When it comes to fashion there are a variety of uncountable ways it can offer. Fashion is a transient concept of expression through personal style and changes every passing second. With billions of people in this world and billions of minds, a concept like fashion can differ from person to person. 

However, not everyone can afford to keep up with so many new creative clothing varieties that come to the floors every day. It rather makes one higgledy-piggledy to choose a single piece of clothing that is fashionable enough to keep up with the trends. 

If you are also a confused soul and can’t keep up with the constantly changing trends, you can always go with the must-haves and some staple pieces that will never let you down. We have brought to you a few clothing pieces that have glowing reviews on Amazon and would never go out of style in the foreseeable future. 

Wardrobe Basics Checklist

Below is the list of top wardrobe basics:

1. Amazon Brand – Symbol Women’s Regular Fit T-Shirt

Wardrobe Basics
Wardrobe Basics

When talking about a must-have in a girl’s wardrobe, a basic t-shirt undoubtedly always comes first. Every fashion influencer recommends the same. Even the world’s highest-paid supermodel, Kendall Jenner is a huge fan of basics and is often seen sporting basic or casual wear in her pap pictures. Especially, on days when you can’t figure out what to wear, pulling a basic t-shirt would be the best solution. 

The best thing about basic shirts or t-shirts is that they can be worn in any season and paired with anything. Be it a skirt, shorts, or pants, it works well with everything and anything. 

This round neck t-shirt is exactly what we are talking about. It is 97% made up of cotton and 3% of spandex. The material is very soft and slightly stretchable, making this t-shirt fit perfectly on your body. The lightness of this t-shirt makes it very comfortable to wear any time of the day. Also, the texture is thick which makes this t-shirt long-lasting. It can be worn as a part of your night suit, gym wear, or even regular wear. It is very versatile and stylish in every look. 

Get this t-shirt today and ace all your looks with just one basic touch!

2. TRASA Ultra Soft Cotton Churidar Solid Regular Leggings

Wardrobe Basics
Wardrobe Basics

After bras, the most difficult clothing piece that takes the longest time to find is black bottoms. Even your love life wouldn’t have so many struggles or filters that women generally have while buying the perfect black leggings. It is one of the most basic clothing articles yet the hardest to pick. Almost every woman has browsed dozens of stores and hundreds of shopping websites to find that one black legging. 

Well, your search ends right here! We have found a match for you. A match that is so perfect even tinder or marital sites wouldn’t be able to find for you. This pair of black leggings is where all your worries end. The material used in this legging is 95 % super combed cotton and 5 % Lycra. Unlike other mainstream brands that use 2-way lycra, this one uses a 4 feeder 4-way Invistalycra which provides a good stretch. Hence, these leggings are pretty stretchable. Also, the waistband is very flexible and stretchy. 

There is no chance that this pair of leggings will give you size issues like most of the other leggings. Other than that, the material of the legging is very light and lets your skin breathe.

The fabric of these leggings is bio-washed and no harsh chemicals are used, thus giving it long durability. Additionally, this black legging is the perfect shade of black that would suit all your paired outfits. It can be worn with a chic Kurti, shirt, or top. It can ace every outfit, be it a formal one, ethnic, or even regular. 

3. Amayra Women’s Cotton Straight Kurta

Wardrobe Basics
Wardrobe Basics

Wearing Indian ethnic wear can be troublesome at times. Most of them have such heavy work done on them that it drenches us with sweat within minutes of wearing it. Forget about enjoying the event we want to attend, we can’t even breathe peacefully wearing such dresses. Also, the maintenance they require is too much. The heavier and fancier the dress, it is directly proportional to the maintenance it requires. The golden and unbreakable rule of fashion is one must be comfortable in their clothes. That is clearly not the scene with these heavy ethnic wears. 

This kurta is the one anti-dote we all need. It saves us from all the event hours and post-event hours maintenance and efforts that heavy dresses require. It is made up of cotton and lets your skin breathe in peace comfortably. Also, it is so light that you wouldn’t need extra manpower to drag it around with you. This blue color Kurta with simple floral prints on it gives you a chic and stylish look. 

This kurta is traditional with a touch of modern vibe to it. Especially, the rich color and design make it wearable for every kind of event. You can wear them as formal wear, traditional wear, or even everyday wear. It rocks all these looks. You can club this kurta with a pair of jeans, palazzo, or even leggings. 

Get this kurta today and enjoy the traditional look with comfort and style. 

4. Amazon Brand – Symbol Women’s Sweatshirt

Wardrobe Basics
Wardrobe Basics

Sweatshirts are that one piece of must has clothing that offers utmost comfort with style. They can be worn in movies, airports, or even every day as regular wear. But in India, we have to wait around till the winters show up, otherwise, we would be drenched with sweat if we wore a sweatshirt. The reason most of us love winter so much is that we get to wear hoodies and sweatshirts during this time. 

Now you don’t need to wait around for winters to pull off those hoodies or sweatshirts that you love. This sweatshirt is made up of 55% Polyester and 45% cotton. Hence, the fabric is breathable and can be worn on moderate weather days too.

The fabric is so soft and cozy that you wouldn’t want to take it off. It also provides you with warmth on cold days. Wearing this cool sweatshirt would give you the most stylish look with minimal efforts. You can club it with a pair of joggers, shorts, skirts, or jeans, however, you like. Get this cool sweatshirt today and kick it!

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