Dance is a language that expresses your emotions and feelings through body movements and expressions. Dance is a lively and vibrant form of expression. One of the most expressive and vivid forms of dance is Kathak. Kathak is one of the major forms of Indian classical dance. Kathak Dance not only affects you positively but it has a lot of benefits to your body too. Kathak dance is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. The movements and expressions give you confidence and comfort in your own body. 

So what are the benefits of Kathak dance on the body? There are many reasons why you should start learning kathak today. Kathak was originated from Hindu temples and was used as a form of storytelling for portraying the epic tales from the Hindu scriptures, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Poetry was also combined with the kathak for worshipful storytelling. The face of kathak has changed for years and it has been accommodated with a lot of emotions and facial expressions which makes it more devotional and passionate. The mesmerizing and precise movements of the foot and upper body makes kathak a special and foremost dance form. Let us understand some of the benefits of Kathak dance. 

Benefits of Kathak Dance

There are several benefits of adding kathak dance into your life. Kathak is a great form of exercise and entertainment for a dancer. There are various benefits we can intake from performing Kathak dance regularly. Kathak Dance not only benefits you physically but it also has some great psychological benefits too. Let us understand each of them in-depth. Here are the benefits of kathak dance, read it out below:

1. Gives you a Good Posture

Kathak is a beautiful dance form and it has a great number of health benefits too. The posture of our body is very important for the overall personality. Deformity of your body can happen when you sit in the wrong position for a long time. Kathak dance can benefit you in having a proper posture. The basic standing position of kathak is like an asana. The alignment of the spine and neck and the movements of hands and arms gives your body a proper stance. 

2. Gives Body Balance

Kathak is performed with unique body movement which enhances the balance of the body. With proper practice and hard work, kathak can boost your balance skills. When a kathak performer tries to swing their body rhythmically with the feet fixed on the floor, it can be said that kathak can improve your body balance and concentration.  

8 Reasons To Learn Kathak Dance
Benefits of Kathak Dance

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3. Helps you Lose Weight

Kathak which is a great dance form includes a lot of facial expressions and body movements. Hence, your muscles work harder when you are rhythmically moving your body to the tunes and sounds. Plus, you also work hard while balancing the body which makes kathak a great exercise for weight loss. The dance itself is a good exercise for weight loss. 

So, why not add an Indian dance form into our daily exercise routine?

4. Tones and Gives Shape to your Body

Kathak which is well known for the leg and ankle movements is a great activity for shaping your body. It sheds out excessive fat from the high-fat area like thighs, legs, arms, and shoulders. It also provides you with flexibility. When you move around your body with different rhythms, your muscles put a lot of work into it which gives a perfect toned shape to these areas. Why do you need heavy workouts? When kathak can be an option for you. These were some of the physical benefits you can grab from kathak. Well now, let us look at some psychological benefits of Kathak dance:

5. Grace and Confidence

Kathak is a classical Indian dance style and we all know the Indianness in anything makes it graceful and beautiful. The beautiful clothes while performing and the beauty of the dance gives you a lot of grace and elegance. The moves or steps of kathak gives you a lot of confidence. When you practice kathak, you practice self-confidence. It makes you more expressive and eloquent with people. You gain a bunch of confidence while learning kathak.  

6. Stress Buster

Being stress makes you feel dull and gloomy. The emergence of giving time to yourself and doing something which makes you feel lively can help during stress. What is a better option than kathak? Kathak is a vivid dance form that keeps you busy and you will not remember your hustles and bustles while you perform this graceful form of classical dance. It will give you a stress-free and refreshing vibe. Learning this beautiful dance form will never hurt. It will only give you windfalls when you learn it. 

7. Cultural Awareness

We have modernized ourselves a lot, which is not a bad thing though but hear it, we also need to promote and encourage our culture too just as we promote other cultures. It’s a great responsibility. Learning kathak is a great step to learn and be aware of your culture. Kathak will make you learn a great Indian history. There is a huge amount of Indianness attached to this form of dance. The vibrant and rich costumes, the makeup, the accessories, and the music will give you all the Indian vibes you never knew you needed. 

8. Coordination and Self-Discipline

Taking kathak classes in a group gives you an opportunity to learn coordination with the team. Not only this, you may find friends who you always wanted to be with. The teamwork and hard work with the team help you in learning better and makes you a lot more efficient in your movements. Not only this, with all the teamwork and having a teacher who gives you all the guidance and teaches you with all the concentration makes you a lot more self-disciplined than you have ever been. 

You can learn kathak for your interest in it but that does not mean you cannot be professional with it. Not only these physical and psychological benefits of Kathak dance but you get to learn a lot of social skills, teamwork, make a lot of friends and give you a great number of opportunities to represent you and your nation all around the world. 

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