Gone are the days when girls used to be ashamed of admitting their desires. Today, we are open and honest, yes, we do love it! And yes, squirting (or female ejaculation) is real and is completely different from pee! Want to please your girl as she does to you? Squirting is the key! If done properly, this can take your relationship to a whole new level. The satisfaction of both partners is equally important for a healthy relationship. Your girl will always be looking forward to getting into the sheets with you and the rest is for you to enjoy! “There are very few men who know how to make a girl squirt and most women are very much attracted to men who can satisfy them in bed and for that, you need to know certain things“

Tips to Make Your Woman Squirt

Ready? Read on to pleasure your girl like never before! 

1. Set Her Mood

Women can be moody and need the scene to be set perfectly before they get into it fully. This is the most important step while making love and without this, it is impossible to make her squirt or even turn her on! Firstly, set her free from the stress. Whether it is from home, office, or anything, talk her out of it. If she wants to share something, snuggle in that cozy blanket with her and listen. Once done, set her mood by telling her what she means to you and notice her lighted-up face! Make sure you help her from getting distracted and focus on your moment of love. You can also use fragrant candles or room fresheners to steal the scene. Lavender fragrance can be a good option as most women find it relaxing. Do not forget to adjust the lighting of your room, switch to the dim ones for a better look! 

Set Her Mood
Set Her Mood

2. Make Her Comfortable

For a pleasurable orgasm, comfort is extremely important. If you don’t already know her preferable positions, try laying her on the bed and placing a pillow under her butt. This will give you easier access to her G-spot, the road to a successful orgasm! Remember to take things slowly as most women hate a rush. Take your time and let her take hers, make love that even slows down the time! 

3. Foreplay

This is a step so crucial that it can be considered the first part of orgasms- without foreplay, there will be no orgasms! When she is comfortable enough, tell her what you want to do to her( if possible, whisper into her ears), touch her intimate parts or massage her gently to get her into the mood. Role plays or temperature changes can also be turn-ons for some women! 


4. Use Lubricant 

Lubricants can never be extra. Use some on your fingers and put some on her vagina. For further stimulation, you may use your fingers or tongue. While using your fingers start slowly using the middle finger in a position where your palm faces upwards. You might tilt your fingertip a bit to hit the g-spot. Once you find g-spot, give it extra attention as it’s the key to a successful orgasm. 

5. Keep Yourself in the Zone

Don’t keep thinking about making her squirt. Like you need to make her comfortable and set her mood, it is also important for you to stay in a mood of lovemaking because if you start thinking about just making her squirt, you will most likely be unable to do so. Both partners need to be in the mood for successful lovemaking. You can’t perform your best if you aren’t in the same mood set as her! Keep your focus on the process of lovemaking and enjoy her company. It is your intimate moment, make it memorable for both of you!

Remember, men can ejaculate easily while having sex but it is not the same with girls. Without proper technique, you can never make a girl squirt so be careful in every step. To get some clue, notice her reactions. If she moans or pulls you closer, you’re on the correct path! Tip: Don’t stop abruptly once you make her cum. Unlike men, most women will still be turned on after the first orgasm and will crave more. For a memorable session, keep pleasing her and once you both are satisfied, take some time and cuddle before you finally stop.

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