Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy can be difficult for many women, especially once you’re around 20 weeks along. This is due to many factors, like hormonal changes, having to visit the bathroom multiple times, sleep apnea, heartburn, aches and pains, general stress, and so on. Luckily, there are a few solutions out there, and one of them is the pregnancy pillow! Tailor-made for the very problems you might be experiencing, pregnancy pillows have a ton of benefits, and the investment is definitely worth it. 

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

Following are some of the main benefits of pregnancy pillows:

1. You can finally sleep comfortably

Due to hormonal changes, aches, and insomnia, it can be hard to sleep through the night. A soft pillow designed to alleviate your discomfort will make it much easier to fall asleep quickly, and it is recommended that you sleep with a pillow to support your bump, and place another between your legs, while sleeping on your side.

2. Pick the right pillow for optimum comfort

Pregnancy pillows come in a few different shapes and sizes. Wedge pillows are smaller, while full-length ones are much larger. Total-body pillows are especially useful for the second trimester and provide a lot of support to the back. C-shaped pillows support the stomach, legs, and back. U-shaped pillows offer a similar kind of support as well. 

3. Pregnancy pillows help with blood circulation

Since it is recommended that you sleep on your side when pregnant because it improves blood circulation, a pregnancy pillow can go a long way in helping you do that. Sleeping on your side can be quite uncomfortable without the aid of such a pillow, as it cushions you while you sleep, and is soft but provides the requisite support.

4. They help with aches and pains

Body weight obviously undergoes an increase while you’re pregnant, which puts a lot of pressure on the back, legs, hips, and your muscles and joints. It’s necessary that those parts of your body particularly get relief from pain because they’ll be carrying weight for a while. A pregnancy pillow (specifically if you buy one targeted to a particular sleeping position or to support a particular part of the body) can therefore make your eight hours’ sleep much easier to attain.

5. They can help you relax

For all its virtues, pregnancy is a very physical process and can be quite taxing. You could be quite stressed out, both physically and mentally, having to prepare a million things before the baby comes and worrying about this and that. Morning sickness and other symptoms can make you tired during the day. If you don’t sleep at night, it simply increases stress and makes you feel worse. Getting a pillow that targets your stress areas can give you a much healthier pregnancy, and relieve your anxiety and exhaustion.

6. It’s helpful post-delivery

Also known as a maternity pillow, a pregnancy pillow can be a really good bargain because it will help you even after you’ve given birth. Not only will your body need a lot of support postpartum, you can also breastfeed your child quite naturally by placing the pillow strategically and taking some of the weight off yourself. It will make the process much easier and the child might find it easier to latch on quickly.

7. You’ll feel much cooler

Some pregnancy pillows are deliberately designed to repel heat. During pregnancy, even if it’s not summer, you might be prone to hot flashes and night sweats, which will make it difficult to fall asleep. The fabric of the pillow will be a welcome distraction from the heat and you’ll be asleep before you know it.

pregnancy pillow
pregnancy pillow

8. You’ll sleep better away from home  

If you are traveling for whatever reason or are in someone else’s house, in an unfamiliar bed, you can find it difficult to get to sleep even if several comforts are available to you. A pregnancy pillow is ideal for situations like this, as it is quite portable and you can put it to use anywhere. It might also come in handy if you give birth in a hospital and you can take it along with you and use it during the recovery process.

Pregnancy naturally requires that the body adjusts to many kinds of physical changes, and a pregnancy pillow can make that adjustment period much easier for an expecting mother. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, because with a good pregnancy pillow, you’ll wake up nice and refreshed and ready to tackle your day.  

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