Eyeliner can enhance the way your eyes look. Just putting it on makes your eyes look awake and beautiful, especially if you have small eyes. Eyeliner can change the way your eye looks. There are various methods and styles to try eyeliner on your eyes. But, have you ever tried a liner on the bottom lid? Well, if you haven’t you need to try it because it may be your new style of rocking your eyes. Most people cannot apply liner on the bottom lid but don’t worry, we got you covered! 

In this article, you will find all about how to correctly apply liner on the bottom lid of your eye to make it look startling. Read on to find out! 

Is It A Good Idea To Try Applying Liner On The Bottom Lid? 

You must’ve tried applying your black eyeliner under your eyes when you were a teenager obsessed with makeup stuff. Well, we all were like that! If you did this in your teen years, it’s time to awaken the teen in you once again. The question is if it is a good idea to apply liner on the bottom lid or will it look good on you? Well, first, applying liner on the bottom lid can be much trickier than you’ve imagined. If you do it correctly, you’ll end up with an amazing eye look and if you do it wrong, it simply won’t look good enough. 

Eyeliner On Bottom Lid
Eyeliner On Bottom Lid

However, once you get the hold of putting eyeliner on the bottom lid, it wouldn’t be so hard for you any longer. You just need to be a little cautious or it’ll end up blackening your eyes which won’t be so good if you are late and messing up your makeup would be the last thing you would want to happen. If you’ve ditched applying liner on the bottom lid previously because it didn’t look quite good on you, it’s time to try it once again as it is an all-time favorite eye look of most makeup artists. 

Tips To Apply Eyeliner On Bottom Lid

When you are going to apply liner on the bottom lid, precision is very important. Applying it too far from the eyelid would give you an aging effect. It can be a little tricky when you are applying it for the first time. However, once you master the technique and avoid what’s wrong, you’ll be able to make your eyes amazingly beautiful. 

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can use a white or flesh-toned eyeliner on your waterline and blend it to look bigger and bold. If you are ok with black eyeliner, so be it. Both white and black eyeliners can make your eyes look bigger, especially when you apply them on your bottom lid. Here’s how you can make your liner look remarkable on your bottom eyelid. Follow these tips for a terrific eye look.  

1. Don’t Line the Waterline 

Many people make a common mistake of lining the waterline. Although, it is a popular trend for the past few years but it is better not to do it, especially on your lower lash line.

Tips To Apply Eyeliner On Bottom Lid
Tips To Apply Eyeliner On Bottom Lid

Applying eyeliner on your waterline can make your eyes look smaller and if you have small hooded eyes, it’s a bigger mistake. Also, applying eyeliner on your lower lash line or waterline can cause a lot of irritation, itchiness and even infections. So, it’s an advice not to use eyeliner on your waterline rather, use it on your bottom lid. 

2. Keep your Eyeliner Thin 

Don’t ever make your eyeliner go away too far from your bottom lid. The best way to apply liner on bottom lid is to line it as thin as possible. The most common mistake or you can say a disadvantage of applying liner on bottom lid is that it can create an impression of dark circles under your eyes which is not something you would want. You should apply liner on bottom lid as thin as possible. It will make sure it doesn’t make your eyes look like a raccoon’s eyes. Use the tip of your liner pencil to create a thin line. 

3. Do not Line the Inner Corners 

If you want your eyes to look bigger and more highlighted, make sure you don’t apply the eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes. Applying eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes can make it look smaller because it closes the eyes and you don’t want that! Don’t you? Rather than that, use your eyeliner over the outer corners of your eyes with a light hand and blend it there, excluding your inner corners. This will enhance the look of your eyes, making it look bigger and stunning.

4. Blend! Blend! Blend 

Blending your liner on bottom lid will make your eyes look naturally defined. If you love natural makeup it’s time to apply liner on bottom lid and blend it! Remember not to blend it downwards but upwards.

Blend! Blend! Blend
Blend! Blend! Blend 

If you blend it far away from the bottom lid, again, it will create an impression of dark circles. Blend upwards and side to side. You can use eyeshadow for this too but be careful as it can be a little messy. 

How to Make the Liner on the Bottom Lid Stay Put? 

Smudged eyeliner can be painful, it ruins the mood and your eyes too! Especially if you’ve worn the eyeliner on bottom lid. It’s very tough to avoid it from smudging. There’s a little difference in a cute smokey eye look and a raccoon’s eyes. So, here’s how you can make your eyeliner on bottom lid stay put: 

  • Instead of using liquid eyeliner, use gel eyeliner. It tends to stay for a longer time.
  • Use products with ‘waterproof formula‘ and of good quality.
  • Prep the skin under your eyes with a primer or an eye serum before you start applying the eyeliner.
  • Set your eyeliner with powder to make it last longer.

This was all about how you can make liner on bottom lid look outstanding. Make sure to use good quality eye makeup products and avoid applying it on your waterline. Show your eye makeup skills by applying eyeliner on the bottom lid! 

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