One of the best experiences for any mother in the world is feeding her baby. Breast feeding is an awesome feeling for both mother and baby. There are no specified breast feeding techniques, it’s just that both mother and the baby should feel comfortable.

Breast feeding is a natural phenomenon. There are different breastfeeding techniques in which mother and baby both feel comfortable. It requires lots of patience. Proper breastfeeding provides a good amount of nutrients which is beneficial for the baby. 

When to Start Breast Feeding?

You can start breast feeding just after the birth of the new-born. The initial days of breastfeeding are very nutritious for the baby. Babies show signs like linking, nuzzling nipples, and putting fingers in the mouth. Full-term and healthy babies need breastfeeding every hour. 

Breast Feeding Techniques for Newborn

There are no single or particular types of breast feeding techniques for newborns. The breast feeding techniques for a newborn baby is only a way through which mother and baby both feel comfortable. Here it is discussed about various types of breast feeding techniques for newborns. 

  • Cradle hold
  • Cross cradle hold
  • Football hold
  • Football hold to twins
  • Side-lying position
  • Upright breastfeeding
  • Dangle feeding
  • Nursing in a sling
  • Back lying

Mentioned below are step by step procedures of the breast feeding techniques which needs to be followed by the mother.

1. Cradle hold

This is the simplest, easy, and one of basic breast feeding techniques that most of the mothers adopt. It is the most comfortable position. This is best for older babies as they can handle their heads easily. Steps to follow for using the technique:

  1. Sit comfortably with the baby and sit at the level of your heart.
  2. Take your baby from his/her stomach and cradle in your arms
  3. The head of the baby should rest in your elbow end
  4. Place the lower arm of your baby under your breast
  5. Keep his/her mouth near to your breast
  6. Support your breast by using your free hand
  7. Put your thumb above the areola and rest fingers under the breast
  8. For opening the mouth of the baby gently fondle your nipple on his/her lower lips
  9. Pull up the baby towards breast and let him feed
Breastfeeding Techniques
Breastfeeding Techniques

2. Cross cradle holds

This position is also known as the crossover hold. It is also one of the common breastfeeding techniques. This position gives good and better support to the baby. The mother can handle the baby with one hand only. Steps for using the technique :

  1. Sit comfortably with your baby
  2. Cradle the baby in your arms by taking his/her from tummy
  3. Put your hand at the base of head and neck
  4. Ear, shoulders, and hip of the baby should follow a straight line
  5. Put the arm of your baby out and mouth near the breast
  6. Support your breast from the other hand
  7. Put your thumb above the areola and rest fingers under the breast
  8. Pull the baby near you.
  9. Don’t lean over the baby

3. Football hold

The mothers who have C-section or the breast is large in size, Football hold is a good option for them of breast feeding. For premature babies it is one of the best breast feeding techniques as a mother can use to hold the baby perfectly. Steps to follows for using the technique:

  1. Place your baby’s legs and body under your arm
  2. Put your hand at the base of head and neck
  3. Pull your baby close to you and place your other hand on your breast
  4. Hold the baby in a way that his/her chin and nose touch your breast
  5. Let the baby starts feeding
  6. Mother should relax her shoulder while the baby is latching

4. Football hold for twins

If you are the mother of 2 babies then by using football hold for twins breastfeeding technique you can feed them simultaneously. This will make your work easy and relaxing. Steps for using the technique – 

  1. Hold each baby with your two arms by partially bending your elbows
  2. For more comfort, you can place babies on the pillows
  3. Incline them towards your body
  4. Put your palm on their neck for supporting
  5. Pull babies upward and let them feed

5. Side-lying position

This is one of the best type of breastfeeding techniques when the mother is tired and wants to rest. During rest, she can feed her baby as well. It is a somewhat complex position but if the mother and child both become comfortable then it is the most relaxing position. For the mothers with C-section done during delivery then side-lying is one of the best breast feeding techniques for them. Steps for using the technique – 

  1. Place yourself and your baby side by side touching tummy to tummy
  2. Put your upper arm on your head and position upper knee with a pillow by bending
  3. Push your breast outward and pull your baby close
  4. Let the baby latch out
Breastfeeding Techniques
Breastfeeding Techniques

6. Upright breastfeeding newborn

This breast feeding technique is also a koala hold. This position is much comfortable for both the mother and baby. Steps to follow for using the technique – 

  1. Let your baby sit on your thighs
  2. Spine and head of the baby is in an upright position
  3. Put your one arm on the back of the baby and palm on the head
  4. Place your free arm on your breast
  5. Pull the baby close to you and let him latch out

7. Dangle feeding 

It is the sitting position in which you can breast feed the baby. This breast feeding technique cannot be used on a regular basis. Steps to follow for using the technique – 

  1. Sit in a crouch position while folding your legs
  2. Place the baby lying on your legs
  3. Put the head of the baby on one of your knees
  4. Push the breast outward and dangle the nipple in your baby mouth.

8. Nursing in a sling

This position is best when you are outside from home. It is one of convenient breast feeding techniques when you are looking after an older child. Steps for using the technique – 

  1. Wrap your baby while using some clothing
  2. Sling the baby on your baby and both mother and baby tummy should touch
  3. Put one arm beneath your baby
  4. Put your breast out and pull the baby up for latching

9. Back lying

This is one of the comfortable breast feeding techniques especially for the mothers with C-section. But lying back can reduce and slow the flow of milk. Steps to follow for using the technique – 

  1. Lay down and put your baby on your tummy
  2. Put one arm on baby’s back and one beneath the hips
  3. Pull the baby upward gently
  4. Let him latch out

Now you know all about breast feeding techniques for your new born baby. Which technique did you try to breast feed your baby?

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