Have the courage to stand out to be unique, for what is right, and be unapologetic for being valorous about your choices. Stop explaining yourself to anyone because no one but you alone can determine your growth.

This story is about Krishna Shroff and her journey towards becoming the best version of herself and her quest to become better each passing day.

For her life is all about grasping that opportunity to discover who you truly are for, in the end, it is our experiences and choices that shape us to the person whom we are destined to be.

Krishna shroff is a fitness aficionado who led by example, her relentless transformation endeavour is nothing short of a miracle which she attained through her perseverance and indomitable ethos.

Krishna shroff made a name for herself in the fitness industry and is also an inspiration to a number of women.

The Voice of Woman got the privilege to converse with this ravishing young lady who shared her views on fitness, lifestyle, and how she aspires to make a positive impact and bring about a difference in the way fitness is perceived.

Interview with Krishna Shroff

Here are the amazing answers of Krishna Shroff given in the interview with VOW

What or who was Krishna Shroff’s inspiration behind life choices

I think all my life ever since I was a kid my biggest inspiration and motivation has always been my brother Tiger shroff because he was extremely driven and focused from the very beginning. So just the pressure of keeping up with him has been my greatest motivation. 

No one can really keep up with him but trying to do that with the best of my ability was really inspiring as I was able to push myself more and more to constantly strive for becoming better with each passing day.

Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

How do you define a fitness enthusiast? What made you inclined towards fitness so much

I think the main reason for my inclination towards fitness was because I was a fat kid for the majority of my childhood all the way until I turned 15.

I was nearly 86 kilos when I was 14 years old. I have always played sports while growing up but never really stepped into a gym or focused on my nutrition or fitness as a whole until I was about 23.

Once I started doing that the changes that I encountered in my body and mind not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well were really incredible.

I feel fitness has been the best decision I have ever taken in my life. I owe a lot of who I am today to my decision to lead a fit and healthy way of life. 

It has given me a new focus in life, more confident about myself. I just wake up every morning with the thought of being better than what I was yesterday. According to me, it is an optimistic and encouraging mindset to be in, that I have acquired from fitness.

You also have your own fitness centre. How did that happen? What is your future plan regarding this

It has been almost more than a year since the MMA Matrix has started. It is a fitness and MMA studio that my brother and I have launched together as this is one of those aspects where we definitely bond over.

Fitness and mixed martial arts are both of our passion as well as an emotion with which we connect.

I think it has been known to all how important mixed martial arts has been in Tiger’s career. He started off at a very young age and MMA has allowed him to carve a niche within an industry which is otherwise so massive and competitive. He feels really blessed and owes a lot to the sport.

The idea behind MMA Matrix was to help this sport to develop in our country because we absolutely believe that mixed martial arts gives people a definite focus, self-discipline, and drive that no other sport can provide.

This is because in this sport one has to endure not just physically but mentally as well. So this just on another level as compared to other sports.

Tiger has first-hand experience in all of these. For me, I can say that ever since I have been practicing mixed martial arts and made it a fundamental part of my fitness regime I surely feel a sense of drive and discipline that I did not really have to such a great extent prior to this.

Our aim is to grow MMA in our country and help this sport to flourish here. We wish to give our Indian athletes a platform to be able to work on their talent and skill with the hope that we would be able to take it further one day. 

Our country, for the time being, lacks the proper knowledge and infrastructure to teach mixed martial arts which can be effective to all fitness enthusiasts in many ways.

This was basically one of the most significant reasons for which we decided to start Matrix other than just trying to motivate and inspire the youth and women of our nation.

What is the biggest life lesson that you have got from your parents? Who are the three most important people in your life

I think the biggest life lesson that I have learned from my parents would probably be silence is golden. I think it is very important to be a good listener as it is the key in order to progress in life. 

When you are quiet and have the intention and patience to listen to what another person is trying to convey you are able to observe different circumstances, your surroundings & the people around you. 

You can acquire so much knowledge that way. So yes this is definitely that one piece of advice that always helps me. 

The three most important people in my life would certainly be my mom, dad, and Tiger. We are a really close-knit family because it is really just the three of us. We are extremely close to each other.

We are not only our biggest critics but also the biggest support system for we always have each other’s back no matter what the situation is.

Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

How do you manage to be healthy and fit despite having an occupied schedule?

Honestly, for me, fitness has become a lifestyle. I never look at it as a burden so no matter what I have going on in my life, fitness has become such a pivotal aspect in my life. I do not even have a second thought about it. 

I am certainly not one of those people who need the motivation to get up in the morning and go to the gym rather I look forward to that time in my day.

That one hour in my day is probably the most enjoyable time for me as it helps me to feel a lot better about me whether it is physically or mentally. It is that time when I feel the strongest. 

Apart from this, my parents have inculcated good nutrition habits in Tiger and me from a very young age. They have undertaken little lifestyle changes, for instance, they never really kept soda in our house. 

I know many people who are really addicted to soda but I just never get that craving. These little things that they did for us when we were children have made it much easier for us to kind of live a balanced and healthy lifestyle at present.

I do not really think about what I am putting into my body consciously because these healthy habits and eating nutritious food has always been a part of me ever since I was a little girl. 

You are an influencer and hold immense power to impact the lives of your followers. How does it feel to have such a responsibility and how do you intend to use it

The most influential way I would like to use my social media platform would be through promoting health and fitness.

I love putting out my workout videos in order to share it with everyone because not everybody can afford a trainer so it is a good way for people to pick up on different exercises and fitness routines, whatever works out for them with the aim to educate them about the correct forms and techniques of various exercises. 

I have been receiving so many sweet messages saying people have been following my journey from the beginning to now and just showering me with compliments because of my transformation and how it pushed and motivated them to kind of get started with their fitness journey. 

This is the most rewarding thing for me so I do not really hold back from posting about my life whether it is personal or not as I really enjoy putting my things out there. 

I think women should feel comfortable in being able to express themselves the way they wish to.

Unfortunately, there is always going to be someone saying something negative in whatever you do and judge your actions but that should never stop a woman from being able to express herself spontaneously and as much as she wants to in any way.

There is a fine line between good taste and bad taste. I feel that people should understand and respect that. As long as you know you are not doing anything wrong, everyone should have the right to express themselves the way they want to.

Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

What are the things that you want women to adopt in their life to be successful and happy

I think it is not my place to tell other women what they should adopt to feel better in life as I feel it is a very personal thing.

Every woman is an individual who has their own rights.  Every woman is unique and different in their own way. Thus I think what works for me may not work for others and vice versa. 

It just takes time and experience to dwell in certain situations. It does not hurt to try various new things whether it is regarding health and fitness, nutrition even profession. It does not hurt to seek and explore various things before finding what works for you. 

Experience is the most significant thing not just for women but for every individual irrespective of gender.

So I feel it is important to be a little fearless in that sense in order to take the prospects of trying out unique things. You never know you might discover some new hobby or talent that you never presumed you had before.

Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

What would you want to advise all the women through The Voice of Woman

The advice that I would like to give all the women out there would be, do not be afraid to be who you are, put yourself out there.

There is always going to be that one negative person who assume that they have the right to say something and know you enough to make a certain kind of judgment but whatever people say about you does not truly define who you are because only you know who you really are and you have all the right to express yourself in whatever way you feel like. 

We can’t stop judgments but at the end of the day, you need to have that confidence in yourself.

Just believe in yourself, do the things that make you happy, be unapologetic and fearless in your choices as long as you are not hurting anybody and doing the right things there should be nothing that can stop you.

Krishna shroff we hope you will continue to encourage us with your extraordinary way of expressing yourself.