Every relationship has its own language of love through which one partner understands the other. For some, this is in the form of reassuring touches and warm, physical intimacy.

For others, verbal communication and expression of honest feelings is the way to go, Some might enjoy the grand declarations with much celebration, while others may just find comfort in little gestures. Whichever way is yours, it is special and valid in its own way, because it brings you and your partner(s) together. 

Though the initial butterflies calm down as you slowly get settled in your special space with each other, there are still times when you may want to surprise the other with gestures of love. Even if it may seem ridiculously romantic or may make you feel shy, these special gestures work not only in surprising your boyfriend but also in making them feel loved. 

8 Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

If you have been thinking about finding some cute ways to surprise your boyfriend, you need not look too far. Because today, we are going to tell you about 8 surprise ideas for a boyfriend:

1. Leave Little Notes

Whoever said that a pen is mightier than a word was right because words have a lot of power. Words of affirmation as a love language hold so much inside them, because not only are they little reminders of love, but also appreciation.

Even though your partner already knows how grateful you are for them, it will still make them feel very warm when you go out of your way to remind them. 

Tips for surprising your boyfriend
Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Leaving little notes can be a great way of surprising your boyfriend, because not only is cute, but also very authentic. You can simply stick small notes on the mirror saying things like “You have such a pretty smile!” or “Have a wonderful day today!”. When your boyfriend is getting ready, he will spot those little reminders and start his day feeling happy. 

You could also slip little notes inside his jacket or bag for him to find later when he’s at work. Even a simple note telling him that you love him can mean so much because it comes from your heart.

2. Prepare Small Gifts

Sure, there is excitement in going all out and buying big gifts for the special days. But did you know that small, simple gifts can hold just as much? Small gifts need not be expensive or rare items.

They could range from a pretty keychain that you thought would look cool on his phone to a beautiful shell that you stumbled across on the beach.

surprises for relationship
surprises for relationship

They could be practical things such as gloves if you have noticed that your boyfriend’s usual pair has become worn and torn. The point of little gifts is the message behind them, the gentle reminder that you are paying attention to your significant other and always keep them in your mind. 

Small gifts need not be concrete, too. You could record yourself singing a song that is special for you both and set it as his alarm. That way, when he first wakes up in the morning, it will be to your voice, filled with love. 

This is one of the best cute ways to surprise your boyfriend because not only is it affordable, but it also shows how the simplest things can hold so much meaning when it comes to someone you love.

3. Send Cute Pictures

This next one doesn’t necessarily mean clicking your own pictures, though that could be very adorable, too. You can also just send pictures of a cute dog you saw along the way or a funny-shaped cloud.

things to surprise your boyfriend
ways to surprise your boyfriend

If your partner is going through a stressful day at work, they would find a little joy in these images. You could also accompany it with cute messages, such as if you spot a pretty flower and send it to them with a text that says “Beautiful like you!”. 

This is very similar to the little gifts and notes idea because you are letting your partner know that they are on your moment in all of these little moments.

If you are a couple who enjoy wearing each other’s clothes, you could also make yourself comfy in one of his shirts or hoodies and send him a cute picture. 

4. Plan a Surprise Date

You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to plan a romantic date. Surprising your boyfriend by planning a date when he doesn’t expect him will make him feel special and cared for. 

You could reserve seats at that new restaurant you have been wanting to try for a while or you could pick him up after work and take him for an impromptu picnic. You could also plan something warm and magical at home, such as building a cozy pillow fort and placing all your favorite snacks inside as you invite him inside for a cuddle while watching a movie. 

While doing planning this date, make sure that you are doing it at a time that is convenient for your partner. After all, the best way to surprise your boyfriend is to do it when he is most comfortable.

5. Cook a Special Meal

There is magic in domesticity, in preparing something homely, filled with love. When cooking for your significant other, you need not go for the perfect, fancy dish. Even a small, simple dinner will make them happy because it has been made by your hands.

special meal surprise
special meal surprise

Knowing that you spent so much time on this just because you wanted to give them a taste of warmth and care will make your partner feel special.

You could also do this differently and ask him to cook together with you. Being side-by-side in the kitchen preparing your favorite meals together as you laugh and mess around will definitely make a special memory to revisit in the future.

5. Get him Tickets for his Favorite Event

Is there a concert, a play, or an event that your partner has been wanting to go to? Maybe they haven’t been able to get tickets, or maybe they have just forgotten. Won’t buying them tickets to this event be the best surprise? 

Surprise your boyfriend with tickets to his favorite show and watch him get happy and excited. This is especially true if this is an event you would usually not be interested in but you are attending with him just because it is special to him.

Knowing that he gets to share this long-awaited moment with you will only make things more special and make it a memory that you will both cherish for a lifetime. 

6. Prepare a Treasure Hunt

No matter how old we grow, treasure hunts will always bring out the child within us. It is always so much fun to decipher those little clues and make your way towards that secret treasure. This will only be more special when it is created by a loved one, specially crafted with little clues that have special meanings. 

Treasure hunt surprise
Treasure hunt surprise

Using a treasure hunt as one of the surprise ideas for a boyfriend can be done in many ways. You could place little paper notes with clues that refer to inside jokes or shared moments. For example, a note could read “This is where you first held my hand”. That way, you would also recall a lot of happy memories together. 

You could place little gifts with each clue, serving as a reward and the final prize could be anything from that rare vinyl record they have been wanting for a while to even your heart! The whole point of a treasure hunt is to have fun along the way, mixing playfulness and love.

7. Create Something Special

Finally, you could put together something that represents all your shared memories, such as a photo collage or a card filled with things that you remember about your relationship.

Creative surprise in relationship
Creative surprise in relationship

You could write about those very first dates you had and how much you have both grown with each other up until this moment. You could create something out of special things that you have preserved such as the movie tickets from your first date to the bill of the restaurant during your six-month’s anniversary. 

This can be anything you want it to be because it comes from your heart and goes towards your heart. As long as it is special to the two of you, even if no one else understands, it is the most magical gift in the world. After all, all the cute ways to surprise your boyfriend are this special because it involves the two of you and your love.

So, put together all these little reminders of your times together in any way that you want, so you can both sit down and shed some tears over the long, long road that you have traveled to get here.

Always Love in your Special Way

Ultimately, embrace the love that the two of you share, and don’t be afraid to be a hopeless romantic if it puts a smile on his face. Call him cute nicknames, show him affection in all the little ways because they build up to be thing one, big feeling: love. 

Special surprise
Special surprise

It is okay if you have a different way of being comfortable as compared to other couples. It’s okay if your date ideas might not seem very fun to others.

What matters is that all these surprise ideas for a boyfriend come from your heart, a place of love. Because if it comes from this warm and special place, it will surely reach the other person and wrap around them like a warm hug.

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