In modern-day dating, people are mostly looking for hook-ups and having a good time. No one wants to get involved with someone emotionally as it can sometimes be overwhelming, or something that you might not be looking forward to at this point in life. Friends with benefits is a popular thing that teenagers and even young adults are doing today, owing to the simplicity of things between the people and also no emotional strings attached. 

Being friends with benefits with someone allows you to be in a sexual relationship with someone without really having to be exclusive with them, thus allowing you to keep your options open. But sometimes, things tend to get complicated in this scenario too. This can happen if both of you are on different pages on different things, and feel differently about certain things. 

Ultimate Rules of Being A Friend with Benefits

The solution to this is having our ultimate rulebook for being friends with benefits with someone. Read along to find out.

1. No Emotions

For ‘friends with benefits to work efficiently, you need to know how to keep a lid on your emotions without coming across as totally heartless. For instance, if your mind has you picturing babies and a walk down the aisle be honest with them, just know that they potentially might not feel the same. Before getting into such a type of relationship make sure you are 100 percent fine with having sex without anything deeper.

2. Being Friends Is Important

Looks can only take you so far and if your partner is not your friend then it can’t be friends with benefits relationship. Search for your fun buddy at a party or another gathering of mutual friends. This will make you feel safe and up your chances of casual sex.

3. Clear Expectations

You might have been friends for years but now things are about to get personal. Be honest with each other about exactly what you both want out of it to avoid any confusion and hard feelings.

4. The Right Choice

Before diving in headfirst think carefully about how it will affect your friendship and how you’d feel if you two became less close. One of your work colleagues? Not good. Your best friend since high school who is also your roommate? No way. Your friends’ boyfriends’ friend, who you don’t see a long-term future with? Now we’re ready to go!

5. Safe Sex

Safe Sex
Safe Sex

Before you get it on be sure you have got it on. This is a given for all cases, but in friends with benefits relationships, you don’t want to end up with a baby with a guy you don’t see a future with and also stay STD-free.

6. Ditch Envious Feelings

It’s easier said than done but as your partner isn’t exclusive make sure neither one of you gets jealous. If you find yourself getting jealous, be honest and tell your partner, so the two of you can talk about whether the relationship is truly working for both of you. If he’s the one who starts getting jealous, and you also realize that you don’t want to get involved seriously with him, it’s time to consider detaching and letting the benefits side of the relationship go.”

7. The Same Page

It is crucial to check in with your partner regularly to make sure you’re both still on the same page. If at some point you’re enjoying yourself too much and want to spend more time with him, then it may be time to re-evaluate your situation.

8. Always Remember What It Is

As lovely as warm cuddles and pillow talks are, remember that’s not what you signed up for. Always keep in mind that you are not building an intimate relationship, but rather just having fun and enjoying one another physically.

9. Don’t get caught in your comfort zone

Even if you guys are having a great time, always remember that this is not supposed to be a long-term thing. Sooner or later you will have to get out of this relationship. Otherwise, you will close yourself to chances of getting into a long-term relationship with someone.

10. The Plan

As sneaky as you think you’re being, there are still chances of you being caught. It can get difficult if you are in the same group of friends and getting it on without the knowledge of other peers. Always have a plan ready in case you get caught.

11. Know Your Rules

Construct a set of rules for yourself regarding sleepovers, booty calls, scheduled catch-ups, and any other things you might be doing with them.

12. Remember Why You Started

Be true with exactly what you do and don’t like in bed and try new things. Have fun and enjoy yourself without any emotional ties. When you think it’s not fun enough, don’t shy away from waving goodbye and move on.

These are the golden rules for having the most efficient friends with benefits relationship with someone. However, if you feel a certain type of way about someone the best option is to confess your feelings to them, this will disrupt your ongoing relationship but at least you won’t be holding your feelings back. 

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