Sometimes, the world seems much larger than it is. So let's try and make new friends. Although we all have an option to socially connect with our friends and family. We can regularly contact friends living in any part of the globe. However, at present, most people still feel alone, finding it hard to develop local relationships. You can find several dating apps or websites, however not everyone wants a soulmate, some people just wish to meet and make new friends! 

Top Apps to Make New Friends

Here I have a list of Well-Known Apps, which will help you to make new friends:

1. Meet My Dog 

Don’t get confused by the name! Meet My Dog is an app that lets dog owners meet each other as well as their dogs. People set up play dates for their puppies. If you are a dog lover, then Meet My Dog is the right app for you as you can make a dog lover friend. 

2. Nextdoor 

This app will help all those people who have shifted to a new place and are facing difficulty connecting with their new neighbors. Are you one of them? If yes, the Nextdoor app will help you know every event or activity happening in your area. You can’t expect the app to help you when you say- “Hello, I want new friends!”. However, the app will help you to naturally integrate into your society.

3. Skout

Skout was launched in the year 2007, and since then the app has had a good track record as a friendship app. It is pretty easy to use! A person can use Skout to connect with people anywhere. The app is really handy, specifically, if someone is traveling alone and he/she need a friend or even hookup, the app has no such restricted rules. 

4. Realu 

The main aim of the originators of the REALU app was to solve the issue of people depending on their mobile phones in a new place. The app will help you to connect with other people in actual time. Therefore, if you are sitting alone in a cafe & find a person nearby who is also alone in a shop, then you can text him/her and meet them as well.

5. Meetup 

If you are a person with some specific interests such as knitting or writing, then trust me, the Meetup app is best for you. You just need to enter your location & search categorized events. In no time you can find people with the same interests in your locality. Connect and build a group!

6. Atleto

Hey, sports fans and athletes!! If you are specifically looking for a marathon buddy or a tennis opponent, then ATLETO will help you to find people depending on your favorite sports. Frankly, cycling or jogging will become more exciting & challenging with a partner. 

7. Peanut 

This app is mainly for all the moms out there. Normally, a new mother feels alone and isolated. Hence, it is always good to have an app, which helps you to connect with a person who is experiencing the same difficulties. Peanut helps a mother to connect with other mothers. 

Apps to Make New Friends
Apps to Make New Friends

8. Hey! Vina 

VINA app is particularly designed for women to make female friends anywhere. You can find a match completely depending on the activities & interests, shared by you.  

9. Friender 

Finally, a friendship app with the term “friend”!! Friender is also a swipe-y application, however, the recommended profiles are not random. While creating the profile, the person adds his/her interests. Afterward, all the suggested matches will have a minimum of one common interest with you. In simpler words, the app lets you talk, meet, and make friends with common hobbies as you.

10. Bumble BFF 

Have you heard about Bumble to find dates? Bumble BFF is also somewhat the same. The only difference is that Bumble BFF is used to make friends. You can make your Bumble BFF profile using some photos, a bio as well as swipe right on your faves. However, the timer to begin a conversation is not gendered, hence, it is completely on either of the people to start the conversation and it should be done before your match runs out. 

Bottom Line

Do you know what is the most lonelier feeling? It is when a person is scrolling through Instagram and at the same point realizing that you don’t have a group of your own. It is high time to stop depending on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook!! Start using any one of these apps to combat loneliness and to make new friends!!!  

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