Managing an active sexual life with dorm room sex positions scan get a bit difficult when you’re in college. But it sure isn’t impossible. After all, what’s hotter than sneaky college sex! So, here are some incredibly hot dorm room sex positions that you need to know about if you’re in college! It’s time to level up your game.

6 Dorm Room Sex Positions To Try

Here are some of the best sex positions for dorm room that you should try:

Bunk sex 

College furniture is boring but who said you can’t make the most out of it? This sex position requires you to lean against your bunk bed for balance. As you’re standing against the bunk, your partner simply has to penetrate from behind whilst holding onto the bunk too. 

If the standing bunk position isn’t made for you, then you can try doing it on either of the levels. If you’re on the top level of the bunk bed, both you and your partner need to lie down real low. You don’t want any head injuries right? Yes, that’s why. And if you’re thinking about using the bottom level of the bunk then there’s no need to lie down. Just hang onto the edge of the bunk and squat over your partner for all the sexy business. 


The desktop that you don’t use to study at all, is now going to come in handy to you. All you have to do is bend over the desk and spread your legs and leave the rest to your partner. While you hold onto the desk for support and balance, your partner will be holding onto you from behind. Take anal sex to a whole new level with this dorm room sex position. 

Chair shenanigans 

Talking about that desktop, there must also be a chair lying around somewhere which you only use for 2 things. It’s either going to be covered in a heap of clothes or a pile of books. Well, get rid of whatever it is because you’re going to need that chair. Make your partner sit down on it. Yes, make him. Time to get kinky. And then sit on top of him. Ask him to grab your hips for support and then ride him all you want! 

Dorm Room Sex Positions
Dorm Room Sex Positions

You can also use the same chair but for a different position. Prop one of your feet on the chair and keep the other on the floor. While you’re in that position, your partner will stand behind you and hold onto your waist. You might want to be near a table or your bunk so that you can grab something for balance too. 

Max kink with mini-fridge 

If you have a mini-fridge in your dorm room, then you hit the jackpot. That’s because this is one of the best dorm room sex positions. But before you do anything, place a towel on the mini-fridge because hygiene matters a lot. Now, have your partner sit on the mini-fridge as you sit on top of him, facing away from him. As his hands go up and down your hips and thighs, you’ll go up and down on him. You could also grab a chair so that you can hold it for support. Oof, it’s getting hot in here. 


This is yet another one of the best dorm room sex positions as it makes the most out of small beds. Just lie on your side and have your partner penetrate from behind. Not only is this more comfortable, but it also feels more intimate. Talk about utilizing small spaces! 

Doggy style for tiny beds 

This one isn’t recommended if you have a bunk bed in your dorm room. If you have a twin bed, however, then this is just perfect because it’s convenient for small and tight spaces. Lie on the bed with your face down but hips raised. Let your partner hold onto the hips for balance while he gets inside you from behind. And all that is left to do is to get wet and wild! 

Dorm Room Sex Positions
Dorm Room Sex Positions

Things to keep in mind 

Now that we have filled you on the dorm room sex positions, let’s go over some other important stuff that: 

  • Always have protection 

Practicing safe sex is necessary. So, always have a couple of condoms hidden in your drawer or shelf for use. Don’t just keep one condom, instead, have extra for just in case you need it. And keep it hidden away in a place where only you can access it. You might get in trouble if anybody else sees it. 

Dorm Room Sex Positions
Dorm Room Sex Positions

That being said, keep lubricants too. Remember, water-based lube is the best for people who might be sensitive or allergic to other ingredients. So, it’s better to have options. 

  • Respect your roommate 

You’re going to be sharing your dorm room with another person so you must respect their space. Whatever sexual activity you indulge in, it’s better if you do it in your side of the room or space. And if you do utilize your roommate’s side, make sure to clean it thoroughly afterward. That’s the least you can do. The best way to not get caught is to just fill in your roommate. You don’t have to be specific. Just tell them that you’re having someone come over later at the given time. So, your roommate can also cover for you in an emergency. 

  • Be cautious 

Lastly, be on guard. Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door so that nobody disturbs you. Lock the door and check whether you locked it properly or not. You can never be too sure. 

And if either you or your partner tend to be loud, put on some background music to muffle your sound. But make sure it’s not too loud because you might end up disturbing others. Having sex in college is a task with so many things to be on guard about. But you can’t deny that it’s also spicy and fun. And with these amazing dorm room sex positions, it’s even more so!

So, by all means, have fun! 

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