The working mom vs. stay-at-home mom is a debate that we have had for years. Once you become a mother, your life will never be the same again. However, one thing is clear. In our times, working mothers aren’t given the support or respect they deserve. Our culture prioritizes parenting so much that being a mother and working at the same time is hardly up for negotiation. Hard-working moms need and deserve endless support. Of course, being a mother isn’t easy. But, we can all agree that working moms have it harder. 

In many cases, being a working mother isn’t a choice. It’s the reality for many women. Besides, it shouldn’t be a choice per se. No woman should trade their job or their kids for the other. 

working mother
working mother

Despite the chaos and the pressure, the fruits of being a mother are always sweet! On that note, let’s explore what it really means to be a working mom! 

10 Truths of Being A Working Mom

If you have ever wondered what it really means to be a working mom, you are not the only one! Here are 10 truths of being a working mom and juggling between kids and work. 

1. Work is easier than parenting

You may think that it’s the other way round, but not really! For most working people, work is predictable. Work acts like an outlet for ambition, creativity, deadlines are designed to be thrived upon, and the rewards are worth it. Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t work on deadlines and neither is it predictable. When you raise kids, curveballs will be thrown your way at any point, and you won’t see them coming. 

2. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed

All moms are supermoms, and no one has it easy. But, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are a working mom. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that this is normal and it’s not your fault. No one has their life together, and we are certain that you are doing your best! 

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3. Being a parent makes you a better person

Being a parent and raising kids makes moms better people. This is for working moms and stay-at-homes alike. There are many parts to a person they don’t discover unless they become parents. No other experience in your life will be able to teach you how capable you are of loving and forgiving someone. Being a parent is truly a delight. 

4. Working moms are good role models

By no means are we saying that stay-at-home moms are bad role models, but things are a little different? According to research by Kathleen McGinn, the daughters of working moms grow up to be higher-achieving, and the sons are more likely to share household chores. Additionally, by being a working mom, you will be able to give your children a sense of independence from a tender age. This will boost their self-confidence and they will understand their worth. 

5. Being a working mom can enrich your marriage 

There is better truth in the fact that fathers and other family members tend to take stay-at-home moms for granted. That is hardly the case with working moms. When both parents are working, they have mutual understanding and this creates a healthy balance in the marriage. Your husband will understand what you are going through and will help you go through it. In the long run, this also helps in keeping the intimacy and spark alive. 

6. You can ignore the conventional standards of housekeeping 

The best job for working moms is to avoid high standards of domestic duty. Your tables don’t always need to wear tablecloths, your silverware doesn’t need to be extraordinarily polished, and so on. By being a working mom you can get away with some of this. We all know that you are trying to keep the household as tight as possible. 

7. Your kids will get to spend more time with their dad

When both the parents are working, it usually means that the dad has to be more involved in the day-to-day household activities. Most men opt out of the dad duties any chance they get and especially if they know their wives are around to clean up after them. But, when you have a job that requires almost the same hours as your husband, your husband knows that he has to contribute more. Therefore, the kids get to have their dad around more. This builds a holistic father-child relationship. 

8. Being a working mom more adds discipline

By being a working mom, not only are you going to be more disciplined, but even your children will learn discipline. Going to work every morning and coming home at the same time every night will enforce a military-precision discipline. Your kids will grow up to be ruthlessly efficient. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

9. You will be able to afford a little more luxury

One of the best advantages of being a working mom is that it makes you a financially independent woman. The very fact that you bring money into the household will give you the confidence boost you need, and also allow for an occasional splurge here and there. Of course, being a stay-at-home mom is no less taxing, but when you have an income, you don’t need to be answerable to anyone about your money. 

10. Your kids will grow up just fine

Most women trade their careers for their kids because they think that being more present will help with the kid’s growth. That is debatable. Even if you are a working mom, you can be sure that your kids will grow up just fine. Your kids won’t grow up spoilt or thinking that they are the center of the universe. Instead, they’ll grow up to be responsible and accountable adults. They will be well-adjusted, kind, and reasonable. 

These were 10 truths that define what it really means to be a working mom. When you are a working mom, you get to show kids what women are capable of. There is nothing more maternal or powerful than that. 

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