! Opt for doggy-style sex straddling in the stairs, and you will reach climax heaven. This is a unique place for experimenting with lovemaking, which is why you should opt for it.

4. Sink

There is something inexplicably hot about a sink. Start foreplay in the sink and let your partner take over things while the other brace over the sink. This is an excellent substitute for people who don’t like shower sex.

5. Mirror Front

Having sex in front of the mirror has its high! Be it in the closet or the bathroom mirror, the visual stimulation of watching a turned-on partner is unexplainable in words. It heightens the pleasure and arouses a lot more.

6. Front Door

Your parents or roommates are away from home, and you decide to get into an elicit lovemaking session with your partner against the front door. How erotic that sounds! The excitement of getting caught or rushing when someone knocks or rings against the front door is pleasurable in itself.

7. Shower/Bathtub

Light a few candles, bring in the aroma and sensuousness, and get in the act under the steam. A shower or a bathtub is an excellent place to get dirty and down. Though the lubrication issues arise in some couples, shoo that way by bringing your lube in the bathroom act.

8. Else’s Bedroom

The thrill of having sex in another person’s bedroom, be it a parent, roommate or sibling takes couples to the edge. If you are willing to risk it all, get into the bed and start romping. Make sure you don’t leave sheets and rooms dirty after the act.

9. Laundry Room

The vibrations of a washing machine’s spin cycle, the height of the engine, and the sounds of the whirring- these are super hot for a super more torrid sex session. The laundry room is a perfect place for having sex while standing up. The vibrations of the whirring machine would give extra stimulation, and the sounds would muffle the moans of both you and your partner. You can also experiment with positions by sitting or lying on top of the machine or letting your partner sit on top with your legs wrapped around the waist.

10. Beach


Beach is one of the hottest places to have sex, under the starry night on the coolness of the beach with the crashing waves beside you! Though sand will get into all areas, it is worth a place experimenting with your partner.

11. Balcony

Are you an outside person and love the sights? Then the balcony is a perfect place for sex the next time. Experience the thrill of sex by leaning against the balcony while your partner gets into position. Enjoy the scenic view!

12. Car

Car is one of the common places to have sex. Almost everyone has had it in a car one, either a quick short one or a long steamy session. Park the car in an abandoned section before sunset or just after midnight when there are fewer people outside. The best position for the car is the ‘girl on top’ as the space is less. Make sure to be not on the driver’s side to accidentally press the horn.

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13. Office Table

Office tables are sturdy and provide good support for a quickie in the office. make sure the office hall is less crowded attach a meeting or a DND sign at the cabin door and get into the act. You can also role-play in the office to make the experience fun and sexy. Don’t forget to lock the cabin door and pull down the shades.

14. Elevator

Have you seen an elevator that has a sliding gate? That’s generally the elevator without a camera. The best thing is that you will have to open the gate to come out and let the crowd inside it. next time you are on an elevator ride on it as well as your man and make it an enjoyable experience. 

Getting into the act in these places is a lot of fun and enjoyable. They will not only give you the thrill and ecstasy of the sex session but will also be a memorable experience and moment both for you and your partner. So set the bucket list and get going!

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