Stand straight, sit straight, don’t slouch! These are some of the most common pieces of advice that we used to hear as a child.  Well, it is necessary to have a good body posture. Why? It is because when you have a good body posture, you have a healthy body. So, it is vital to have and maintain a good body posture at all times. Posture is all about how you position your body while standing, sitting, or sleeping. 

The problem is we barely keep in mind if we are in a good posture throughout the day. Most importantly, most of us don’t know if our current body posture is correct or not. If you have been wondering about your body posture and ways to correct your posture if required, then you have come to the right place.  Here, we will be covering the basics of a good body posture, how to choose a good posture corrector, does the posture corrector really works, and so on.

What is a Good Body Posture?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a good body posture is when your chin is parallel to the floor with even positioning of the shoulders, neutral spine, evenly positioned hips and standing on both feet with equal weight distribution.

How Body Posture Affects your Health?

Poor body posture can cause a number of health issues – physical and mental. Most commonly, people suffer from back pain due to poor body posture. 

Good Body Posture
Good Body Posture

Back pain is something that has become pretty common, even in the young generation, including me. But we shouldn’t be having back pain at this young age. I blame the lifestyle that we all follow – watch something on our laptop in the most comfortable position that we feel, but in fact, our body posture is getting ruined while we relax. 

The importance of standing correctly

  • The way we stand also puts a lot of pressure on our bodies. Most of us, when we stand, be it for some time or longer duration, we tend to give more weight on one leg.
  • Along with it, we also unknowingly slouch our backs, which is even worse. Standing straight all the time seems possible sometimes.

Our increased dependence on technology is an issue

  • Those who work on their laptops in their office or at home for a long time rarely care about their body postures. We tend to slouch or sit in any way rather than sitting straight.
  • Another most common bad posture is using our phones or iPad bending our necks for a long time leading to neck pain and even spondylitis.

Spondylitis has also become pretty common among the youth and old individuals due to such postures. 

Depression and effect of body posture

  • Bad body posture can also affect your mood, and in severe cases cause depression. Although a bad body posture doesn’t directly affect, it can contribute to the factors harming your mental health.
  • Walking with your body straight up instead of slouching is said to boost your self-confidence, and you will feel positive.

A good body posture increases your breathing and improves blood circulation. Your sleeping postures play a fundamental role here.

Body postures while you sleep

We all have our favorite sleeping posture that makes us sleepy and cozy.  But, are you sleeping in the right manner? Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling tired or with a body ache? A bad sleeping posture may be one of the reasons behind this discomfort.

How to Improve Your Body Posture?

So, if you realize or have improper body posture, you can improve it by either doing some exercises or wearing a body posture corrector.

  • There are a few body posture correcting exercises that can help you regain your body alignment. There are 12 exercises that will surely help you improve your body posture.
  • Other than exercises, wearing a body posture corrector also serves the purpose. Body posture correctors are available in braces mostly that you have to wear for a few hours continuously to correct your posture.
Good Posture Corrector
Good Posture Corrector

A common question that will pop in most people’s minds – does the posture corrector really work? According to Blake Bowman, the owner of GuerillaZen Fitness, the body posture corrector braces are indeed effective. 

How do I Choose a Good Posture Corrector – Best Posture Corrector for Women?

There are different types of body posture correctors in the market suitable that works effectively on particular areas of need. You will find a posture corrector in the form of a brace, belt, t-shirt, bra for women, and even electronic devices to notify you of the change of your posture. 

So, if you are wondering how to choose the appropriate posture corrector for you – firstly find out the area where it needs improvement. Is it for your full back or your shoulder? Just like any other item in the market, the price range of a posture corrector varies from affordable to expensive with its pros and cons. You can easily order a posture corrector from Amazon as well.

Bottom line

As you can see the importance of a correct body posture is undeniable. As a child, we barely pay attention to such advice. This ignorant behaviour, before we know it becomes our habit of standing, sleeping, or sitting.

Good Posture Corrector
Good Posture Corrector

Give your body some time to readjust

Breaking this habit of improper body posture may take some time. Give your body alignment some time to change into something new. So, for this, try this posture corrector or try the particular exercises to improve your body posture. 

Be aware

For those, who work most of the time on laptops or PCs, keep in mind to sit properly. The moment you realize your way of sitting is not healthy, sit straight. 

Correct your posture and feel confident

On a different note, we all know the fact that the way we stand and sit also says a lot about our personalities. So, want to make a good first impression? Work on your body posture to perfection and voila! You will surely feel positive and more confident than ever. If you have watched the movie Miss Congeniality, you can see how the character of Sandra Bullock learns the different etiquettes to look elegant and composed. 

So, look out for your body posture and stay healthy and look confident.

Take care♥

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