Pregnancy is said to be one of the most beautiful periods of a lifetime. Not only for the moms-to-be but even the soon-to-be-dads. It is a life-altering experience. It is a period that will be cherished forever. Couples become closer. Going through the three trimesters is a real task. 

However, ‘Good-news’ comes with a lot of complications and changes. It is a very spontaneous process while the hormones are doing wonders full-fledged. Everything is new and different. The perpetual food cravings and incessant mood swings make things just worse. Sudden changes in sleeping positions and patterns just exacerbate the situations. Although, there is a hack for it no, pregnancy pillows

Besides all this, clothing should be the last thing to compound the problem. Rather, it can be comforting in chaos. So, rock your baby bump with the best maternity outfits.

Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Stylish

Gone are the days when women used to be too embarrassed about their baby bumps. Nowadays, women very well know that red-faced and belly bumps don’t go along well together. A lady surely can flaunt her belly and give birth in style. 

Adorn that growing belly with some easy tips to get that ideal and best maternity outfit.

Maternity Outfit Guide

Following is the fashion mantra women should abide by during maternity

Scan Your Closet

Before going all-in for a maternity shopping spree to score new maternity outfits make sure to go through your closet once. Quickly run a perusal of all your clothing items, even the ones lying in the back of the closet. Truly, there are a lot of skeletons in a lady’s closet. ( Every item which never got to see the daylight)

Raid His Closet If Need Be

Nothing is more comfortable than your man’s oversized shirts and hoodies. It is quite fashionable too. Many Instagram fashion bloggers steal their man’s shirt and wear it in a chic manner. It also helps in covering the bump very conveniently.

Maternity Outfit Guide
Maternity Outfit Guide

Lesser Pieces, More Durability

Since a woman’s body goes through changes continuously during the pregnancy, it is smart to buy a few pieces which could be worn comfortably at least for the next two months.  

Sail For Sales

If buying a whole new heap of clothes, the apt choice would be to buy during flash sales. So while planning your pregnancy or even during it, never miss the opportunity of buying suitable best maternity outfits during fashion sales. Who doesn’t like shopping after all?


Basic clothes work for the long haul. They can be worn even after the baby is delivered. Basic clothes never go out of style. They trend better than the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

Stretch is the Catch

Investing in stretchable undies is an indisputable debate. The linear growth of the waistline is invincible. Lose the loose. Make stretchable clothes for your new best friend. Flexibility is all it takes for a functional relationship, right?

Bewitch With Those Bras

One undeniably good thing about pregnancy body changes is the blossomed boobs. Followed by a new cleavage to flaunt along with those fancy maternity outfits. Adding sexy and comfortable bras to the cart is not a choice but the only option. 

It would not only turn him on but give a sense of boost of self-confidence to you too. Few of the new curves can bring the ball to our court.

Pregnancy Bottoms

Maternity pants are as comfortable as pajamas. They are regular jeans or legging but with a stretchy waist. These are a must-have when it comes to maternity outfits, hands down.

Maternity Outfit Guide
Maternity Outfit Guide

Dresses With Enough Space To Grow Into

Dresses that come in a loose pattern and have enough space to grow into is a go-getter.

It will be handy even after the child’s birth. Plus, the satisfaction of not having to wait for a clothing piece to be wearable only until post-pregnancy.

Hack For Hiding Bump

Many actresses and working women tend to hide their bellies as long as it is possible. To avoid consistent glares. Wearing full sleeves jackets or hoodies can work as a great hack for that.

Ditch the Heels

Pregnancy sometimes comes with swollen feet. Wearing comfortable footwear is a mandate. Wedges or platform heels are the fanciest one can go. Albeit, wearing heels would only increase the backache. Opting for a more practical kind of footwear like shoes or flats can be a huge relief. Going for colorful juttis or mojris would add a fine quirk without compromising comfort.

Mind The Maternity Clothing Mess

Some women do not indulge in the idea of buying maternity clothes. Everyone has their priorities different after all. Nevermind, one can always buy bigger clothes if not maternity. It will be budget-friendly and will have quite a durability as well.

Flowy Dresses To Keep It Stylish

Semi-fitted dresses that would flow down the waist are the most stylish among maternity outfits. It would highlight those pregnancy curves in the cutest manner ever.

Rent For Events

There is no doubt about ethnic clothing being expensive. All evening wears too. Spending a fortune on a dress that might not be wearable in near future ever is a dumb move. One can rather rent these dresses. It is budget-friendly as well as the right choice.

Adding Accessories With The Right Éclat

Wearing long necklaces with your pregnancy outfits would help in looking taller. Choker necklaces make the face look more plump and chubby. Adding the belt would help in fine-tuning the curves. Also, adding scarves would make a great statement. 

Correct Colour

Settling for solid and bright color articles of clothing would help enhance the glow and step up your game in maternity fashion. It would look really attractive with a great sense of panache.

Maternity Outfit Guide
Maternity Outfit Guide

Fine Fabric

The type of fabric has a great role to play. It is important to make sure that the fabric is comfortable when looking for pregnancy outfit options. Going for a cotton-silk or chiffon would be a wise choice. They have good durability, softness, and stretchiness.  

Practical Clothing

The number one rule of maternity fashion is being comfortable in what you wear. It is necessary to be comfortable while wearing a certain type of outfit, especially during pregnancy. Many women tend to find their true dressing style post-pregnancy. Having been through it all they get the idea of what is practical as well as fashionable in clothes. 

Lastly, congratulations on the baby! 

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