A live-in relationship is considered as one of the odd concepts in our Indian society. However, the new generation is certainly welcoming this peculiar idea of getting to closely understand one’s partner before taking their relationship to a matrimonial leap. 

Many of us have not got a chance to live-in with our partners due to some hard realities of the live-in relationships in our country. The novelty of the idea keeps the concept from being completely accepted by the people around us. I mean, the pop culture of Americans may paint a rosy image of this concept, however, we all know that it does not play out the same in our desi style!

With the hope that our Indian society would accept the live-in concept soon, let us move forward and know what are the 10 romantic things that a person can do for his/her live-in partner

Every relationship requires management. One of the pleasant ways to manage your relationship is to inject some romance into it. Now, you may have a different definition for romance and that’s completely fine. But, what you should always remember is that it should not always have a direct purpose. In simpler words, consider the romance as neither an end nor a means. Instead, try to consider it as something you do for him/her normally because you love him/her & not because you need to have some sensual action later on. Sounds corny? It is true nonetheless!!

With all that in mind, you should know that the space you share with your partner creates a bunch of romantic opportunities to ignite your developing relationship. You better get started with the gestures & surprises that are listed below: 

  • Hand her a Towel

When she is in the shower or taking a bath, give her towel a little hot dryer for some minutes. And when she gets out, try to present her with the comfortably warm towel. Believe us, girls just love when their partners do this kind of sweet & thoughtful gesture.

  • Relax Your Partner with a Massage 

Your partner comes home from a hectic day at work, they are totally exhausted and also a little irritated. So what are you going to do? Well, just offer to give him/her a sensual massage. You can use a little aromatherapy oil too. Try to focus on their neck, back as well as the areas that reduce stressors, aches, and pains. In order to create a mood, you can also dim the lights and light some candles instead: it will create a more relaxing & romantic environment for you both.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Definitely a classic gesture as well as a great way to start the day!! Breakfast in bed may be an”oldie” but it is also a “goodie.” Lol!! Getting up early in the morning and preparing breakfast just the way your partner likes, with some toast, fresh fruit or juice!! Then just surprise him/her by serving it to them in bed. 

  • Writing Romantic Notes 

A love letter or a love note is a beautiful thing! My friend, it is not that easy to write one.  A little effort is needed! So write something creative as well as a different love note and just leave it in an unexpected place in the house such as- tape a note to your bathroom mirror to start their morning with a natural blush.

  • Surprise!!!

Order in for the dinner and wait for your partner when they get back home. You can create a beautiful setting by developing a restaurant vibe on your dining room table. Complete the setting with plates, silverware and some cloth napkins. And for an additional romantic touch, light candles as well as place a small vase with some pleasant flowers. Make sure that you order tasty food to surprise him/her with the impeccable taste as well!!


All these 5 romantic gestures will make your partner happy!! 

Just try to do it for them and then see what happens- “it will perhaps come back to you”!!