Pregnancy is a brilliant and happy yet stressful phase of a woman’s life. Receiving beautiful gifts and surprises during these times can cheer her up. Choosing a perfect baby shower gift can be very difficult.

Baby shower, a great time to give some amazing gifts, play some interesting games, and treat your pregnant wife, sister, friend, or your close relative. Confused about what to give them on their special day before they give birth to their little one? 

We have made a list of some useful and cute baby shower gift ideas which will make their day! 

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Giving a gift to a newbie mom should be unique and something she didn’t expect. It needs to be useful or something she and the baby can relish for a long time. Here are some unique, useful, cute, and interesting baby shower gift ideas for soon-to-be or new moms. 

1. Beautiful Maternity Clothes for the Mom

Finding the perfect maternity clothes is a hassle and a pregnant woman won’t really like shopping hours to find maternity clothes, it can be very tiring. So, it’s a great chance to relieve her stress to find those maternity clothes.

Baby Shower Gift Idea
Baby Shower Gift Idea

Surprise the mom-to-be with some cute and comfortable maternity clothes. You can make a whole gift basket of different types of maternity clothes for different occasions. Make sure the clothes are comfortable because most pregnant women prefer comfort over style. 

2. Soft Pillows for the Baby 

Babies sleep for a whole day so it’s a great idea to gift some cute and lovely printed pillows for the baby. There are various pillows available which are very convenient for the baby to secure in the cradle.

Plus, the colors and kiddie prints look really cute and adorable. Mothers do love gifts that are useful for their babies. So, do not hesitate to buy some cute pillows as a baby shower gift. 

3. Some Cute Costumes for the Baby

Most parents love having a photoshoot for their babies. For this, a unique costume for the baby can be very handy and a cute thing to gift. Nowadays, costumes are very trendy. Parents find it adorable to suit up their little one in unique and cute costumes, especially of their favorite fiction movie character.

So, you can gift costumes which are comfortable and can be great apparel for some fancy baby photoshoots.  

4. A Hamper with Dry Fruits and Nuts for the Mom

A gift of good health. Giving a cute gift box with a lot of dry fruits and nuts can be one of the great baby shower gifts for moms. During pregnancy, the mother needs to be healthy and energetic. Not just during pregnancy but the care of the baby requires a lot of energy. 

Dry fruits and nuts like dates and cashews are rich in minerals and nutrients, so what can be a better option for a baby shower gift than this? Instead of sugary chocolates, try giving some healthy surprises as a baby shower gift. 

5. A Relaxing Spa Gift Box for the Mom

What else can be more calming and comforting for a pregnant lady than a relaxing spa day? You can surprise her with some spa goodies which can be used at home easily without any hassle.

A Relaxing Spa Gift Box for the Mom
A Relaxing Spa Gift Box for the Mom

A spa can relieve aches and pains that come with pregnancy and post-pregnancy. This is a great gift for a mom-to-be to take some time for herself. You can add a coupon or a gift card to her favorite spa spot. This can really make her day! 

6. Cute Soft Toys for the Baby

This is one of the popular and great baby shower gift ideas. Babies grow fast and the parents will need some soft and eye-catching toys for their babies. It’s one of the best baby shower gifts to make the parents’ day.

A cute plush toy that looks like an animal, princess, or any other cute character can do the work. Don’t forget to check if they are safe for babies. This is a basic yet a great baby shower gift.  

7. Baby Carrier 

A baby carrier is very useful for the parents. For an outing, baby carriers are handy to stay hands-free with your baby. It can be easily put inside a car’s backseat.

Plus, babies are safe and stay happy in this. They can enjoy the pretty sky and nature. No doubt, every mom-to-be would love to have this. So, it’s one of the best baby shower gifts you can give to your close one who’s pregnant. 

8. Comfy Robe for the Mom

Comfortable things including clothes, blankets, or cushions are the favorite of pregnant women. Robes are absolutely comfortable and can be worn for those early mornings and late nights.

Comfy Robe for the Mom
Comfy Robe for the Mom

It’s winter season, so make sure you buy a warm and soft robe for them. Robes are cozy and relaxing, so every mom-to-be would love to have it in their wardrobe

9. A No-Contact Thermometer 

This one might not be cute but it’s definitely a useful gift to give a mom-to-be. As the pandemic is on the surge, thermometers are absolutely necessary. It’s important to check fever all the time not just for your baby but for the parents too.

A no-contact thermometer can check water and surface temperature too, so the parents would be thanking you to surprise them with this handy gift. 

10. Parenting and Poem Books for the Mom and the Baby

Parenthood is an overwhelming phase of life. Moms love reading books when they are pregnant, especially the parenting ones. These books can guide and help parents during their parenthood phase. So, find the perfect book, particularly focusing on her concern, and surprise her with this perfect book.

These were some amazing baby shower gifts for moms and moms-to-be. Make sure whatever you give her fulfills her needs and makes her cheerful during these tough and painful times.

Remind her how special and powerful she is and bring her some flowers or her favorite chocolates (because pregnant women love chocolates) with the gift you choose, it can undoubtedly make her day. 

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