Best Nicknames to Show Your Boyfriend How Much You Love Him

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Boyfriend Nicknames

What’s in a nickname? Well, a lot of affection, if you do it right. When in a relationship, there a multitude of love languages through which you can express your feelings. From casual touches to special gifts showing your gratitude, it is these small gestures that speak volumes and hold so much love inside them. They may not seem like much, but they become ingrained into your daily lives, something so astonishingly ordinary that it becomes magical.

One of such things is pet names or nicknames that you may give a loved one in a relationship. When you give someone a nickname that is well-thought, you create an almost tangible symbol of your closeness. This nickname becomes special to the two of you because it is something only you share between you. It signifies how this person may be someone else for other people, but for you, they are extra special in an intimate way. 

Boyfriend nicknames can be a cute way to increase that giddiness of a new relationship. The first few months of shy kisses and secret handholds only get sweeter when you change their contact name with a special pet name signifying the start of a new journey. 

Things to keep in mind before choosing boyfriend nicknames

There is actually much more to nicknames than you think because nicknames are tokens of our language, which grows with us. There are many types of boyfriend nicknames.

Depending on the nature of your relationship and your love preferred language of love, you can choose from romantic, unique, funny or cute boyfriend nicknames. But before you decide, you need to remember certain things.

  • Make sure that your boyfriend is comfortable with having a nickname. If your boyfriend is not okay with being called by the nickname in public, only use it in private
  • Be thoughtful when you choose a nickname and don’t pick something that may upset him or that he may be sensitive to. 
  • Though names inherently do not have gender, if your boyfriend has had to struggle with expressing their gender identity, make sure you choose a nickname that does not make them uncomfortable. If they have a deadname, do not give them a nickname based on it.
  • Don’t give him a nickname you have already used for someone else.
  • Instead of opting for a generic nickname immediately, put some thought into it and choose something that is from your shared moments and memories.
  • Of course, if you prefer the old classics, then go for it! This is your relationship and only get to decide how to express love

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriends

If you’re choosing the route of cute nicknames for boyfriends, you can consider something soft and fluffy that will make him blush. Giving your boyfriend a cute pet name lets you watch his reaction whenever he hears it and you can tell how much he likes it, even if he might sometimes try to hide it. Here are some possible choices for cute nicknames for boyfriends.

Boyfriend Nicknames

For boyfriends who are particularly physically affectionate and like to hug you and cuddle you:

  • Fluffy / Squishy: Boyfriend who lets you squish him with love
  • Cuddle Bear: Boyfriend who gives the best cuddles
  • Little spoon / Big spoon: Boyfriend who holds you when you sleep    

When you want to make your boyfriend realise how attractive he is:

  • Pretty Boy: Boyfriend who is so, so pretty to you
  • Pebbles: Boyfriend who is small and round (as long as he isn’t conscious about it)
  • Doe Eyes / Angel Eyes: Boyfriend with radiant eyes
  • Hot stuff: Boyfriend who is extremely irresistible 

For when you want to call him by the name of a cute animal:

  • Bunny / Bun / Baby Bunny / Snow Bunny: Boyfriend who has a bunny smile that he isn’t conscious about
  • Kitty: Boyfriend who likes to nap and snuggle
  • Little Dove: Boyfriend who is always the peacemaker
  • Puppy: Boyfriend who is clingy and excitable 
  • Tiger: Boyfriend who is energetic and agile

For when you want to shower him with love and affection:

  • Sunshine: Boyfriend who always shines with optimism
  • Honey: Boyfriend who is sweet and always gives you compliments
  • Baby: Boyfriend who is soft and cute and you just want to hold him

Funny nicknames for boyfriends

So you have chosen the route of playful banter by wanting to pick one of these funny nicknames for boyfriends. A little teasing and inside jokes always make a couple’s bond more comfortable Always make sure you aren’t choosing boyfriend nicknames that can hurt your partner. With that in mind, here is a list of some funny nicknames for boyfriends:

Boyfriend Nicknames

For when you want to tease him according to his character traits, etc.

  • Nerd: Boyfriend who is studious and knowledgeable
  • Alpha: Boyfriend who is assertive and a natural leader
  • Loser: Boyfriend who you always make fun of in a non-hurtful, playful way
  • Dork: Boyfriend who is sometimes awkward and shy
  • Angry Bird: Boyfriend who gets riled up easily or is impatient

For when you want to call him by food names that match his personality

  • Fruit Cake: Boyfriend who is sweet, charming and cute
  • Dumpling: Boyfriend who is round, squishy and adorable
  • Coconut: Boyfriend who is tough on the exterior but so soft on the interior
  • Gummy Bear: Boyfriend who is cute and has a gummy smile
  • Sugar Cube: Boyfriend who is extremely sweet but also doesn’t give in easily
  • Pickle: Boyfriend who is prickly at times, passive-aggressive or often finds himself doing things at the last moment

For when you want to call him by the names of famous people or fictional characters:

  • Einstein: Boyfriend who is very smart and intelligent
  • Sherlock: Boyfriend who always has it figured out
  • Hulk: Boyfriend who is all tough and strong, either physically or personality-wise
  • Prince Charming: Boyfriend who is so polite and a true gentleman

Unique nicknames for boyfriends

So, you’ve decided on making things more special by wanting to go for some unique boyfriend nicknames. You can choose pet names that stand out so that your boyfriend feels special to you. Here are some ideas to give unique nicknames for boyfriends:

  • Use a pet name made from their name, such as Dave for David, Sam for Samuel, etc
  • You can use initials of their first, middle and last names such as Triple S, ATM, PRD, etc.
  • You can choose a nickname based on your favourite memory such as candlelight if you had your first date in a candlelight restaurant, summer love if you spent the summer together, etc.
  • You can choose nicknames in pairs such as PB and Jelly, Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan and Jane, etc.

Romantic nicknames for boyfriends 

Technically all your boyfriend nicknames are romantic. But if you are a hopeless romantic that is comfortable with expressing love openly, you may want to choose some particularly romantic nicknames. So, here are some suggestions to choose romantic nicknames for boyfriends:

Boyfriend Nicknames

Nicknames in other languages which have a touching meaning:

  • Mi Corazon: This means my heart or my dear in Spanish, conveying that your boyfriend is so precious to you
  • Mon Coeur: This means my heart in French, converting how your boyfriend is like a part of you
  • Meri Jaan: This means my life in Urdu, showing how your boyfriend is like life itself to you
  • Mi Conejito: This means my bunny in Spanish and can show how endeared you are by your boyfriend

Nicknames which may not be poetic, but convey simply how much love you feel:

  • Sweetheart: This may seem cliche, but there is no harm in being cliche if you are being genuine
  • Love of My Life: Ah, the classic, one which may not seem special but holds so much meaning
  • Darling: Darling means ‘beloved’, which has been used as an affectionate term from centuries
  • Precious: This is a soft, romantic nickname to call a boyfriend you just want to spoil
  • My Dear: From love letters from ages ago to text conversations now, this is a nickname that never gets old.

Making your relationship special

Remember that there is no correct way to make your relationship special. Nicknames may or may not for you and you can find that out with time. Do not compare your love expressions with that of other couples. Trust in the strength of your love and how much it has endured. 

It’s okay to feel shy when using nicknames for the first time, but remember that the beauty of relationships is experiencing awkward firsts together. So go surprise your boyfriend with a special pet name made just for him. One day, you will look back on it as a memory you cherish.

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