A post birth control syndrome is a group of symptoms that will arise within 4-6 months after discontinuation of oral contraceptives. The post birth control syndrome can be drastic and due to hormonal imbalance, there may be a total loss of your periods and appearance of acne and hair loss.

The acne and hair loss can be terrible but in addition to that, there is a lot more damage that can happen to your body for which you need to be really concerned. There can be huge side effects of post birth control syndrome. Birth control methods include IUDs, rings, birth control pills, and implants. 

Post Birth Control Syndrome Symptoms

There can be various symptoms of Post birth control syndrome.

  • Amenorrhea – This term is also known as loss of menstruation. In some studies, it was shown that about 3-6% of the women will never come back to regular periods after taking birth control methods.
  • Irregular periods – After discontinuation of birth control methods the woman can suffer from irregular periods that include heavy bleeding, short menstruation cycle, and severe pain.
  • Changes in the body – The women suffering from PBCS can gain weight and breast size may change as well as she will find difficulty in losing weight.
  • Mood swings – The women may go into depression and become anxious. The mood swings change regularly.
  • Digestion problems – PBCS women can suffer from diarrhea, constipation, gas, and food will not digest properly.
  • Immune imbalance – Due to hormonal changes immunity decreases and she can prone to many diseases easily.
  • Acne – After discontinuing the birth control methods the women can suffer from severe post birth control syndrome acne problems which may last up for a longer time.
  • Hair loss – The women who took the anti-androgen pill, hair loss is common in those women.

Post Birth Control Syndrome Causes

PBCS can be caused by the side effects of pills or oral contraceptives and birth control methods which change the whole function of the reproductive system and imbalance hormones of the body. The function of ovaries stops after the discontinuation of birth control methods and women can suffer from severe infections. 

Is Post Birth Control Syndrome Real?

In studies, it is shown that the majority of women suffer from Post-birth control syndrome. The drugs which women intake for controlling birth are designed to change the entire function of the reproductive system. The functioning of ovaries disbalances and ovulation stops. The side effects like anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, etc., can occur when you discontinue birth control methods. 

The side effects of birth control methods discontinuation can be scarier like cancer, heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes. The symptoms of Post Birth Control Syndrome are not in your hand. It is not necessary that every woman suffers from PBCS after discontinuation of birth control methods but most of the women suffer from this disorder. If a woman is taking pills or using any birth control methods, then she should always read about all the pros and cons properly before starting to use it because it can be dangerous for her life and destroy her future. 

How to Treat Post Birth Control Syndrome Naturally?

There are natural methods through which you can treat Post Birth Control Syndrome. The women should follow these methods a few months before they stop using birth control methods. This will help more to treat PBCS naturally and easily. The natural methods also give benefits after discontinuation of birth control.

1. Optimize nutrition and deficiencies 

The birth control methods change the function of the hormone in your body which mainly imbalance and depletes the key nutrients from the body. Intake nutrients properly before you stop using hormonal birth control. It will take a few months to recover.

  • Eat a diet full of plant foods which include dark green leafy vegetables, and also intake red meat, nuts, juicy fruits so that nutrient deficiency of the body is balanced.
  • Take nutrient supplements like multivitamin tablets.
  • Don’t try to skip any meal and intake a balanced meal with a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

2. Maintain hormonal balance

Check basal body temperature (BBT) regularly which will update you about your hormonal levels and recovery of ovulation. Eat healthy food for supporting your liver so that your body immunity increases and becomes strong. The PBCS suffering women should daily eat fiber for proper bowel movements. This will help in eliminating excess hormones from the body and reduce digestion problems. 

3. Reset circadian rhythms

It’s important to take proper sleep to maintain hormonal balance. Refresh yourself by listening to music and doing your hobby which will help in maintaining your circadian rhythms. The proper sleep time is very important for your body so never try to sleep late if you are suffering from PBCS. 

4. Reduce stress

The woman needs to maintain her emotional balance as syndrome can become chronic with every passing month. You can manage stress by doing yoga, meditation, prayer, etc. Due to so many hormonal changes in the body, women can suffer from stress and depression. Physical exercises, deep breathing are the things through which you can reduce stress levels. 

5. Restore gut health 

As we have discussed in the above steps, a balanced diet, maintaining hormonal balance, and reducing stress levels can restore gut health as well. The damage of the gut is a major symptom of PBCS but time will restore gut health with proper intake of nutrients. 

Post Birth Control Syndrome
Post Birth Control Syndrome

6. Time to get recover from PBCS

The women suffering from Post birth control syndrome need to be patient as recovery from PBCS can take up to a full year or more. Recovery from PBCS is not a quick process. The body needs some time to get back to its original function and hormones also need time for maintaining proper balance in your body. Some results become visible after 3-4 months. 


The precaution is the best option for any disorder. If you are in continuation of hormonal birth control intake, then pre-treat yourself first by maintaining hormonal balance.

Start doing the above natural treatment methods before stopping to use birth control methods. It will help the body to heal and balance your hormones. This will also minimize the symptoms and restore gut health. The balanced meals along with some nutrients supplements will recover your body. The pre-treatment will always give more and the best benefits. 

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