Baby Shower Games!!! Pregnancy is a complicated journey and it is quite challenging. When the due date for delivery is almost nearby, everyone waits for the baby to arrive with great anticipation. It is a time to celebrate this moment and the journey which brings a new life into this world. 

Celebration of this beautiful journey where a woman becomes a mother is done in every culture all over the world. The expecting mothers are showered with gifts by their friends, family, and loved ones and everyone rejoices over the soon to arrive baby.

Fun Baby Shower Games

A big part of baby showers is the playing of different games to have some jovial moments. If you are organizing a baby shower and not sure what games to include, you have come to the right place. I’ve handpicked a few fun baby shower games which everyone will love to participate in and play.

1. The Memory Game

Rule: The participants have to look over a table full of at least 20 baby items for a whole two minutes and memorize the view. After that, they have to note down as many items they can recall from the table. The participant with the highest number wins the game and believes it is one of the best fun Baby Shower Games.

2. Listing Out Songs Game

Rule: To play this game, you have to ask your guests to divide into groups. Each group has to come up with real songs with the word “Baby” in its title. A time period of three minutes maximum will be given to the participants to think of the songs. The group that can come up with the highest number of songs wins the game.

3. Guess The Baby Item Game

Rule: Firstly, you will need a paper bag for each baby item and you have to number the bags as well. Pass the bag one by one among the participants and they have to guess the item inside the bag only by feeling the item from outside the bag. Peeking inside the bag is not allowed. The participant with the highest correct guesses wins the game.

4. The Blindfold Feeding Game

Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

Rule: This game requires two participants at a time. One of them will be blindfolded and given a spoon and baby food; the other participant will have to eat from their blindfolded partner. The blindfolded participant cannot be guided verbally by anyone. So, this will be one funny and messy feeding game. Or else, both the participants can also be blindfolded which will make the game more hilarious.

5. Listing The Young One Of The Animals

Rule: For this, you have to make a list of at least 20 animals against which the participants will write the answer. To make the game interesting and a bit difficult, include names of animals which we hardly think of or talk about in our daily lives. But of course, avoid making the game too hard otherwise, your guests will give up easily. So, in the end, the participant with the highest correct answers will win the game.

6. The Jumbled Word Game

Rule: Make a list of 20-25 baby items and jumble up the letters of each word. Make photocopies of this list and handover to each participant. The participants have to write the correct word against each jumbled word. The participant with the most correct words will win the game.

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7. Listing Famous Child Celebrities Game

Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

Rule: All the participants have to write down the names of child celebrities. The participant with the highest number of names will win the game.

8. Identify The Celebrities In Their Baby Version Game

Rule: For this, you have to print out the baby photos of popular celebrities. The participants have to guess and identify celebrities correctly. To make the game fun, you can ask the participants to play in groups. 

9. Pictionary Game

Rule: For this, you will need to get a whiteboard and a marker for the participants. The participants will be given pregnancy or baby-related phrases or movie names. They will have to make the others understand by drawing the hint given on the whiteboard. 

10. Mad Libs

Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

Rule: To keep the party going on, you can also play the pregnancy-related mad libs game. Standard mad libs games for baby showers are available in stores and online as well. The participants have to fill in the gaps with words of their choice and relay the complete sentences in the form of advice to the expecting mom. Mads libs are always hilarious in every way and you should include this one in your game list.

A baby shower is a celebratory occasion to welcome a new life. The games are only played to lighten up the mood and for enjoyment. To make the guests happier on winning the games they should be given prizes and consolation prizes to all the other participants who tried their best. 

Have Fun♥

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