As you approach the end of your first trimester, you are slowly becoming used to being pregnant. At 10 weeks pregnant, you have been through the initial disbelief, the immediate excitement, the heavy sense of responsibility with fleeting anxieties, and now, a firm determination is settling over you.

You’re still scared, you’re still not sure if you can do this well, but you’re going to give it all you got and make it a very healthy pregnancy. Just that, in so many ways, is already enough.

Around this time, more and more changes are happening. Your baby has officially graduated from an embryo to a fetus, which means that it is growing each day, slowly resembling the child you will soon welcome in this world. Both you and the baby are doing their best side-by-side, supporting each other in this journey together.

Even when you feel alone and emotional, remember that your baby is the closest you in these 40 weeks, more than anyone else in your life. This baby knows everything that happens inside of you, it eats from the food you eat, it grows stronger as you grow stronger. As small and fragile the baby may be, it is with you in this whole process, believing in you. Together, you can do this well.

Pregnancy Week: 10

10 weeks pregnant baby size is that of a kumquat, around 1.2 inches long or more and 0.14 ounces in weight, officially a fetus. This 10 weeks pregnant baby size holds a lot of important systems inside, such as all the developed vital organs and the placenta beginning to function.

The hands and feet are now separating into individual digits and even the eyelids begin to close! With the facial features becoming more and more distinct, many small things such as tooth buds are appearing, plus your baby can now swallow. 

You may gain a couple of pounds this week if your morning sickness isn’t interfering. Doctors usually say to gain between one to five pounds total in the first trimester, for those with normal BMI. If you are pregnant with twins, your doctor may recommend gaining one pound per week.

The exciting news is that the 10 weeks pregnant baby size is enough to start forming a bump, which means that you now have started showing a little of that 10 weeks pregnant belly. Though others may not yet be able to tell that you are pregnant, you may start feeling the added curves on your 10 weeks pregnant belly. Your uterus is preparing to cushion your baby as it slowly grows, which means that this is only the beginning and your bump will only grow more! 

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As time goes on, your body is showing newer changes as it prepares itself for carrying the growing baby. Your 10 weeks pregnant symptoms can be discomforting, especially if you have had the luck to not have any uncomfortable symptoms early on.

Pregnancy Week 10
Pregnancy Week 10

It is important to give your body the time it needs to adjust, even if you feel like a long time has passed. Don’t try to force yourself to feel all okay if what you are feeling is extremely exhausted. You may not be strong in the way you were before, but with time, you will learn to be strong in the way you can right now.

1. Abdominal pain

With your abdomen stretching to accommodate the baby, you may feel the sensation of it, often painful enough to be called “round ligament pain”. If you are pregnant with twins, then this ache can be even more intense. If you find yourself concerned over your discomfort, call your OB immediately to discuss it with them.

2. Growing breasts

As your body prepares for future breastfeeding, your breasts will grow even more in size, soon requiring you to get more looser, comfortable clothing and bigger bras.

3. Mood swings

You can feel easily irritable under the pressuring combination of the change in hormones and stress. You can find yourself in tears over the smallest inconvenience. So, it is important to be even more patient with yourself right now.

4. Morning sickness

One of the most common 10 weeks pregnant symptoms is the persistent morning sickness that can range from mild to severe, making it difficult to keep down any food. Still, you need nutrition, so try to go for foods that are easy on your stomach.

5. Fatigue

You’re now carrying the weight of you and it is normal to feel worn out easier than before. It is essential to maintain a healthy sleep schedule so your body can recover its energy throughout the night.

6. Constipation and heartburn

With the ongoing changes, you can experience digestive troubles such as constipation as well as uncomfortable heartburn. Eat foods that are rich in fibre because they can relieve these symptoms. You can discuss food choices with your doctor, to achieve a balance between healthy and comfortable.

7. Vaginal discharge

Increased blood flow to the vagina paired with higher estrogen production leads to clear, odourless discharge, which is normal. However, if it is colored or tinged with blood, having a foul odour, then it is important to call your OB immediately to find out the cause.

8. Visible veins

You may start to see prominent veins over parts of your body, such as the breasts and abdomen due to the extra blood circulating for your baby.

10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At the 10 weeks pregnant, you may have already had your first prenatal appointment. If you weren’t able to hear a heartbeat before, then at the 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you may have a chance to hear it. Your baby is now a fetus and is forming all its major organs such as lungs, heart, brain, etc.

The arm joints are working, which means that the baby is kicking inside, even if you can’t feel it yet. Details such as the fingernails and hair have started growing. Your baby can now swallow too!

Pregnancy Week 10
Pregnancy Week 10

Along with the 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you could have chosen to have some genetic testing done, to spot the presence of certain risk factors. Between weeks 10 and 14, a test known as nuchal translucency screening can be done, where the risks of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome is calculated.

This is done through an ultrasound, based on the baby’s nuchal fold, which is at the back of the neck. Then, a non-invasive prenatal test is also usually done where blood is drawn to determine risks of abnormalities.

If you are at a higher risk of abnormality, tests such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis can be scheduled. For CVS, which is done between week 10 and 13, an ultrasound is used to determine the placenta’s location, from where cells are drawn to be tested for abnormalities. If you opt for amniocentesis, then it will probably happen much later, around week 15.

Self-Care Tips for being 10 Weeks Pregnant

As you progress in your pregnancy, you need to adapt to newer ways of taking care of your changing body.

Pregnancy Week 10
Pregnancy Week 10

Follow the doctor’s advice

After the first prenatal appointment, your doctor has probably given you some tips which you must make sure to follow the best you can. Write down the questions that pop into your mind to ask on your next visit and call to ask if anything urgent comes up.

Schedule testing

If you have been recommended some extra testing such as CVS, then make sure to schedule a suitable date and time for it, along with any other kind of genetic testing.

Diet and Vitamins

If your morning sickness has begun fading, then you should get more serious about your diet by asking your doctor about what foods you should eat to ensure proper nutrients for the baby. Make sure to continue taking your prenatal vitamins and ask your doctor about any other supplements that they recommend.

Comfortable clothes

It may not yet be time for the maternity dresses, but start going for the bigger pants and bras that can hold your growing body more comfortably, especially since you will only gain more weight with time.


You need to be more cautious about your hygiene and take certain measures such as avoiding cleaning your cat’s litter box if you have one. Cat faeces can have certain harmful germs that may infect both you and your baby. You can take care of your cat in other ways, but step down from litter duty as of now.

Safe exercise 

If you had an active lifestyle before pregnancy, it can be hard to sit still in one place, even if your body is exhausted. But before trying out any exercises, ask your doctor for what is safe and what needs to be avoided. There are many exercises specially catered towards pregnant women such as certain types of yoga. However, before trying anything, always confirm with your OB because they know best.

As you grow more confident in this journey, you can start to feel the true strength that lives inside of you. Appreciate yourself and be proud of each week that you conquer because you are doing it hand in hand with your baby, together.

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