The year 2020 has turned out to be a year of total chaos with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It has caused innumerable deaths, job loss, economic loss, and a complete disruption of our regular lives. Many companies and government offices have directed some of their existing employees to work from home to keep the economy running.  The concept of work from home may seem comforting since you don’t have to go out to work. Working from home can be a boon, but it can also hamper your working efficiency. 

Working from home can become tricky, especially when you stay with your family. What’s more tricky? Parents who are working from home with kids! Parents who have to work from home with kids find it most difficult to juggle their responsibilities as a parent and as an employee.

So, if you are also facing issues working from home with kids, no worries as we have come up with few useful tips that will answer the biggest question of this year, how to work from home with kids?

Tips for Moms Working At Home with Kids

Here are some of the most effective tips that will help you if you are working from home and have kids

1. Set a timetable

Create a work at home mom schedule according to your convenience, making peace with both your work and your role as a mom. It is hard to ignore your child fussing around you while you work. So, if your working hours are flexible, create a timetable in such a way that when your baby is up and needs you, you don’t have to work. Working from home with kids and creating a schedule may sound unlikely to work out for most parents. All you can do is try and see.

2. Take a room to make it your office space

If you are working from home, do it the right way. Choose a corner or location in your house and convert it into your workspace. Setting a workspace in your home will for sure help you work efficiently. 

Moms Working At Home with Kids
Moms Working At Home with Kids

In case, you have pre-teen and teen kids, you can tie a handkerchief to make them aware of your working hours.

3. Keep the kids engaged with activities

The truth is, no matter how organized you try to be while you are working from home with kids, always prepare for the unexpected. You may find yourself sometimes with your kids running around when they usually sleep at that time.  Now, how to work from home with kids who constantly seek your attention?

Moms Working At Home with Kids
Moms Working At Home with Kids

To escape from such possibilities, you can keep your kid busy with activities. Kids mostly try to seek our attention when they get bored, so give them something to stay intrigued. Keeping the kids busy is very important, or else you may end up like those viral videos where the parent is being interrupted by a kid during a video call.

4. Seek help from your loved ones

Working from home with kids is not a simple task to do. You may find yourself in a helpless situation, not being able to juggle your two different responsibilities successfully. You can also arrange video calls with your loved ones to interact with your kid and carry out fun online activities in the video chat as well.

5. Brace for some inconsistencies in your work productivity

There will be some obvious differences in your work productivity in comparison to the times before the outbreak of coronavirus. It is hard to make the kids understand the importance of your work. 

Your presence in the house means only one thing for them – you are available for them. Try to make them understand the current situation that we are living in and the importance of work. However, things will be most challenging for those who are working from home and looking after a baby at the same time as babies require special attention and care.

6. Wake up early when you are working from home with kids

The best way to maintain your efficiency in your work is to wake up early. Wake up earlier than your kids and try to meet your deadlines. This is the best possible way to work without any interruptions. 

It is also understandable that you may find it difficult to wake up early. You have to be determined to wake up early and keep your work-life sorted. If you have been wondering how to manage home and kids, try starting your day early. This way, you will be able to give time to your house chores and your work with ease.

Moms Working At Home with Kids
Moms Working At Home with Kids

7. Engage in recreational activities 

It is natural for everyone to feel a bit cranky during this lockdown. So, to keep your mind active and healthy, indulge in any recreational activity that calms the mind. Spend some quality time with your kids when you are free to bond and give them the attention they need. 

8. Yoga and working from home with kids

How to work from home with kids and stay sane? Try yoga, my friend! Practice yoga to train your mind to stay calm and productive. For some of us, yoga sounds boring, but once you are able to practice yoga with ease, you will be surprised by the results. Try this 40 minutes’ yoga routine and be amazed.

Bottom line

So, these are the few tricks for those moms who are working from home with kids during this pandemic. This lockdown and the forced work from home situation is something we have to learn to live with otherwise, we will lose our patience with time. It is also okay to feel overwhelmed and trapped during this pandemic, we all are going through the same thing. As mentioned earlier, resort to activities and hobbies that keep your mind fresh. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself, or your family, especially with your child.  Always remember, just like the night comes to an end with a beautiful morning; this pandemic situation that is making our lives hard will also end someday. So, until then, try to make this situation as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Life is unpredictable, and we never know what’s in for us in the future. So, all we would like to say is make your work from home easier with some ground rules.

Stay safe♥

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