Balancing work with your personal life is tough for everyone, but more so for working women or not. Be it meeting deadlines or giving sufficient time to your kids and family, women are expected to somehow do it all. Amidst all this, things might get a little tricky, and you may feel overwhelmed. 

Only 19.9% of the labor force in India is made of women as of now. The number of working women is increasing every day. In recent times, more women are breaking cultural and societal norms and making a career for themselves. 

Survival Tips for Working Women 

Splitting your daily chores with your spouse or other family members is helpful, of course, but are you still stressed and feel out of place? Do you still feel overworked and lost about how to maintain the perfect work-personal life balance? We got you! Read on.

1. Be Optimistic

Positive thinking goes a long way than just helping you cope with your work life. It increases life span, lowers the rate of depression and anxiety, betters cardiovascular health, and betters your coping skills during difficult times. Being optimistic will also help you stay stress-free and happy. 

A healthy lifestyle and a good laugh often make it easier to think positively. Be it a meeting that went wrong or a deadline you couldn’t meet, fussing and being pessimistic about it will only decelerate your ability to cope up with your problems. Reading working women quotes can help you think positively, remind you about your goals and keep you motivated. Every time something goes haywire, take a deep breath and remind yourself to think positively. Your outlook on life and problems completely transform and help you accept things and not fret over insignificant issues. 

2. Exercise 

Most working women experience better productivity when they keep themselves healthy and fit. There is no other replacement for productivity, be it intake of nourishing, low-fat food or hitting the gym every day for a couple of hours. Taking care of yourself is the best form of self-love. 


Exercising regularly also helps increase your concentration levels and improves job performance. It also releases feel-good hormones that elevate your mood and your energy levels. Taking out a couple of hours can do wonders for your health and help you cope with work-related stress

3. Start your Day Early

With a million things to take care of and a million responsibilities, waking up late and rushing to the office is not the ideal thing to do. Something as simple as either meditating or making yourself breakfast the first thing in the morning gives a great headstart to your day. 

You’ll have plenty of time to get your chores done, to work on yourself, and have some alone time. It also helps you sleep better. The quality of sleep is also better when you go to bed early. For hard-working women, starting their days early makes everything easier with more time to focus on things. Balancing work and personal life is stress-free.

4. New Interests and Hobbies

Are you bored of the monotonous life? Need something new to change things for you, something that you would want to do to relax and have fun at the same time? Why not pick up a new hobby or interest. 

If there are things you’ve always wanted to do but somehow ended up never doing them because of your busy schedule, then now is the time. Working for long hours and not giving yourself time to relax will only make you feel overworked and exhausted. Be it golfing, baking, or even painting, go get your supplies, join an interest group, and get started. It will give you time to relax your mind and have fun.

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5. Make Time for Yourself

No matter that the deadline is, no matter the workload, taking time for yourself is very important. Take yourself out on a date, cook yourself your favorite meal, or even go for long walks. Do what you love and spend time with yourself. Doing it all can be overwhelming, but working women need to have a proper balance. Balance comes from making time for yourself and the things that you love. 

6. Accept Mishaps 

Made a small mistake? Missed a deadline, or did you forget to pack lunch for yourself? It’s normal to forget things and make small mistakes. Fretting over them and self-criticizing yourself is not healthy, and it affects your mental well-being. Let yourself make mistakes, forgive and be kind to yourself. Accept your mishaps and accept the fact that you can’t always be perfect. Remind yourself that you’re human and you’re allowed to make mistakes.

7. Prioritize Comfort 

Hard-working women need to prioritize comfort. Working long hours in offices also means having to stay in the office for long hours. Wearing heels for eight hours is not advisable, especially for your physical well-being. Shoes for working women are the best way out for comfort. They are comfortable and make you focus on your work better rather than worrying about the pain caused by wearing heels for prolonged periods. 

8. Make Time for Your Loved Ones

Human beings are social beings. Without social interaction, you feel lonely and out of place. Regardless of how busy you are, always remember to make time for the people you love. Social interaction is one of the most important things when it comes to your mental well-being. Working women often tend to overwork themselves and barely have time to spend with their family and friends. This is unhealthy, and it affects your peace of mind too. 

9. Don’t Stress over Petty Things

Worrying, overthinking, or stressing about petty things is only going to make your day worse. Let go of insignificant issues that crop up every day. Prioritize your mental health over everything. Working women experience includes a lot of difficulties. Keeping yourself calm and letting go of small issues is the only way to maintain your sanity and effectively balance your life. 

10. Make a To-Do List Every Morning

Making mental notes is not as effective as actually writing things down. Dedicate ten minutes of your time to make a to-do list right after you wake up. This helps you stay organized and plan your day prior so that you can avoid rushing to places. 

To-Do List
To-Do List

A to-do list goes a long way, especially for working women. Structure your life and plan accordingly to efficiently save time and make the most of your day productive. Always remember to prioritize your mental and physical health over your work. Remind yourself to take time and do the things you love and always make time for your loved ones. Happy working! 

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