Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you have to get your girlfriend or partner something. If you have trouble coming up with valentine’s day gift ideas and want to skip the usual flowers-and-chocolate route, look no further!

10 Valentine's Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best valentine's day gift ideas to impress your partner with.  

1. A nice pajama set

Every girl likes to be comfortable, and this is the perfect gift, particularly if your partner values her beauty sleep. You can get a pair of satin pajamas if you want to be extravagant, or just a nice set with a cute pattern on it.

2. A beauty gift set

Lots of stores sell gift sets of perfume, spa sets, or makeup sets, especially around Valentine’s Day. Depending on what she likes, you can get a nice beauty set with a body wash, soaps, body creams, and so on. Every woman loves a luxurious beauty treatment. Or you can even get a set of her favorite lipsticks or her favorite makeup brand. Or pick out a high-end brand of skincare she likes.

3. Framed pictures

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Get a couple of pretty frames you can put around the house or in your bedroom, and put in a good picture with the two of you, maybe of the last vacation you took or on a special occasion. She’ll appreciate the thought that went into it.

4. Her favorite perfume

Your partner probably has a favorite scent she gravitates towards. You can pick out her favorite perfume, or splash out and buy something she had her eye on. Or, if you know what her favorite scent is, like citrus or floral tones, you can go into a store and try some perfumes until you find one you think she might like.

5. Personalized jewelry

A dainty little necklace with a heart is the perfectly acceptable fare for Valentine’s Day, but personalized jewelry is a great option. Maybe a necklace with her birthstone or zodiac, or an engraved ring, or a charm bracelet. Try to pick out something that has special meaning to your relationship. If all else fails, just buy her something in her favorite color or tone, or something that will complement her skin color.

6. Handbags, belts, or scarves

Accessories are a girl’s best friend. If your partner favors a certain brand of accessories, you can give that a go. She might have had her eye on a certain handbag and therefore made the job easier for you. Otherwise, just try to go for something which fits in with her style. Scarves are easy to get right because a nice pattern is always attractive. 

Valentine's Gift Ideas
Valentine's Gift Ideas

7. A book set

If your girlfriend is a bookworm but can’t find the time, this is the perfect moment to encourage her hobby. Buy her a book set of her favorite author or an author she’s been planning to read (Jane Austen is a good stand-by or Emily Dickinson’s poems); get a nice, bound edition and she’ll be all the more eager to pick it up as a valentine’s day gift ideas. 

8. A dressing gown

Your partner works hard and deserves some downtime in comfortable fabrics. Buy a soft, easy-to-throw-on robe that she can wear around the house. It’ll calm her down when she’s stressing out. 

9. A monthly box subscription

There are lots of subscription boxes out there these days – beauty boxes, book boxes, food boxes. They pack a box full of items related to a theme and send it over to you; it’s all a surprise. You can get her a few months’ subscriptions, or a whole year if you like. She’ll love the surprise presents.

10. Plan a romantic getaway

This is the perfect idea if you’ve both not had much time for each other lately, or if you simply want to take a break from life. Plan a surprise getaway; book the tickets and the hotels and take her somewhere she’s always wanted to go. You can escape for a few days and spend some quality time with each other. 

Now you have all the valentine’s day gift ideas you need to get the perfect gift for your partner. Valentine’s Day is an important day to show how much you love someone, but you don’t need to spend much money to do that. What you buy isn’t as important as how you treat her. Good luck!

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