Trying out new things for your sex life is a great way to spice up your relationship. You can discover a lot of things online to have fun in bed and one of those is car sex. You might have watched a lot of car sex scenes in movies with your partner and be honest you may want to try it once. 

Car sex is quick and steamy. Some even have a fantasy to have car sex once in their life. When you both can’t resist yourselves from that eye contact while you are driving and want to just get it done, then there comes a steamy and absolutely salacious especially when it’s rainy outside. Sounds sensual right?

But, there are few things you need to consider before you go for sex in car. It can sometimes get risky and unsafe for both of you. Where should you do it? What are the different positions you can try? All of your questions will be answered below. Read on to find out! 

Things to Remember Before Trying Car Sex 

Car sex can be dangerous and risky. So before you try it out make sure you know these points. 

1. Make it Quick 

Sex in a car should be a quickie. There is not enough space and time for having sex in a car. You need to have enough speed and that sensual excitement to get the work done.

You would want to hook up with your partner during a lunch break or after you head back home after a party and can’t resist yourselves from the sexiness of your partner. You don’t want to get caught, that’s something you would absolutely want to avoid. So make sure you make it quick and sensual. 

2. Do it in Private 

If you want to try car sex, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fear of getting caught. It’s possible and can happen when you do it in a public place. It’s essential that you find a private place. For example, a parking basement where rarely anyone comes. It should be well hidden. 

You don’t want to create an embarrassment whilst having sex. That’d be so weird! Plus, having sex in public is illegal and should be avoided. So, just make sure there are no people around, especially kids. Pick a place which is secluded where you can have a quickie. 

3. Do it in the Dark 

Well, it’s even better and safe. If you really want to try car sex then do it at night. Even if someone comes, they won’t notice because of the darkness but still, you should find a safe place to do car sex. 

Tips for car sex
Tips for car sex

Nighttime is already the nicest time to have sex. It sets the mood and vibes. The best thing, you can do it under the stars, a beautiful view and the sexy moonlight shining on your bodies. If it isn’t the most romantic thing then what is? 

4. Get Ready for Some Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are a must if you are trying car sex. As there is not enough space in the car to stretch out your legs, you can have a lot of leg cramps whilst you are having sex in a car. It’s better to stretch yourself if you know you are going to have sex in the car.

You don’t want those painful cramps which will definitely spoil your whole mood. Yoga stretches are a good option to stretch yourself up before you have car sex. Plus, it also improves your libido. 

5. Do it in the Backseat 

Most people make a mistake by doing sex in a car on the front seat. Don’t be lazy and go to the backseat. The backseat is the only favorable place in the car to have sex. There is enough space and you can even do it while lying. You have fewer chances of getting caught. So, it’s a tip to have it in the backseat rather than on the front seat. 

6. Do Not Do it While the Car is Moving

It’s extremely dangerous and gets you in a lot of trouble. You should not do anything sexual while your partner is driving. Seducing them or doing anything sexual can distract them while they are driving. First, there are chances you’ll get caught in public. Second and most obvious it is exceedingly dangerous. So, avoid it at all costs.  

Steamy Sex Positions to Try in a Car

In what position you do car sex is also very important. You don’t want to get caught and in addition to it, you can get painful leg cramps too if you have sex in a car in the wrong position. Here are some sneaky and steamy sex positions you can try while having car sex. 

sex positions to try in a car
sex positions to try in a car
  • Side Spoon: You can try this one in the backseat easily. It gives you a romantic cuddly and comfy feel without any distraction and anxiety.
  • Missionary: As there are less space and the tension of getting caught, this is the best position to try during car sex. You can maintain eye contact with your partner and get more close to them.
  • 69: Classic 69 is the best position to have sex in a car. It is an oral oriented position so it makes both of you orgasm quickly without any hassle.
  • Seated Front Entry: this gives the lady to control the penetration and rhythm. The stimulation is aggravated and makes you orgasm easily and quickly.
  • Backseat Doggy: This position is the best as it allows deep penetration. Plus, your legs cannot be stretched enough. So, doggy is a nice sex position to try while having sex in a car.

You are now aware of the risks of having car sex and the best positions to try to have sex in a car. It takes up a lot of courage and risk to have car sex. You need to be a lot more careful while having sex in a car. Make sure you are ready with lubes and condoms already. Protection is always important doesn’t matter where you do it. 

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