Women’s self-defense is necessary. All the women on this planet should be well trained to keep themselves safe from sexual predators. The crime against women has increased in recent years. It is important to be strong physically and mentally. The traumas of such crimes leave scars for life.

Why should women learn martial arts? The answer is obvious. Martial arts for women is a must nowadays. The crimes and the plight of several women have encouraged many of us to learn martial arts. We need to protect ourselves. We cannot depend on others for our protection.

It has been suggested that from an early age girls should be made aware of good touch and bad touch. But this is not enough; they should be able to protect themselves when the situation arises.

We need to teach them how to defend themselves. A woman who knows martial art can save the life of other women as well.

Here we will describe some of the best martial arts for women.

Martial Arts For Women

Martial art is the combination of various techniques like grappling, kicking, punching, etc to defeat your opponent. There are several types of martial arts. Their basic purpose is the same, to discipline you and help you to defend yourself.

These martial arts for women have originated in different parts of the world. Hence, they have different names. Over the times they have been modified and changed. You can start teaching martial arts to your kid right from an early age.

The most important thing to learn from any martial art is to remain alert. You may be attacked from behind. The element of surprise should not make you lose focus. Therefore, it requires a lot of commitment and practice to master any martial art. 

Why Is It Important To Learn Martial Art?

There are so many benefits of martial arts for women.

  • It is important to defend yourself from any sexual predator. The number of reported cases of rape has increased in recent times. Women’s self-defence is important.
  • Many women become victims of acid attacks. We need to be careful of our surrounding and alert in every situation.
  • Women are put into prostitution. We need to defend our spirit. We need to fight against those who try to make us do things against our wills.
  • Honour killing is still prevailing in many parts of the world. You are an independent woman. You have your rights. You are not a liability. No one should harm you.
  • Female foeticide is another concern. A mother should be able to save the life of her infant daughter.
Women Martial Arts
Martial Arts
  • Many women are trafficked and sold as a commodity. We need to fight and get out of such a situation.
  • Martial art will teach you to focus all the anger in the right direction. It will be a great way to manage your anger.
  • Martial art is a great career option. Nowadays, more and more women are getting into martial arts and sports.
  • It is a great way to stay healthy.
  • It will help you in concentrating. Martial arts increase the span of your focus.
  • Other than being a great medium for women’s self-defence; martial art is about discipline.

Types Of Martial Arts For Women

Here we will cover some important martial arts techniques-

1. Karate

Karate is one of the best martial arts for women. Karate is a martial art from Japan. It is not difficult to learn. It has some great kicking techniques that would knock off your components. There are a lot of chop-chop movements in Karate. Karate is relatively more famous than any other forms of martial arts.

2. Jiu-jitsu

This has originated in China and Japan. This technique involves fighting close to your opponent. It generally involves getting hold of your opponent by leg or hand. Then they are pinned to the ground. It is practiced in India as well.

3. Judo

Judi has its origin in Japan. Jiu-jitsu is very similar to Judo. This involves grappling as well. Judo is again a famous martial art form.

4. Kung Fu

We are aware of Kung Fu as a martial art from the movie Kung Fu panda. It provides you with great flexibility. Kung Fu involves lots of jumps and flips. It has a freestyle fighting technique.

5. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is what every girl needs to learn to keep themselves safe. It will teach you some amazing kicking techniques, which might come in handy. 

6. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is Korean martial art. The fighting style involves kicking and punching. It is one of the most popular and best martial arts for women.

7. Taichi

This Chinese martial art form is fought slowly, in a choreographed manner. It might include sword fighting as well.

8. Mixed Martial Art

It is a freestyle form of martial art. You can practice any of the martial arts against your opponent. It includes kicking, punching, grappling or lock joint manoeuvre. Other sports that would help you to defend yourself.

9. Fencing

Fencing is typically not a martial art. It is a combat sport. It is played using long pointed swords. The main aim of the sport is to disarm the opponent. It is played wearing protective gears.

10. Boxing

Boxing was considered a male sport. Nowadays, many women have proved to be as excellent as men in boxing. Boxing is one of the greatest sports you could learn to protect yourself and others. Women can be strong too.

11. Wrestling

As the doors of boxing and wrestling have opened. Females have started participating in these sports. Women are working hard in the gym to gain more muscle power. They are conquering an arena outside their comfort zones.

It is important to understand that you are learning a martial art to defend yourself. You should not harm a person who has no ill intention. When you are in an arena with an opponent make sure to have a good sportsman spirit. Do not think that anyone is weaker than you. 

There are several other martial arts and sports. We have not mentioned them in this article because the list would have gone forever. We have included the most famous ones. You can enroll yourself or your child for any one of these martial arts. Almost every city has the classes for most of the martial arts mentioned above.

Now you know the answer to why should women learn martial arts? There are several benefits of martial arts for women. You don’t have to believe that women are not as strong as men.

We can work hard on our bodies. All we need is to practice and stay focused. We need to channel our energy and devotion to the martial art we are learning. It is time to be equally as strong as men. We should not be afraid anymore to step out of the house alone.

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