Female ejaculation or squirting is much thicker and whitish fluid somewhat like the diluted milk. The female ejaculation occurs when a fluid gushes out from the urethral opening when a woman is sexually aroused or is experiencing an orgasm. Female ejaculation is different than the cervical fluid, a woman secretes to lubricate her vagina when she is turned on or ‘wet’. Each woman has the ability to squirt or ejaculate. It is just the matter of getting turned on or pushing the right buttons to gush out. Female ejaculation is a normal process, there are some women who experience it, some who are not aware of it and some who hold back the process. 

6 Facts About Female Ejaculation or Squirting

Some facts about female ejaculation or squirting: 

1. It is not urine

The fluid that women ejaculate is not the urine, it is a watery liquid. The fluid can be clear as well as milky, either one in nature. It is released from the prostate glands of the female and gushes out from the urethra. Though it comes out of the same passage where urine comes out, i.e. the urethra, the fluid doesn’t look or smell like urine. 

2. Urge to Pee While Female Ejaculation

Though squirting is different than urine, a woman might also have the feel and want to pee when she squirts. This is because the sensations that arise with the stimulation of the G-spot during squirting makes the tissues and urethra fiery and the urethra floods with blood and tissue contracts against the bladder. This makes the woman feel the urge to pass urine while squirting. The women would not be able to tell the difference between passing urine and squirting, the feeling is so surreal and live. 

3. G-Spot on Fire

Squirting occurs when the G-spot is stimulated and super responsive. Many women squirt when the G-spot is touched and aroused. The G-spot swells up the moment it is aroused, be it from either foreplay or it can be clitoral stimulation. The G-spot is a small spongy like raised bump 2-3 inches into the vagina closest to the front of the vaginal wall. 

4. Sabotaging the Squirting

Most women associate the feeling just before ejaculation to urinating, mostly because they are worried about what would gush out or they might be unconsciously controlling their squirt because of that. It is advisable to pee before having sex and during the act only focus on the orgasm, no matter what pressure or feeling comes up. For many women, orgasm and ejaculation occur at a similar time.

Some women can ejaculate either before or after an orgasm, and some ejaculate even without an orgasm- it differs from woman to woman. There is also no prediction of how much a woman ejaculates or squirts- it depends on the woman herself. The squirt can be just a few drops of the fluid to a cup of it. Just be prepared for anything, keep towels handy! 

5. Who can make you squirt?

For squirting, a woman doesn’t need a partner. there is no requirement of a squirting partner! the only thing the woman needs to know is to stimulate the G-spot by touching it. 

6. How to make yourself squirt?

Ejaculation or squirting
Ejaculation or squirting
  • Arouse the G-spot by a finger motion suing one or two fingers. Once you feel the urge to pee, touch yourself to stimulate it further and ejaculate.
  • The practice is the key. Self-stimulation is the best to learn to squirt, though having a partner for it is awesome.
  • You can use a curved vibrator that is accessible to the front wall of the vagina.
  • One can also use a wand toy or let the partner explore dive in the further back with the wand toy.

Ejaculation or squirting is not solely about the G-spot, it’s also about proper and the right clitoral and vaginal stimulation which can make you squirt too. The mantra to squirting is to relax, experience the pleasure and try various techniques for the best squirting feel! 

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