Understanding the psyche and mindset of your partner is as hard and arduous, as understanding the left and right sides of one’s own brain. Sex is a two-way action, and like women, men too expect and wish women to know things like what pleases them, what they want her to do, what turns them on. Often, men complain about women not paying attention to their needs and desires and being selfish.

10 Men's Wish Women Knew About Sex 

We list a few things that men wish women have an idea about to make sex an enjoyable experience altogether:

1. Mentally Satisfied

It’s a period, where both are indulged to enjoy each other being closest, without any worry or hassle. It’s the most important and valuable time for him as well, as he wants to pour, the best empathy, tell the best stories and shower the best feelings. Pre-sex cuddling is more important for him than the post-coital which women should know about sex with theirs partner.

2. Men Like Responses

The phenomenon invites responses, so is the sex. They love to hear, their presence of being so close, partner enjoying the togetherness, their performances and you having a recipient of having a mesmerizing and a flying start, plunging into the pool of aromatic plants and an ever winning finish followed by care and quench the thirst.

3. Warming Up

Warming up opens up the needs and connects both for giving more and taking little. Sex is an ever-growing and learning skill. Showing enthusiasm, vocal as well as with actions is widely accepted by the masculine DNA. Men expect to talk dirty, harsh and periodically.

4. Accompany the company

Equal participation between the two arouses the fantasies and sexual desires. Indulgence in sex is a slow, soft and sensual act. Demanding a particular dress up, a favorite positional experiment, watching porn together are few ways to live and see his fantasies played out.

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5. Fit and Healthy

A healthy body releases positive vibes. Slim and toned is just only a benefit of eating healthy and regular exercise, it also blesses you with better skin, shade, shine, and energy. The better she feels about her health, the more innovative, confident, charming and experimental she will be with his man, and much more his man will be around her which women should know about sex.

6. Be Funny

Everyone likes to have fun, and he is no exception. Laughter releases the hormone Oxytocin, responsible for strengthening bonds and bringing couples together. Making him laugh, by way of jokes, teasing each other gently and remembrance of old comedies and at times flirting, makes him feel special, sexy and wanted.

7. Cuddle Puddle

Men also undergo stress, pain, aches, and trauma. He loves to relax, forget the past and stay in bliss for last. While she needs him to kiss her neck, touch her breasts, pamper the bottom and play with lower lips, he, on the other hand, likes his hairs to be combed, scaling his legs, kissing chest and back. His organ isn’t the only possession which women should know about sex.

8. Communication is the key

 A man wants to know, what you enjoy most. At times, it may make you feel good, but in reality, he wants to see you orgasm. Don’t be hesitant to ask what you need, be it the foreplay, romance, arousal, seduction or oral. Most men crib their partners as being linear and indifferent. Men love feedback. The feedback makes them charged up. Often, they multiply their efforts when their woman says responds well.

Men's wish
Men's wish

9. Open to Innovations

Giving wings to fantasies is experimental and invites innovation. The introduction of sex toys and gadgets can largely stimulate sexual desires. A vibrator or a multi dice can keep the variety alive which women should know about sex.

10. Acceptance

Though looks matter most for catching the attention, when it comes to having sex, it’s no longer necessary. Men love natural and mental beauty, and mind it, he is very crude and raw. Though he fantasizes about swimsuit models, hardly he compares you with any.

These are the basic things, men wish women knew about sex.  Men love indulging in activities and make the woman feel pleased and happy during and after the act. Variety keeps the relationship alive and enthusiastic. Men don’t want to do the things the woman doesn’t enjoy, but at least give a fleeting thought to their desired flames. So next time when you hit it with your man, make sure you make the experience enjoyable and pleasurable for both by following the above golden rules! 

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