Spending time with friends and playing 7 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends with them is one of the warmest feelings in the world. How amazing is it to have a group of people connected to you not by blood, but by love and care? A family of choice, one which teases you and laughs with you, but is also there at your doorstep with hugs and food the moment you need them. There is so much comfort in having someone who can hold your hand and spend the moments of silence with you, just as much as they can spend the moments of happiness.

Different groups of friends have different ways of spending time together. Some like to go on adventures, climbing hills and racing each other to the top. Others would rather curl on the couch together with a slice of pizza in their hands and watch their favorite show together. 

Or maybe some groups would do both, depending on their mood. Either way, your way of having fun with your best friends is perfectly valid.

But there are times when the usual hangouts can get a little boring and you feel the need to make things more interesting. Well, worry not because we are here to tell you about some Fun‌ ‌‌Challenges to do with friends the next time you meet. These will make you laugh and think and wonder and feel like children again. The best part? They are safe and there is nothing too wild and dangerous about them. Just a little bit of fun as you all deserve.

Here are 7 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends that you can Try Out

Below are some of the fun challenges to do with friends:

1. Fun‌ ‌‌Challenges

Ah, yes, what is a better way to build trust than to let your friend do your makeup? This challenge becomes even more fun when there are people involved who cannot tell the difference between lip liner and eyeliner

fun challenges with friends
Fun‌ ‌‌challenges

For this, simply divide yourselves into pairs, where one person acts as the makeup artist and the other as the model. Then, go wild with the colors and decide whose result looks the best (or the worst, depending on your definition). This is extremely fun because not only does it make for a lot of giggles along the way, but it also gives you memorable selfies that will forever preserve this moment.

Another way to do the makeup challenge is by letting people do their own makeup without looking into a mirror and then comparing the final results. Even the most experienced of the group will find themselves stumbling if they do not have a mirror to keep track of their movements. 

Remember that the point of these games is not to look perfect, but to have fun and laugh a lot in the process. So, grab your makeup kit, gather your friends, and get ready to dive in!

2. Guess the Food Blindfolded Challenge

This one can be both delicious and gross, depending on how much your friends want you to suffer. For this, all you need is a pantry that is stocked with a variety of dishes, a blindfold, and some willing friends. 

Guess the food blindfolded challenge
Guess the food blindfolded challenge

Blindfold one person in your group and give them tastes of certain food items one by one. The person then has to guess what food they are being given, depending on the taste. Only feed them little portions to make sure that they cannot smell the food and have to rely on their taste alone. The person who has the most number of correct guesses wins the game. 

While playing this game, make sure that you are aware of any food allergies or even strong dislikes which you or your friends may have, so that you do not make anyone uncomfortable during this process. After all, safety and comfort are a must when it comes to any fun challenges to do with friends!

3. Guess the Song Challenge

This next one is a challenge that will bring waves of laughter tinged with nostalgia. All you need is a group of friends who are just about ready to get their feet moving in your living room. 

Guess the song challenge
Guess the song challenge

For this, one person goes to stand in the front of the room and performs the steps of their favourite song, either from the choreography or as an interpretation of the lyrics. The rest of the group then has to guess which song it is and the first one to do so gets a point. Thus, the person who has the most points after a full-round is over wins the game.

Not only will this game have you rolling on the floor with laughter and confusion, but it will also bring back a lot of memories. You and your friends could dance to old numbers which used to be popular when you were young, such as film songs or cartoon music. This way, your childhood will be rekindled as the air fills with inside jokes and warmth.

4. Try not to Laugh

Imagine being amongst a group of your favorite people who know all your favorite jokes and then being asked not to laugh. Doesn’t that sound downright impossible? Well, this next item on this list of fun challenges for friends asks you to do just the same. 

Laugh challenge
Try not to laugh

The point of this game is simple: everyone has to hold in their laughter and the one who can do it for the longest is the winner. You can do so in multiple ways. For example, you could all sit down and watch funny videos together, seeing which one of you can resist cracking up into giggles. Or, you could take turns making one person laugh by recalling funny incidents and memories. The person who lasts the longest takes the crown home. 

Not only is this game a good way to remember long-forgotten jokes, but it is also an excellent source of good humor and laughter—which, undoubtedly, are one of the keys to a fulfilling life. Whether you win or lose, it is a guarantee that you will be left with a big, big, big smile on your face.

5. Lip Reading Challenge

This next one is where miscommunication becomes fun and results in lots of giggles. All you need to do is divide yourselves into pairs and grab sets of speech-canceling headphones. Then, each team takes turns, with one person being given a word or phrase, which they have to say out loud, while their partner wears the headphones and tries to read their lips. 

Lip reading challenge
Lip reading challenge

You could also do it in teams of more than two, where the same word is passed from one person to another via lip reading, resulting in a final answer that is way wrong compared to the actual word. The team which manages to guess correctly the most number of times wins the game.

Through this, you can see just how misinterpretation is possible even in life-long buddies. But worry not, because that only means more laughter and excitement! 

6. Hand Puppet Challenge

The hand puppet challenge actually has nothing to do with hand puppets and everything to do with you and your friends. All you need to do is sort yourself into pairs and then get started. 

Hand puppet challenge
Hand puppet challenge

During a team’s turn, one person stands with their hands behind their back, while another goes to stand behind them and puts their arms around their partner’s front.

Then, as the partner in front speaks, the partner behind them must use their hands to gesture with the words. The team which is most in sync wins or it can be the team that makes everyone cackle, depending on how you choose.

Through this game, you can truly see how well best friends often synchronize with each other. It can also be a pseudo-mimicry game filled with exaggerated gestures that make everyone snort.

7. Jump Rope Challenge

Last but not the least, the jump rope challenge can be both a fun game and an excellent fitness activity. If you have friends who enjoy the rush that comes with exercising, this can be a great challenge to do together.

Jump rope challenge
Jump rope challenge

For this, everyone simply starts jumping rope, and the person who can do it the longest wins. Or, you can even set a time limit to see who can do the most skips in the given period.

Another interesting twist to this game can be using different jump rope techniques, depending on everyone’s comfort. Remember to also take breaks and not push yourself in the process. The whole point of this is to have fun and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Have a Blast!

At the end of the day, however competitive you might get, remember that you are doing these fun challenges for friends to make the most of the time you spend with each other. So, as important as it is to have a good time, also make sure that you are being safe and careful, so that no one gets hurt, whether physically or emotionally.

fun challenges with friends
fun challenges with friends

Some of these games may seem too childish or boring for you but trust us when we say that friends can make anything and everything interesting. Even if you might not see the appeal in them in theory, once you have your friends doing them with you, there will be an onslaught of jokes and teasing and you won’t even notice how the hours pass. You can also make up your own rules along the way and invent your own games.

The whole point is to reconnect with your loved ones and make warm memories together. So, whatever the game may be, as long as there are love and laughter, it will surely be one of the best ones ever played.

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